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History And Settled Science

Most of you won’t remember or probably have never even heard of the “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson that was published in the ’60’s.  Its main focus was on the use and alleged overuse of DDT for crop protection and general application for pest control for all manner of botanical life.  She posited that DDT was deadly and had become so pervasive that our very existence was at risk or at a minimum all our children would have three legs.  It covered all manner of other woes created by a modern industrial society and predicted our doom unless we retreated to more Eden-like life.   Well, the Left took up the cause and DDT was indeed banned for decades based on her alleged science which was supposedly confirmed by the vast majority of scientists. Trouble was there wasn’t really any science behind her allegations and in recent years on the very back pages as opposed to her front page assertions of decades ago the error was acknowledged and further acknowledged that the poorest in the world suffered the most by lack of DDT to increase crop production.

Likewise it was settled science for decades from at least the ’70’s that all cholesterol was deadly.   Every food manufacturer around went to great lengths to develop butter and all manner of food stuffs that were low in cholesterol or even free of it.   We were all warned to cut out that steak and buttered potato.   Again on the back pages recently you may have noticed that now we learn that in fact that was wrong.  You can enjoy your eggs and bacon without undue worry it seems after all. The Left also adopted this theory and it was agreed by the “scientific community”.

Now its the turn of the vitamin supplements.  We’ve been taught that science tells us we need all these special diets or pills to be healthy and that only the rich or 1% get access to those supplements.  The height of the concern is very evident in the current Federal push of O to control diets in the schools. But did you notice in the last month that now research shows that too many of those supplements actually increases the risks of cancer?

The hard sciences are much more trustworthy when it comes to agreeing upon “settled science”. That would be fields such a physics or astronomy for example.  Usually they will say they are still working on an issue and the implications for the future.  They are not so prone to sweeping generalizations and projections about future human behavior.

Science and the scientific method are wonderful.  But when politicians get involved be sure you truly believe they are acting on science and not ideology.  Especially when there is an entire “industry” built around one particular view of an issue.  Are they grants, professorships and lots of bureaucratic jobs dependent on one special view of an issue?  If so be very careful.  Examine the facts and take the rhetoric cautiously.  This applies to any matter.  I can recall when we were all going to die simply because we built some nuclear power plants.   Many very famous scientists from around the globe predicted this as a scientific fact.   Check on YouTube news clips from the ’60’s.  Last I checked we are still here.   The bigger worry you should have is how many of us will there be down the road but we’ll save that for another day.

“It gives me great pleasure indeed to see the stubbornness of an incorrigible non-conformist warmly acclaimed”  Albert Einstein.  olcranky.wordpress.com

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June 6th And Liberal Blinders

June 6th should always remain a day of remembrance and gratitude for the sacrifice of thousands of young men who faced terror in its rawest form and an uncertain outcome for that day’s efforts.  There were many significant engagements during the War but that date was truly the opening of the final act in that grand and fateful play.  The day and the War were a victory for freedom, for some of the world but not all.   The Left in the US and much of western Europe had had a romance with the Communists and the Socialists regimes for decades and before the War and continued that devotion in many quarters to the present day.  They ignored then and continue now to avoid any discussion of the villainy of the Communist and Socialists movements.  Today many especially in western Europe prefer the use of Socialist rather than Communist.  Of course that completely overlooks the fact that the Stalinist empire was promoting Socialism.  Indeed its very name–“Union of Socialist Soviet Republics” says it all.  The Commies love Socialism.  Stalin never held a formal government office.  He was Secretary General of the Communist Party and sat of the Politburo but he ran everything.  For decades the Left had a romance with the Commies and for decades after the War continued that romance.   Many of the “journalists” from the ’20’s all the way beyond the Reagan era touted their goodness or at least their good intentions.  They were for the regular guy as long as he obeyed the dictates of the elite who knew best.

The first warning the Left had regarding Communism were the publicly flaunted purge trials of the ’30’s shortly before the War.  Their public nature was the whole point.   Yet, the Left sympathizers in the West made feeble at best comment and mostly ignored those events or made tortured efforts to justify them.  Then came a real bang on the head for the Left in the West–the Treaty of Friendship between Hitler and Stalin literally a couple of weeks before the invasion of Poland.  Some on the Left did finally abandon the socialist ship at that point but not in buckets.   They filled the newspapers, magazines and radio waves with justifications, explanations and apologias for the action.   That venal act of the Commies was quickly followed within a month by the conquest and annexation  of eastern Poland by Stalin during September of 1939.  Even then most on the Left remained loyal to that ideology.  Two months later Stalin invaded Finland without any provocation whatsoever.   Finland was tiny but fought hard and contrary to the French a few months later hung on into early 1940 before the weight of the Soviet assault overwhelmed their limited resources and men.   Finally some on the Left woke up.  You have to know your history or do some real research because it is never mentioned these days.  But the West was so outraged by the naked aggression that for a couple of months Britain and France seriously considered declaring was against the Soviets;  they say not a wit’s difference between what Stalin was doing and Hitler.  They were right but hesitated and events passed them by.  No sooner had Stalin taken a huge chunk of Finland than he immediately marched right into Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Raw evil on display.  As always the Soviets maintained that the local socialists and commies wanted them there and that Stalin was only doing a good thing for the ideology of the Left.   This additional conquest occurred only weeks before Hitler finally launched his invasion into Western Europe.   Still the Left around the world for the most part stood by their ideology and their man.

The Commies after the taking  of their share of Poland rounded up about 25 to 30 thousand leading members of Polish society.  These were military men, lawyers, professors, politicians, preachers and anyone consider influential in the bourgeois world.  They were taken out and slaughtered, shot in the back of the head.  Recently the death of the military people at Katyn forest was remembered as part of the current Russian charm offensive.  You may recall that was when the jet crashed killing the then Polish President and all on board.   But that was only about 5 thousand or so of  the total executed by the Left.   The Germans found some of these mass graves during the War and made them known  to the world but in the midst of the War and Hitler being hated the disclosure was discounted for decades as Nazi propaganda.   As with the concentration camps word leaked out of the executions but the Left of the West ignored the truth.

Tend years before Joe McCarthy became infamous there was another purge of Communists in a Western Nation.  The Communist Party was very strong in France during the ’30’s and totally devoted to the cause and the Comintern.  Several dozen communists were in the French legislature at the outbreak of the War.  France was a very left leaning nation at that time.  But Stalin’s invasion of Finland was too much for the majority of the French.  Within weeks of the Finnish war start, 24 communist deputies were arrested and several were tried and convicted on various charges against the State.  Over three thousand more were rounded up and imprisoned for their membership in the Communist Party and their activities.  Most of those were eventually released.   Of those arrested in the legislature otherwise many were in fact funneling information to the Commies and following orders of the Comintern which of course meant Stalin.  Old Joe wasn’t the first one to go after Commies because he believed them a danger to society and often outright spies for Stalin.

Unless you really know your history pretty well you’ve never heard about any of the above.  Certainly the typical World History text book won’t mention any of this of the multitude of other atrocities committed by the Commies before during and after the War.   The Left never discusses the shortc0ming or outright evil of Socialism.  After the War there was still the romance and all was forgiven.  At the Nuremberg trials the Soviets did not allow any of the German defendants to raise these or similar issues as mitigating circumstances.  Like an Orwellian world the invasion of Finland the rape of Poland was eliminated from history and sadly the Left in the West and their media friends were co-conspirators in this grand cover up that continues to this day.   These events mentioned are only a sliver of the evil cared out in the name of the “Revolution” by the Left.  We might list a few more down the road.

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” Joseph Stalin.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Contrary to rumor I am still awake although mentally I do go into “sleep mode” more often these days.

Iowa is a good example of the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of government actions.  First we have the ethanol mandate pushed by both parties that does nothing but drive up the cost of gasoline and food by requiring a set number of gallons to be used each year regardless of demand or cost.   Corn growers love it and the Iowa caucuses come first.  Then there is the EPA going after the pig farmers for pollution because of the pig waste.   You’ve heard of a pig in a poke, well this is the problem of the pig and the poopery or so the EPA assures us.  Boy I can sure sleep better at night knowing those pointy headed bureaucrats are protecting my safety.  Hmm, left out the Good didn’t we.  Well, we’ll have to come back next week with an expert to figure out what the good is in any of the above.

You can believe all the official economic numbers you like out of China to make your IRA investment decisions if you want.  Those numbers have all be approved by the Commies before they are released.  I don’t trust our bureaucrats and sure as hell don’t trust a Commie bureaucrat.  They say they are growing at a 7.5% rate and based on their numbers many investment advisers remain bullish on China as they are alleging still building out their huge demand for infrastructure.  Well, some numbers that indicate the activity in China are reliable because they don’t come from China.  Look at the Baltic Dry Index.  It documents the tonnage of raw material shipments around the world.  Those numbers come from Australia, Singapore and other Western countries.  Fact is that the amount of iron ore being shipped to China is way down as is the price of iron ore.  Those bridges, roads, industrial plants, commercial buildings, apartments, cars, dams and consumer staples all require steel, lots of it.  If China is growing so fast why aren’t their imports as high as they were a few years ago?   Riddle me that Batman.

Have you heard enough about the “Charm Offensive” by the guy in the White House?   I assume it is the type of charm that is in the nature of a hex or spell.  That guy can’t pass himself off as a leprechaun but maybe some might buy the notion of a shaman or witch doctor.   Rather than constantly being the showman it would be nice if we had a President who actually worked.  You know, report to the office early each day and meet with key folks and look at real numbers every day and come up with weekly ideas to reduce and eliminate the plethora of useless and redundant expenditures in addition to those that are outright ridiculous.  Do this till dinner time.  Then repeat day after day.  Treat the position like it is supposed to be, a job, not a platform for self promotion.

My idea of tax reform is quite simple and understandable.  First you take a match to the existing Tax Code and the thousands of pages of regulations.  Out, everything out.  Then the next step would be to legislate that the new Code could not be more than 50 pages long.  Go with a flat tax or a consumption tax, tax only income.  No capital gains tax or estate tax.  Encourage people to invest and build, sell then start over again.  One minimum limit for those who don’t have to pay any tax at all to make it progressive enough to satisfy the Left.  No deductions or exemptions or tax credits.  That is it.  Our economy would love it.  The tax lawyers, CPA’s and special interest groups would be apoplectic but that would be a sign you got it right.

North Korea announced to the world that the Truce is at an end.   We noticed that many in the media seemed to blow that off referencing the many blustery remarks that have come from the North over the decades since the cease-fire.  It was even reported in several outlets that North Korea couldn’t renounce the Truce on its own.  Well, folks that can and have.  Recall your history please.  The Korean War was not concluded with a peace treaty between the belligerents.  It merely ground to a halt with both sides agreeing to a cease first and exchange of prisoners and a line of demarcation between the opposing armies.   It was not any different from many countless cease fires in numberless wars over the ages where both sides for whatever their reasons decided to quit fighting for a while.  It happened many times during the War Between The States for example.   There were many local cease fires during both World Wars to allow treatment and collection of the wounded and dead.  All North Korea agreed to was to stop firing for a while.  It didn’t promise to never fight another day.  Why the devil do you think we have maintained tens of thousands of US troops in Korea and Japan for all these decades?   Lastly it is usually wise to take someone at their word when in a dangerous encounter.   If that nut job says the cease-fire is over, then you best assume it is over.  Hopefully, some rational heads still exist in North Korea but their actions against even their own people makes that a marginal proposition.

The CERN guys say they have found the Higgs-Boson element, force or mass, whatever it is.  Some like to call it the God Particle.   It is an amazing feat if true and the quantum physics behind it all makes one’s head swim.   Love the science and cheer own further research but I prefer my God to have a purpose and offer me hope.

“They do abuse the king that flatter  him: For flattery is the bellows blows up sin; The thing the which is flatter’d, but a spark, To which that blast gives heat and stronger glowing; Whereas reproof , obedient, and in order, Fits kings, as they are men, for they may err.”  Pericles, Prince of Tyre, by Shakespeare, Act One, Scene Two.  www. olcranky.wordpress.com

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Pathway To A Better State

The recent 2012 campaign season has highlighted once again the stark and irreparable divisions within the US.   Those divisions have been manifest for decades now and river of discord runs deep and  wide.  They transcend simple explanations over one or two contentious issues.  The divide separates along core values for each constituent group.  We still compose a single nation-state but clearly are two separate societies within that framework.   Like identical twins originating from a single miraculous event but then pulling apart to become distinct individuals even though from a common bond.  We now must deal with that reality and the current organization of the US political system ill serves each of those societies denying to both their own vision of the future.

Most of us share a common pride in what the US was.  Many on the Left do not.  We are now confined to a nation that no longer gives expression to our values.  Certainly the Democrats and Left want a radically different set of values from those in common use today.  It is beliefs, values and social abstractions that bind a people not political divisions on a map.  It is the coalescing of those common values that gives life and energy to the political divisions that result in different states.  It cannot be gainsaid that we have two sets of value oriented views of the world.   They don’t mesh and never shall the twain meet.   The tensions and conflicts between these approaches to self-governance of a free people will escalate as the tides of advantage to one side or the other ebb and wane.    Many of us believe this is not the US the Greatest Generation fought so hard to preserve.   We abhor the direction we are taking and those of the Left wish to accelerate that direction.

This fact of divide and polarization has been brought to light in the recent movement for secession that has cropped up since our most recent election.   A peaceful and orderly re-organization of the US over the next generation is a much better path for the future of all regardless of Right or Left.  Our current path is one that will ultimately lead to true civil unrest, societal pain and divisions brought about by violence or near war-like discord.   These pages have previously mentioned the best path for this alternative approach.  We need to begin the process of calling a Constitutional Convention to give voice and reality to the two separate visions of the US.  Article V permits this approach.  The last time it was seriously considered was during the ’70’s and early ’80’s by those advocating the passage of the ERA amendment to the Constitution.  When their effort was falling short some of the Left mulled over the idea in public of trying the Convention as an alternative method to assure its passage.  That Amendment and the effort failed.   Are our current divisions so fundamental and endemic as to require such a step?   A realistic assessment says that the divide cannot be breached in our current political structure.

We have two very opposing views of the role of our Federal government and it is at that level where almost all the contentions collide.   The Democrats and Left believe in a large and almost omnipotent federal authority.  They view the Federal government as the helping hand encased in the velvet glove lifting up those in “need”.   They define need broadly and want everyone else to accept their definition.  To even disagree with their definition makes you an enemy.   Others believe the Federal government is the boot on the neck of the people.   That it intrudes into areas best left to the States and into the personal and economic lives of everyone.  There is a dramatic and irreconcilable chasm regarding the concept of Federalism.  The Democrats view it as a quaint and outdated concept from another era.  The rest view it as the bulwark of our freedoms.  The Democrats really would prefer that States be merely provinces of the nation with all control emanating from Washington.  TV talk show hosts and others love to make their cute little jokes about “fly over country” but sadly there is great truth to that comment and it reveals the true attitude of the Democrats.  They would prefer States be  administrative districts like they have in Metropolitan France or had in ancient Rome following the directives and edicts of
Washington.  They want power, power concentrated in Washington and obeisance from the populace.  Please review carefully your Solzhenitsyn, read lots of history of the Communists regimes around the world.  Stalin thought of himself as a champion of the little guy.  As an elite though he also believed he knew better than they want was good for them and certainly knew what the societal mores should be.   Opposition was not brooked.   But whether we of the Right  like it or not there are millions in the US that desire that kind of government.   Why not let them have their Eden commune on earth as long as we all don’t have to bow down to their Baal.

This has been building for decades.  It had its core with FDR and then was accelerated with LBJ and is reaching a zenith with the election of the current occupant of the White House.  But when they are gone there will others in their mold to step forward and continue the  road left.   If those on the Right could prevail it would not bring peace because the Left would ratchet up their venom and fight to tear down opposition to their forward march to a larger more powerful and ultimately more socialist government.  If we are going to become a Socialist European style government then what are the advantages to being in the US for those who believe that is so wrong on a moral level and destructive to individual freedom.   Why not live in Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland or Germany?

We’ve had a wonderful history even with our bumps along the way.  Mostly we have been a force for good in the world, at least the Right believes that we have, the Left not so much.   But things do change eventually as they have from the beginning of recorded time.  Rome didn’t last forever, neither did the British hegemony, nor the Kublai Khan.  It is not necessary to destroy the ideal of the US as envisaged by each political segment.  Left and Right can each have their domain without the opposition of the other.  But that destruction is assured if we don’t address our differences and divisions intelligently and forthrightly.  Many have said in times past that there is more than unites us than divides.  Only the hopeless optimist or foolhardy could possibly believe that today.  The fact is that there is far more that divides us than unites us today.  Pride of nation is deeply split along values.  Many take no pride whatsoever in the current actions of the Federal government, others cheer all its actions and want even more.   We can both be happy  if we each have a Federal government more in tune with our beliefs, values and aspirations.  In coming posts we shall explore specifics of some of the major differences and how each element in on nation can pursue its own course without so much interference  and outright obstruction by the other.   Yes, there would be problems but none any greater to solve that living in a nation divided and heading to civil disharmony and dysfunction.  There is a better way and a better place for all of us.  The Democrats should love this change.  Yes, they will lose some minions and slavish robots to the Federal government but truly they will rejoice in getting rid of most of those gun-toting, Bible- thumping rednecks and yahoos.   We of the Right do not respect or trust them and they disdain us.  Do you really think that will change?

Come again for details and the guide map that Pathway to Coastal America and Middle America where each pursues its own vision of governance and each allows the freedoms demanded from only its own citizens.  (Central power, Taxes, Supreme Court, environment, role of military, Rule of Law, social issues, size of government, economic system, capitalism.)

“A House divided shall not stand”…..stated in several places in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com



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Garnering Power With The Commerce Clause

The steady decline in States’ Rights under the Tenth Amendment and the loss of individual freedoms has been on an accelerating path since the 1930’s and the expansive use and abuse of Federal power by the Democratic party to control the entire social fabric and economic activity of the country.   FDR and his cohorts declined to consider working with the States during the ’30’s because they didn’t think they could get their programs implemented in some of them and they wanted to control the puppet strings from the central location in Washington and then see the response in a uniform way throughout the nation for all their ideas.   The only small victory for freedom lovers during this era was the rejection of his NRA program which literally nationalized the entire economy.   Under that program there would have been no limit on the power of the Federal government to dictate wages, prices and economic policy throughout the country. 

This rebuke by the Supreme Court led to his other defeat as a politician when he pushed very hard for a revamping of the Supreme Court so he could load it up with new justices who would be openly favorable to his interpretation of social and economic policy and allow the expansion of Federal government edicts.   That effort to pack the court failed but the members were not immune to the pressures from the politicians in power.   The new weapon of choice for the semi/socialists and outright socialists in the Roosevelt cabal was the Commerce Clause.  This was used to expand the power of the Feds beyond all imagination. 

As part of their numerous programs the Dems passed legislation controlling the output of our agricultural industry, right down to the level of the small farmer.   Farmers were mandated as to the crops they could grow and how much of a crop and the prices they could get for their produce or livestock.   The legislation was based on the powers of the Congress to regulate interstate commerce.  There was a small farmer named Wickard who wanted to raise wheat on his farmland for his own use to feed his livestock and any personal consumption.   The wheat was not going to be sold to any third party nor cross any State border.   Sure enough the Feds came after him.  The Department of Agriculture wanted him to plant no wheat at all.  For the serious offense of bucking up to the Feds he  was sued and fined.   Some who believed in basic freedoms and States’ Rights took up his cause and handled the case for him all the way to the Supreme Court.  By now a majority of the Court was cowered in a corner. 

As ridiculous as it may seem the Court ruled that planting and using wheat for his own consumption was in violation of the law.  Even though his product never crossed in State border and was not sold into any commercial market the Court by a majority of 5/4 decided that his activity on his own land was in deed subject to the interstate commerce clause because his activity might have some effect on the price of wheat nationally or internationally.   You don’t have to be a lawyer or genius to see how ludicrous that reasoning was and is.   There is no way the Founding Fathers meant that outcome when they drafted Article One, section 8 of the Constitution.   Since they day the list of abuses under the alleged authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce has only grown.   It is not hard for you to make your own list of activities of the Federal government engages in at the present times that have nothing to do with interstate commerce but they do and the courts have been conspirators with them to grow Federal authority.

A few years ago the Court finally put some halt to the ever-expanding growth of Federal authority with the gun case where they ruled that gun restrictions were a State matter and that carrying a gun near a school did not affect interstate commerce.   Bad facts but great law.   The States can make any restriction they deem appropriate but the Feds simply have no writ under the Constitution for such laws.  Maybe the Court will take another look at the issue in the near future but it must be soon or all is likely lost because of the prospect of the Court becoming even more liberal in the near future.

“When great changes occur in history, when  great principles are involved, as a rule the majority are wrong.  The minority are right”  Debs, the labor leader.  An example of the elitist attitude of the left, it never changes.  They have no respect for those they allegedly represent.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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