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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Another whirl around the block and we still find new stuff that amuses or confuses us……

Little inside info for the non-lawyers out there–in the old days when the criminal defense lawyer hadn’t yet been paid his fee in full before the trial date the lawyer would often make a motion for a continuance to delay the trial because an important witness “Mr. Green” was not yet available.  Of course that meant the money was short and if he had decent relationships with the local DA office and judges it would be usually be granted at least a time or two.   Wonder how they handle that these days.  Probably about the same.

Two items that ought to be getting your attention–one, the Feds in the current administration have already indicated that they will be seeking an increase in the Federal debt by another 2.4 TRILLION!   That will bring the total debt to almost 19 TRILLION.  Two, your good friend and tax cheat Timmy Geithner at Treasury has put voice to the long sought Democratic goal of having no limit on the debt ceiling.   He uttered those sentiments just this past week.  They want the people to simply hand over our national credit card and trust them to use it wisely.  Does history support the notion that the Feds are trustworthy when it comes to controlling debt?

One wonders how many Italians will use the new self test for taxes due that the government there has put on the Web.  You download this program and enter all kinds of personal information about income and assets and then this program will flash red or green indicating whether you owe more taxes.  Supposedly it is an idea to reduce the amount of tax cheating in that country.  How many stooges will use that thing?  Of course you are told that the government can’t and won’t access the information.   Sure, and I’ll respect you in the morning he told her.

Speaking of privacy and your private emails did you read about the law proposed by that wonderful Lib Leahy.  He wants a very long list of Federal agencies and bureaus to be able to access your email if they declare an “emergency”.  Of course they get to decide what is an emergency.  Some of those friendly folks in the Federal government that would be able to utilize this new warrantless search of your email would include–the Dept. of Labor, SEC, FDIC, IRS, EPA, National Maritime Board, the Federal Reserve, among about 25 more.   Why in the world does the Labor dept, the Federal Reserve or the EPA have any business looking at your private email?   Leahy said he didn’t realize it went that far and is reconsidering but watch out; it will be back in modified form but amount to the same intrusion into your private life.   You have to fight to protect your freedom or it will slip away in the avalanche of Federal laws and regulations constantly cranking out in Washington.  Where is the ACLU?

As a young lawyer I called and offered to do work for the ACLU.  I was willing to work on freedom of religion and free speech matters. But I was rejected because I didn’t buy into the complete left-wing agenda.  They insisted I be willing to work on affirmative action and gender cases.   I suppose those non-union electrical volunteers from Alabama and Florida turned away from helping the Sandy victims felt pretty much the same way I did.   Ideologues would rather make common cause with a rogue than accept aid from a Good Samaritan.

Ask one of your doctor friends and you will find out that Thursday night and Friday after Thanksgiving is one the very busiest times in the ER.  People just can’t seem to resist over indulging in all manner of rich food and drink.  Yep, they overload their systems and clog them up.  Lots of emergency gall bladder operations at that time and the stomach pumps are kept busy.  Just ask and take heed.

For those who believe we can run up unlimited debt, run the printing press as long as it feels good, even consider defaulting on national debt and taxing the “rich” into oblivion, you might want to take a peek at the current state of the economy and political atmosphere in Argentina.  They have done all of that in the last decade or so.   The government has finally about run out of other people’s money, those with any money left are trying to get it out of the country around laws preventing that and making it a crime to remove your money.  The inflation rate is about 25% and they have unrest in the streets.    Kirchner and her left cohorts kept promising more stuff to the alleged poor and middle class and they are running out of “stuff”.   Will they go the complete authoritarian route and just confiscate all property a la the Commies or endure yet another revolution and a return to some semblance of private enterprise.  It could tip either way it appears at the moment but change for sure is a coming.

You always resent it when a friend or relative  tells you they know what is best for you.  Then why the devil do so many of us allow the Feds to do the same thing in every aspect of our lives?

As a child I loved Thanksgiving.  All the uncles and close friends of my mom and dad would come over for the big meal.  That was OK but what I really enjoyed was after the meal all the men folk would gather and begin talking about their experiences during the Depression and the War.  I always f0und those stories fascinating.   Some of the very best lessons I learned about life was sitting quietly over in the corner listening to those men talk.  They never bragged about anything but simple shared their experiences, the good and the bad ones.  In my mind’s eye I got to travel the world with those tales, from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, the shores of Normandy, the jungles and atolls of the Pacific and the skies overhead.   It was instructive to hear how they all managed without any government assistance to endure the Depression and the lengths they and their families went to in surviving that episode.   The current generation thinks Operation Enduring Freedom was a real war and that not having an “entertainment” room in the house is suffering a real hardship.  That is if they get off their smartphones long enough to ponder such matters.

I personally wish almost all retail was close on Thanksgiving but I truly don’t understand the fuss about Wal-Mart and the workers protests.  I mean lots of people have had to work on Thanksgiving since forever.  Even the greenest Liberal likes the electric power to work and the toilets to flush on Thanksgiving.  You think those power plants and water treatment plants operate on automatic during a holiday?  They have workers.  Then of course there are the firemen, cops and the like and we all want at least a few gas stations to be open in case we have to travel on a holiday.  The list of those who have to toil on holidays is and has always been pretty long.  If you get the day with your family then merely being with them should be a reason for Thanksgiving.

Tax fairness as defined by the Old Testament–“The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less, than half a shekel”   Exodus 30, 15.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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