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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We remove the cobwebs from the memory box and see what’s inside with a couple of side trips to the news of the day.

Ms. Rosen picked on the wrong group to slander.  It doesn’t pay to arouse those soccer moms around the country.  They certainly won’t take lightly to being told they haven’t worked  a day in their lives.   I am sure that most of them when they finally call it a day, late in the evening, feel like they have put in a pretty full day’s labor.  Not to mention those middle of the nights calls to duty for sick kids.   The boss might send someone home with work from the office but a lot of moms are told at bedtime that “oh, mommy, I have to have a model in the morning of Long Island, made from homemade paste”.  Guess who gets to work on that one.

Well, centrally planned and prepared flight operations didn’t work out too well this week for our good friends in N. Korea.  Seems that someone salted the bird’s tail.   Their Gulag will no doubt have a few more occupants by the end of the weekend. 

You note how hostile Greece has become to Germany over the last year or so because of the conditions required by them for the bailout of Greece debt.  They are even using cartoons of Merkel dressed up as a Nazi.  The Greeks spent themselves into oblivion without regard to worrying about ever paying back that cheap money they borrowed and the lush government handouts that so many of them received and they relished the “red tape” bureaucracy that created pointless and even harmful government jobs.  There is always a price to pay; there are always consequences for our actions.  If they were smart they would embrace the German dominance.  Heck, they should let the Germans run their country for a decade or so.  They are Germans after all and things would get sorted out.  Same is true with all those southern rim European countries–just become provinces of Germany or allow Proconsuls from there run things.  Of course that means the corruption would have to end and the pay for no work.   But they will muddle along being the permanent beggars of the Euro-zone.

Since the oral arguments in the Obamacare case there has been much mention in the news of the Marbury v. Madison case that established the principle that the Supreme Court could find a law of Congress invalid if it believed such law was contrary to the Constitution.  The facts of that case were quite convoluted and filled with conflicts of interests including such conflicts by the Chief Justice, John Marshall himself.  Marbury was a fellow who was appointed by Adams to be justice of the peace in DC along with many others and a number of Federal Judges.  They were all done at the end of Adams term and he issued to appointments literally at the end of his term.   They were the “Midnight Judges”The official document, a commission, was to be delivered to Marbury by the Secretary  of State, John Marshall but he didn’t get around to it.  Jefferson was sworn in and John Marshall was replaced by Madison who did not deliver the commission because Marbury was from the wrong political party.  Marshall got the appointment to the Supreme Court.  When Marbury sued Madison demanding that he deliver the commission because he was duly appointed and confirmed by Congress Madison still refused and the issue was joined in the Supreme Court.  The Court ruled that Marbury was right that the delivery of the commission was merely  a ministerial act and that Madison was obligated to deliver it.  But, but but, the Court then went on the rule that the underlying law which had authorized the appointment in the first place was un-Constitutional.  Marbury was right under the law but the law was bad.  He won the legal argument on his right to have his commission but then lost because the commission was Constitutionally invalid.  He never did get his appointment.  Jefferson lost the legal argument but won  the political argument.

Everyone remembers that Germany surrendered in May of 1945 to close the European campaign.  But what most don’t remember is that it was two more years before peace treaties were ratified by the US Senate with most to the Eastern European nations and the Allies at the Treaty of Paris.  This was in 1947.  The delay was caused by concerns with the Soviet take over of that area and that fact that Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Italy had all been allies of varying loyalty to the Germans.  In Romania there was no local support for the Communist party.  But that didn’t stop Uncle Joe.  He simply imposed communists from elsewhere or a few hand-picked ones and finally held “elections” in 1948.   Violence was the road to victory in that election.   It was strictly force majeur to take the country.  The Romanian’s central planning ran all the way back to Moscow not even stopping at Bucharest.   Communists from around the world supported this move.  Their position was that the Soviet control would prevent the Romanians from returning their bad ways of the past and would guarantee their “independence”.  Strange way to define independence.

The birth seed of the European Union began with a consortium formed after WWII by several of the Western European nations to control, regulate and set prices for steel, coal and electricity because they saw no other way at that time to pull themselves up from the ashes; this group included Germany and France.  Although Germany at that point really had no option but to sign whatever was placed in front of them.

“A single death is tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”  Joe Stalin.   www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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