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June 6th And Liberal Blinders

June 6th should always remain a day of remembrance and gratitude for the sacrifice of thousands of young men who faced terror in its rawest form and an uncertain outcome for that day’s efforts.  There were many significant engagements during the War but that date was truly the opening of the final act in that grand and fateful play.  The day and the War were a victory for freedom, for some of the world but not all.   The Left in the US and much of western Europe had had a romance with the Communists and the Socialists regimes for decades and before the War and continued that devotion in many quarters to the present day.  They ignored then and continue now to avoid any discussion of the villainy of the Communist and Socialists movements.  Today many especially in western Europe prefer the use of Socialist rather than Communist.  Of course that completely overlooks the fact that the Stalinist empire was promoting Socialism.  Indeed its very name–“Union of Socialist Soviet Republics” says it all.  The Commies love Socialism.  Stalin never held a formal government office.  He was Secretary General of the Communist Party and sat of the Politburo but he ran everything.  For decades the Left had a romance with the Commies and for decades after the War continued that romance.   Many of the “journalists” from the ’20’s all the way beyond the Reagan era touted their goodness or at least their good intentions.  They were for the regular guy as long as he obeyed the dictates of the elite who knew best.

The first warning the Left had regarding Communism were the publicly flaunted purge trials of the ’30’s shortly before the War.  Their public nature was the whole point.   Yet, the Left sympathizers in the West made feeble at best comment and mostly ignored those events or made tortured efforts to justify them.  Then came a real bang on the head for the Left in the West–the Treaty of Friendship between Hitler and Stalin literally a couple of weeks before the invasion of Poland.  Some on the Left did finally abandon the socialist ship at that point but not in buckets.   They filled the newspapers, magazines and radio waves with justifications, explanations and apologias for the action.   That venal act of the Commies was quickly followed within a month by the conquest and annexation  of eastern Poland by Stalin during September of 1939.  Even then most on the Left remained loyal to that ideology.  Two months later Stalin invaded Finland without any provocation whatsoever.   Finland was tiny but fought hard and contrary to the French a few months later hung on into early 1940 before the weight of the Soviet assault overwhelmed their limited resources and men.   Finally some on the Left woke up.  You have to know your history or do some real research because it is never mentioned these days.  But the West was so outraged by the naked aggression that for a couple of months Britain and France seriously considered declaring was against the Soviets;  they say not a wit’s difference between what Stalin was doing and Hitler.  They were right but hesitated and events passed them by.  No sooner had Stalin taken a huge chunk of Finland than he immediately marched right into Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  Raw evil on display.  As always the Soviets maintained that the local socialists and commies wanted them there and that Stalin was only doing a good thing for the ideology of the Left.   This additional conquest occurred only weeks before Hitler finally launched his invasion into Western Europe.   Still the Left around the world for the most part stood by their ideology and their man.

The Commies after the taking  of their share of Poland rounded up about 25 to 30 thousand leading members of Polish society.  These were military men, lawyers, professors, politicians, preachers and anyone consider influential in the bourgeois world.  They were taken out and slaughtered, shot in the back of the head.  Recently the death of the military people at Katyn forest was remembered as part of the current Russian charm offensive.  You may recall that was when the jet crashed killing the then Polish President and all on board.   But that was only about 5 thousand or so of  the total executed by the Left.   The Germans found some of these mass graves during the War and made them known  to the world but in the midst of the War and Hitler being hated the disclosure was discounted for decades as Nazi propaganda.   As with the concentration camps word leaked out of the executions but the Left of the West ignored the truth.

Tend years before Joe McCarthy became infamous there was another purge of Communists in a Western Nation.  The Communist Party was very strong in France during the ’30’s and totally devoted to the cause and the Comintern.  Several dozen communists were in the French legislature at the outbreak of the War.  France was a very left leaning nation at that time.  But Stalin’s invasion of Finland was too much for the majority of the French.  Within weeks of the Finnish war start, 24 communist deputies were arrested and several were tried and convicted on various charges against the State.  Over three thousand more were rounded up and imprisoned for their membership in the Communist Party and their activities.  Most of those were eventually released.   Of those arrested in the legislature otherwise many were in fact funneling information to the Commies and following orders of the Comintern which of course meant Stalin.  Old Joe wasn’t the first one to go after Commies because he believed them a danger to society and often outright spies for Stalin.

Unless you really know your history pretty well you’ve never heard about any of the above.  Certainly the typical World History text book won’t mention any of this of the multitude of other atrocities committed by the Commies before during and after the War.   The Left never discusses the shortc0ming or outright evil of Socialism.  After the War there was still the romance and all was forgiven.  At the Nuremberg trials the Soviets did not allow any of the German defendants to raise these or similar issues as mitigating circumstances.  Like an Orwellian world the invasion of Finland the rape of Poland was eliminated from history and sadly the Left in the West and their media friends were co-conspirators in this grand cover up that continues to this day.   These events mentioned are only a sliver of the evil cared out in the name of the “Revolution” by the Left.  We might list a few more down the road.

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” Joseph Stalin.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com



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