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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We will scan the headlines and the back pages today for your edification….

Per the Democrat Elijah Cummings the IRS scandal is all over because a conservative Republican was responsible for all the targeting and the case is solved and over.   He did back off that a bit, but only a bit.  But his original assertion and that of fellow Democrats that everything was contained to those low- level folks in Cincinnati runs into one pretty big contrary fact.  If it is really true that everything was done by those peons in Ohio and actually just the one guy–then riddle me this Batman–why did Lois Lerner feel the need to plead the Fifth during her Congressional testimony?   If that Democratic narrative is true then all the higher level people should have absolutely nothing to fear or hide.

The Nazis in Germany are rightfully vilified for their actions during the War.  One can reasonably wonder though why some of the same moral outrage isn’t directed at their allies during the War.   For example when Germany invaded Russia in June 1941, the Finns quickly joined into the fray as allies with the Germans and attacked toward Leningrad.  They understandably wanted payback for the unpr0voked attack of the Russians in the fall of 1939 into their country.  Indeed the Finnish forces helped complete the encirclement of that city which lasted for over two years and cause the death there of more civilians through starvation than all the losses of both Britain and the US during the entire War.  Likewise many aren’t even aware of the armies supplied to support the German crusade against the Soviets from Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and the hundreds of thousands of Russians who all gladly joined the Germans to fight against the Commies.  It is always best to know some true history or you will be intellectually trapped into knowing only “headline” history or the headings in the Chapters of your World History book.   That will give you a distorted picture of your world today.

Noticed the report just this last week that in spite of that pathetic photo in Al Gore’s book and movie that there are more Polar  Bears today than in the last 40 years.

The peach crop was pretty meager this year. Don’t know why but the crop does vary from year to year even when the weather and other conditions remain pretty constant.  But the ones we did pick were juicy and delicious as ever.  Let my 10-year old grandsons help me pick them this year.

Always interesting to note that your Federal government can do things that people in the private world would go to jail for doing.  I mean the Fed is literally cornering the market on the US Treasuries buying up 75% of all the new issues for the last couple of years.  At the same time is it manipulating the interest rates for all banks and mortgage companies.  Can you imagine the outcry if JP Morgan was buying up 75% of all US Treasuries?   The Fed is also in clear violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act because it is definitely restricting trade in financial markets.

Recall last year when several Democrats floated the idea of simply printing a trillion dollar platinum coin and using it to pay down the national debt.  As predicted here earlier you will see at some point as the debt ceiling debate heats up again that the Fed should simply legally  forgive a trillion or two of the US Treasuries held by the Fed.  Again that would magically reduce the national debt.   We would all have the free lunch and Democrats love those free lunches.  I can’t find any statutory injunction that would prevent such an action.  Forgiveness of debt and a release by a lender is well-established law and could be done.   The Lender doesn’t have to offer any reason for the forgiveness.   Of course that could mean the Fed would have less money to pay over to the Treasury Department and Lord only knows what the domestic and international markets would think of such an action.  It wouldn’t be favorable.  It would be like pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz.

The IRS scandal has caused so many pundits and commentators to make comparisons to the Nixon era and his alleged abuse of government.  He was a tough politician in the same mold as Roosevelt and LBJ, no different.   Some of the comments are so far from the truth it makes me cringe.  I didn’t care for Nixon on many issues such as he embrace of pretty big government but darn these people can’t get any of their facts correct.  Most of them weren’t even around during Watergate and darn sure haven’t done any real research of the facts.  They are simply spewing out the headline story from the era.  I have personally read the Watergate tapes.  Please don’t form any opinions of Watergate until you have read them yourself.  Also I watched every minute of those hearings into Watergate.  The tapes do NOT reveal Nixon ever proposing or demanding anything remotely criminal.  Read them for yourself.  The secret Oval Office taping  went all the way back to Roosevelt and LBJ.  Indeed the system used by Nixon was merely a continuation of that utilized by LBJ.  Yes, Nixon and his cohorts discussed lots of things mostly of a purely political nature to minimize the p0litical damage from the break in.   But unsavory conversation is not criminal.   Nixon was understandably ticked off that the break in had occurred; he was doing well and on his way to re-election and the whole thing was a terrible distraction from what he wanted to concentrate on doing.  This is not an apologia for Nixon but I abhor historical distortion.  You need to know facts to reach your own determination of culpability or moral turpitude.

Which modern American party adheres most closely to the following tenets of K. Marx? 1 Abolition of property in land….2. a heavy progressive or graduated income tax.  3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.   5. centralization of credit in the hands of the state.  6.  centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com




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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

The world turns and things happen, so we have thoughts to share about all those things that go bump in the night…..

There is justifiable concern about the new Obamacare exchanges being establish to enroll and monitor participation in that new socialized medicine program.  First, the complexity will create problems in and of itself.   The new system will be an interaction between HHS, the IRS, Homeland Security, Immigration, Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid programs.  Lots of luck with that working out right.   How comfortable will you be giving your social security number, address, and other personal data on the computer to all the agencies?  Sure as the world someone right away will be denied their application with the Feds saying they aren’t even a citizen when they were born and raised here and have been paying taxes for decades.   You want the NSA having access to everything on that application?   Also there has been recently concern about the IRS getting information about your health insurance or other health data.  The IRS official testifying said they would not get that info and only financial data to determine if you are eligible for a subsidy.  Not true.  Read the Obamacare act itself.  Under that the HHS secretary has the authority to troll all federal agencies for any information the Secretary deems appropriate to determine health policy and procedures under Obamacare.  Read it for yourself.   The IRS can get your health info to determine your eligibility and search for tax fraud.  Once you give your personal data to the Feds it is available to all the Feds.   Have fun.   All under the pains and penalties of the federal criminal statutes that cover any lying to a Federal authority of any kind.

Spain is definitely a left-leaning and socialist, big government haven.  They have many strict labor laws favoring the unions and workers like most of Europe.  But just within the last week that government has announced plans to consider lowering or eliminating the minimum wage to boost employment.  Given their history that is a real mind bender.

It is sad that we have lost 4000 plus killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Each is a tragedy for family and friends and has its own meaning.   After the phoney war during the winter of ’39 and ’40 when Hitler attacked France and the
West, the British lost about 50,000 dead within only about 6 weeks of combat before they withdrew from Dunkirk.  Then that late summer, fall and early winter of ’40 during the Blitz against Great Britain some 43,000 civilians were killed.

All Federal employees should be required to report any political contribution they make.  They should be allowed to make them all they want.  But they do work on our money and even Franklin Roosevelt said they should not be allowed to have a union.  The IRS scandal only highlights this need.  If 90% of them give to the Democrat party that is their right but the money they gave came from us in the first place and we should have a right to know their political donations.  When you are fighting with the folks at the Labor department or EPA you should at least know how prejudiced they may be against you because of your political leanings.   They should be neutral in all their work but the NLRB, EPA and the IRS actions of the last few years clearly reveal that those bureaucrats bring their politics to their job and allow it to influence their official actions.  That is contrary to everything American.  They are their to serve us, not dictate to us.

If your are not, you should be very concerned about our current Administration’s plan under Hagel to conduct joint military exercises with China within a day’s steaming of Hawaii.   It’s one thing to have lines of communication with their military to avoid accidental confrontations but quite another to let them look under our skirt at how our Navy operates during wartime.   China is on a massive military buildup with a strategic emphasis on their navy.  This is as stupid as continuing to supply Japan with iron ore and steel after their bloody wars and attacks against China and Manchurian during the ’30’s.   The young neocons in China are very aggressive in their approach to world affairs and seek a return to even more authoritarian control of their population.   If anything we should be telling them to stay the hell away from Hawaii and don’t even get close and not give them any data about our capabilities; they steal enough as it is.

The Feds for a long time have applied the carrot and the stick approach to “flip” targets of investigation or mere witnesses in some cases to reveal information about others.  They can be and often are ruthless in doing this.  They can promise to drop all charges, threaten to investigate your family members even if they had no connection to the events being investigated, put you in the worst prison in the country or recommend probation.  Those are only examples the threats and favors offered are manifold.  Now with the revelations about the very wide-spread surveillance the NSA and who knows what other government entity is doing with phone records and now your computer it is even more concerning.  They are allegedly grabbing email, chats, websites visit data, credit card data, cell phone locations and no doubt even more.  Soon when the SEC is investigating someone they will start off by saying we want to talk to you about those porn sites you visit, those cigars you ordered online and didn’t pay sales taxes for, that viagra you bought online, why were you seeing the doctor last May, tell us about that website with instructions for cleaning a .45 pistol?  Before they even get to the heart of the matter they will be intimidating you hard.  If any branch of the government has data on you do you really believe that eventually it wouldn’t be shared with any other branch of government?   Where do you want that wall of privacy to be built?  You best make up your mind soon and let it be known or the Feds will define it for you and mayhap you want cotton to their definition.

“A bad workman always blames his tools” Anon.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

If you been up and moving then there is much in recent days to make you scratch your head or scream in  outrage.  So let’s visit a few of those news events………

The IRS has been targeting conservative leaning organizations for what can only fairly be called harassment.  If you’ve looked at some of the specific questions they were demanding from these groups of their exempt status you should be very angry.  Those inquires were both intrusive and abusive.  Most important of all the questions  are intimidating.  Allegedly only low-level folks were pushing this line of thuggishness but do you buy that?  What lower level employee ever takes any action they believe would be opposed by their boss?  To the contrary to kiss up to the next level up the scale those lower minions will be doing what they believe will put them in favor with their superiors.   It’s like Clinton and the intern, the only thing those Democrats are disturbed about is that they got caught publicly.  You should dread the day when the Feds insist that all transactions have to be with a credit or debit card.  Then they can track not only what your income and expenses are but every purchase you make from reading A. Rand to your favorite lingerie item for your wife.   More later about the need to completely reform the Civil Service Administration laws to allow for actual firing of folks like this.

We use radar every day or take advantage of its use.  When you watch the weather that is radar at work and planes, ships and missiles use it as even our cars do now.   There is no word “radar”.  It is an acronym for “radio detecting and ranging”.  Developed during the ’30’s and exponential expanded during WWII.  There are many types of radar in use today including those designed to look “over the horizon”.     Just part of that wonder of nature the electromagnetic spectrum that gives us light and mircrowaves.

As more is revealed about the Benghazi disaster it is obvious that we had a failure of courage from the get go and then and venal cover up of events to protect the campaign narrative of the guy in the White House.  Six months or so ago I wrote about at least sending jets to fly over the compound under assault.  Finally a few others have mentioned that others at least thought of that.  You recall that Panetta said they couldn’t go to the rescue in Congressional testimony because they didn’t have enough intelligence to take the risk.  First, it has been an established adage of military science for several centuries that those in command should ALWAYS march to the “sound of the guns” even if you don’t have good intelligence.  Second, a flyover might have scared off some of the attackers especially if the plane dropped flares which they all can do.  It is understandable that they might not have wanted to drop ordinance into unknown territory.  They also said they couldn’t go because there were no tankers to replenish fuel and get the planes back to Italy.  Have all the military folks forgotten the Doolittle Raid?  Those few pilots and crew knew damn well they likely wouldn’t make it to China but they went anyway and many did crash into the sea or enemy territory.   Ditch the damn jets in the Med if you have to.  Third, it is inexcusable that we didn’t try.  That is a rock solid tenet of our military that you won’t be abandoned.  Even if all those efforts failed at a minimum the men on the ground have died knowing they weren’t forgotten and attempts were made.  They deserved that much.  Success of a rescue mission would have been great but to fail to mount an effort is cowardly on someone’s part.

The peaches are just beginning now to turn color and within another week or so they will be pale yellows and pinks.

Julian Bond is the same radical commie he has always been.  Please go back you young folks and see his rhetoric from the early days.  “Burn Baby Burn” and “Kill the Pigs” were phrases he never condemned.   He doesn’t like white people pure and simple.  Now all Tea Party folks are “admitted racists” per the sage of the  Age of Aquarius and the Taliban of American politics.   Funny, I never noticed any Tea Party folks monitoring dress or trying to keep unescorted ladies off the street or threatening or in fact killing those who disagreed with their view.   He can say what he wants but we don’t have to silently sit on our hands and let it go unchallenged.  He and his kith represent everything wrong about the direction of our nation.

I generally don’t like the media and sure don’t trust them.  My dealings with them over the years leaves the strong impression that they are as a group about the most dishonest and untrustworthy cabal out there.  But, but, but I do believe in a free press.  I also don’t believe that a journalist has carte blanche to breach our national security interest.  Especially when it comes to national security they usually have a strong ideological agenda.  I am not concerned in the least that a journalist is tapped or even goes to jail if he takes really secret classified info and makes is publicly available even to our enemies.  Imagine if the Rosenbergs had merely given all their data to the New York Times about the Manhattan Project.  Just because a paper was involved should they have got off scott free?  But, but, but. the DOJ going about 100 reporters at one time seems a bit over the top.  Typical government overkill.  The Feds throw unlimited resources at a problem just because they have them.  Don’t mind them pursuing espionage and crushing a reporter if classified data is released but I doubt there were a 100 disloyal reporters at even the AP.  Funny too that they only got all bent out of shape well after the election and kept if all under wraps till then.  After all they liked the leaks because they supported the notion about   how tough the guy in the White House was on national security.

It slipped under your radar but last week was another anniversary of VE Day.  Time was it was a big deal.  At least have the decency to shake the hand of a 90-something old vet  and tell him thanks.

“I always voted at my party’s call, And I never thought of thinking for myself at all”.  From the HMS Pinafore.  Wm Gilbert.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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