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The Mouse In The House

Seems as though every family has a special word or phrase that they use as code to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Usually the phrase comes from some event that occurred during the routine of life but made everyone laugh a lot at what some family member did or said.   It could be as simple as “I’ll have ketchup with that” or anything that recalls that silly or humorous event.  Like when your brother asked for ketchup and then when he hit the bottle with his hand the top cap fell off and he got a bottle of ketchup in his lap.  It passed down into family lore and simply repeating the phrase years later will make all the family smile and it will be used anything goes wrong, even without a ketchup bottle in sight.

I started using a phrase decades ago that didn’t recall a specific event but rather a circumstance.  It started with my own children and then carried over to all my grandchildren.  When our guys were little, say less than 10 and I would come home and here them running around the house doing their kid things I would often cry out “There’s a mouse in my house” or some variation of that phrase like “I hear a mouse in my house”.  I did it because usually I would hear them long before I saw their little smiles with those small baby teeth gleaming through.  I got lots of responses from “I am not a mouse” to “its me”.   But playing that little game always meant a lot to me.

It meant so much that when the grandchildren came along I would do the same thing whether they were at my house or we had gone to visit the grandchildren at their homes.  Papa more often than not would enter the abode with the sing-song cry about the mouse in the house.  It constantly made my heart light and happy when I would get a response either verbally or see one of those smiling little faces peek around at me.   They knew when they heard that phrase that old grand dad was there.

We still have several grand kids that are small enough that I can play the game with them but they now live pretty far away so the chances for it are much smaller than they used to be but I still look forward to  being able to play that game every chance I get for the next few years.  Won’t be very long and the youngest  will all be teenagers . But heck I might continue to do it even then just to irritate them and make my own heart lighter.   It was almost a daily thing for the longest time and when they all lived nearby it was certainly a regular feature of each visit.   I liked it being my trademark intro and greeting.

If you have a mouse in the house cherish every moment of that time.  The first puff of smoke from the campfire is thick and very visible but turn away for just seconds and then look back and it is gone.  You are blessed and privileged to have a mouse in your house.  Sometimes I can hear the sound of small running feet or the tiny screams and giggles of those mice I had in the house even though they are only the memories of times past but they still seem so real.   The echos of those sounds resonate in the memory chamber with a clarity formed from the happiest of times.  Your mouse is so special, may your have the wisdom to see that.

“Never take anything for granted”  Ben Disraeli, British 19th century PM.  olcranky.wordpress.com

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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We would stop doing these except for the fact that life and the headlines keep supplying fodder for the idle mind.

We are constantly reminded by the Fed and Geithner (the tax expert) that the percentage of US debt is less than it was during WWII and that we worked our way out of that debt without undue difficulty.  What they conveniently overlook is that all that debt then was owed to our own citizens.   We bought War Bonds.  We didn’t owe that money to the Chinese, Japs or the Europeans.  Take a look at the St. Louis Fed’s economic reports to see how much of that debt is held by foreigners today.  Remember debt comes with control and restrictions by your lenders.  We’re tied up in knots today and don’t even have a coherent plan to pay our debts. 

We are bombarded these days with information about a chronic obeisity problem in the US.  On the other hand we are told that we have all these millions of kids that are undernourished and go to bed hungry ever night.  Something about that picture doesn’t add up.  We have food stamp programs, free breakfast and lunch programs and of course the general welfare programs out the wazoo.  Olcranky would posit we might have a bad parenting problem of large proportions but doubts we have a food problem.  Methinks we are looking at the wrong problem.

We like to punish crime but we love our privacy.  The latest round of insider trading cases brings this dichotomy to the fore.  A couple of the accused apparently destroyed their computers.  You watch, they will be prosecuted for obstruction of justice rather than for the actual crime of insider trading.  Would you want someone to be able to come to your house and take your computer and look over everything on it based only upon an allegation that you did something wrong?   Does the info on a computer equate to hand written letters that have always been admissable as evidence?   With access to your computer and the ubiquitous surveillence camers everywhere just how much privacy do we have left?   If the government someday requires all transactions to be by debit or credit card will we have any privacy left.  The Feds already require in most instances that welfare payment and Social Security payments be made by direct deposit to your bank.  Someday we may have nostaligic feelings about the old days when we could use cash and do as we pleased without government looking over our shoulder into our lives.

There is only a year to go before the ban on incandescent bulbs takes effect.  Hope you are ready to begin paying three times as much for the LEDs and other fluourescent bulbs.   Of course you can’t just throw them into the trash either if you are following the rules.  Remember they are a harzardous waste.   Welcome to the brave new world of centrally controlled and planned economic life.  Is it any surprise that Emmelt of GE was appointed to the new economic team of the guy in the White House?  How many of those new bulbs will be sold each year and how many will be manufactured in the US?   But you can take pride in being a soldier in the “Green” fight against Global Warming.

Another Super Bowl and another mangling of the national anthem.  Why can’t they just sing it like it was written.  The song was not intended to be destroyed by some scat interpretation.  Of course that approach also eliminates the joining in by the audience.  It is inspiring when thousands join together to celebrate the nation but confusing or insulting to hear it become the platform for a performer to demonstrate their lack of singing ability.  I doubt Pavarotti would do it that way.

We’re told that inflation is not accelerating.  Of course the rise in prices doesn’t include food or gasoline.  You are reminded that food and gas was eliminated from the government calculations for inflation during the Carter years.  They argued that food and gas prices were too violatile and subject to swings and therefore were not a true indicator of the inflation rate.  So with just a little accounting gimickry the inflation rate looked better!   But of course even that didn’t work.  When Reagan took office the inflation was running about 13% which was and is destructive to any economy. 

We had snow last week and I got my rusty kister up into the attic to found the old sleds that haven’t been used in decades.  I took them over to my daughter’s house for the grandkids.  It was a pain to do but I was snowed in pretty much anyway.  But it was all worth it.  A couple of days later my daughter told me that the kids said to her that playing with the sleds in the snow was their “best day they ever had”.  The joys of being a grandparent can’t be matched by anything.

It was a better and happier world when the phrase QE 2 conjured up images of a luxurious cruise on that magnificent ship as opposed to the money and debt manipulations of the Fed.

How many old 16 and 8 millimeter cameras are sitting around in trunks in  attics?  Those old black and white films recorded events from a great time and recorded the happiest of family moments like trips, birthdays and weddings.  The films will slowly desintergrate into dust.  Let’s hope the memories they recorded don’t.

The US has always been the foremost proponent of multi-culturalism.  But then we were outdone by the Europeans after WWII.  Now Cameron has stated a major pullback from that view.  He offers that a nation must have a singular cultural identity and social purpose.  Multi-culturalism fragments that idea of of “nationhood” and results in elements of society working against the generally recognized core beliefs.  He is right of course and it will be interesting to see how Europe proceeds from here.  Will the US come to recognize that the new comers need to be “Americans” and not some ____- American?

God Bless from the road of life.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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