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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

If you can stop crying maybe you can see the humor in some of the political manoeuvering of the WH these days.   What are you going to believe? –your own eyes or what the Administration tells you is true?

As long as the current left-leaning Federal Reserve cooperates with the Administration; it will be able to continue running trillion plus deficits.  If it ever stopped buying the Treasury bills and notes to fund the ever-growing debt the Administration would face real difficulties running so far in the red.  Who else around the world would buy those Treasuries to fund the Federal budget?  At least who would do so at today’s ridiculously low rates? 

Reminds me of the fellow who wanted to make a small loan from the local bank and the banker wanted to see his balance sheet and income and expense statement to determine if he would be able to repay the borrowed money.  Even though his balance sheet was in the red and his income showed he couldn’t even pay his current expenses much less service the new loand he told the banker not to worry.  The fellow told the banker that he had his right pocket write a note to his left pocket and that those notes would serve as great collateral.

Heard an interview with another guy who is propsoing that we go to a cashless society because it would save money and be fairer to everyone and especially the poor.  Well, it might save the cost of fabricating and distributing the currency but not sure how much we would like that.  He argues that criminals and drug dealers and other such menances to society are the only ones who benefit from cash.  Well, another example of big government thinking.  The main thing he totally overlooks is the right to privacy.  The examples of such intrusion into your private life are as big and broad as your own imagination.   Take a 70 year-old fellow going to the drug store to buy viagra or hemorhoid salve or he wants to buy a lottery ticket.  Why should that transaction become a permenant electronic record?  Don’t even try to tell me that such records would be protected and safe from hackers or any government agency that decided it wanted to investigate him.  Such a system of credit or debit card use goes to the very heart of our privacy.  There are no firewalls strong enough to keep your secrets.  Yes, you are entitled to some secrets in your life that are your business and no one else’s.  How you spend your hard earned money is no one else’s business.   Leave us alone for God’s sake in our own affairs.  With all the minicams and surveillance systems and forced GPS monitors there is little enough privacy as it is.

When we have really bad leadership at the national level and we’re headed in the wrong direction I draw encouragement from the history of the Roman Empire.  It had its many ups and downs over the course of centuries.  Sometimes really bad guys worked their way to the top with bribery, buying votes or even assasination but then things would settle again and decent folks would emerge.  Caligula, Nero and others of that stripe were followed by Marcus Aurelleus even though it took a long time.  The people of all levels of society kept the dream alive through all the terrible times to remember their heritage of basic democracy and the rule of the  Senate.  It wasn’t one man, one vote democracy but it was one nevertheless for its age.  Even those who didn’t have a vote still influenced the votes of those who did.  The Senate was after its fashion responsive to the people.  Even after Rome was sacked by the Vandals in 465 AD (which most standard history texts mark as the fall of Rome)  the Empire came back in a few more iterations of itself for over a hundred years.   If most of our people keep as their Pole Stars freedom, liberty and sovereignity of the people over government we have a chance to endure yet for a while.

What do we owe Winston Churchill?  He was our “cousin” since his mom was American.  After the fall of Dunkirk in 1940 and the surrender of France there was no opposition to Hitler on the Continent and he was at peace with Stalin indeed they were still allies; they had just finished their mutual military operation against Poland.  All seemed quite hopeless and in fact there were many in Great Britain that believed they should sue for peace with Hitle from the man on the street to members of the War Cabinet itself.  Even if Hitle didn’t try to invade there was no realistic possibility that they saw to ever defeat him and the land of Avon would be pounded mercilessly by the Luffwaffe.  Churchill beat  back and/or ignored such calls for peace and used all his oratorical skills to rally the people to resist which they did for another long 18 months before the US joined the fray.  The time called for bold and heroic clarion calls to the ramparts.  The people were scared, they had seen what had happened on the Continent and the British army had just been hammered at Dunkirk.  He delievered.  It is hard to imagine the course of history if Great Britain had not held out until we joined.  Remember the anti-war faction was very strong in the US then and there is no way we would have taken on Hitler by ourselves.   A peace with Great Britain would have allowed all the German troops to muster for the assault on the Soviet Union and minimal forces to garrison the West.   If Churchill had heeded the faint of heart and capitulated it is not hard to imagine that the Nazis would have endured for generations.   Why did BO return the bust of such an icon of heroism to Great Britain?  

The latest possible Fed move reported is that it will print more money to buy Government bonds but then borrow that money at short term with low rates.  This supposedly will assure those concerned about money printing leading to inflation.  I am not making this up, Lord I wish I were.  But not to worry those mad scientists in there no how to take care of you; you just aren’t smart enough like Geithner, the tax cheat or fumbler, to understand the wisdom of all this.

“God give me strength to face a fact though it slay me.”  Thomas Huxley, of the famous Huxley family and biologist.   www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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Getting One-Upped

We have all witnessed at one time or another a situation where someone got one-upped by a competitor, rival or even a friend in a situation.  They thought they had everything wired just the way they wanted it to obtain their desired goal and then, wham, something happened or was said that put them back in their place.  These are usually fairly harmless little events in the course of life but they can provide amusement or education for the observers.    Even the rich and famous have these faux pas on occasion and get left in the dust by another.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com

Shortly before D-Day in June of 1944 word by rumor was leaked to Ike that Churchill was planning on being on a British ship off the coast of Normandy.  He wanted to be a on a fighting ship that fired the salvos against the German defenses and be there as the troops hit the beach.  Churchill wanted to smell the cordite in the air and feel the jar of the big guns firing aboard ship and hear the roar and blast of those big guns.  In a word he wanted to be in the “action” with the sailors and troops.  He was in his late 60’s by this time and had been Prime Minister since May of 1940.  He was the Voice of Britain and recognized to have bull-dog tenacity in fighting the War.   Ike was very concerned.  The risk of death or injury to Churchill would be devastating to the Allied cause.

Ike called Churchill and asked him if he did plan to be there on a ship.  Churchill told him yes.  Ike tried to dissuade him from doing that pointing out the obvious danger and the blow to Britain if he were injured or killed.   Churchill was an old Navy man and had been an infantry officer for a short while during WWI and he told Ike it was very important to morale that he be there with the sailors and troops and that this was the most significant event in history and he wanted to be part of it.  Ike went so far as to say he would prevent him from getting on board any ship.  Churchill reminded Ike that he had been First Lord of the Admiralty and he was sure he had enough contacts in the Royal Navy that someone would allow him on board.  Ike still insisted.  Churchill threatened to call Roosevelt and tell him what he was going to do and go over Ike’s head in the chain of command.  Ike responded that he would resign if Churchill was successful in persuading Roosevelt.   They ended the conversation at loggerheads on the issue.

Ike was so concerned that later he placed a call to George VI and told him of Churchill’s plans and told the King that he should not be allowed to do that.  The King told Ike that Churchill was very bull-headed and the King was not sure what he could do.  The King did agree that it was not a good idea for Churchill to be exposed that way to harm.   The conversation ended with no resolution other than the King agreeing it was a bad idea.

Shortly thereafter the King called Churchill and asked what is this he heard about him being on board a ship for the invasion.  Churchill made the same reply to the King as he had to Ike.  He was the leader, it was a historic event and it was important that the sailors and troops knew he was willing  to share the risks with them.  It was a matter of leadership according to Churchill.  They bickered a bit about the question and when the King asked flat-out for a commitment not to go, Churchill demurred and repeated his argument about this importance of the troops knowing he was there with them.

The King then replied that Churchill was right.  It was important for the leaders to be there with the troops to show they were willing to accept the risks with them.   The King then said he should be there too along with Churchill and asked Churchill when they would be boarding ship.  There was a pause on the other line.   Churchill finally replied that the King had made his point.   There was no conceivable way the Prime Minister would expose the King to that danger and he knew if he went he could not force the King to remain ashore in Britain.  Churchill was one-upped by the King.

The recently fired MMS administrator was Elizabeth Birnbaum.  A Havard lawyer who specialized in environmental law and had worked for various government agencies and NGO’s prior to her appointment.  We should have known that would not end well.  How many young Jewish ladies are in engineering school to be petroleum engineers or petroleum geologists at the major universities? One?  I doubt even that.  They should have appointed a good ol boy from Purdue, Okla. St. or Texas A&M who had some experience in the industry.  Someone who knows a little about how they explore for and develop oil and gas wells.  That would be nice for too logical and non-political for the Washington types.

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