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Rebellion And Independence

It is often forgotten or never reflected upon by most that our nation did not start with the Declaration of Independence.  If you did a survey of the “man on the street” no doubt a vast majority would assume that the Declaration was the beginning of our revolution.  The facts are that the Colonies had rebelled and were committing acts of treason for 15 months before the Declaration was issued.   The rebellion began in the spring of 1775 with the firefights at Lexington and Concord and then those battles were followed by the siege and seizure of Boston by a British naval and army force that summer.  That was the time and place for the battle at Bunker Hill.  Th Brits were in firm and complete control of Boston and were strangling commerce and intimidating in an effort to quell the rebellion.

It was during this time that the Continental Congress appointed George Washington commander of the rebel army and he was finally successful in extracting the British from Boston months later when he got the cannons from fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York and brought them to the heights overlooking Boston and its harbor.   Their force and navy was exposed to destruction from them and to take them seemed imprudent with the forces at hand so they changed strategy and took their fleet and army to New York.  Washington and the army followed by land and encamped in New York City for a while but the British arrived in the summer of 1776 and drove out our Continental Army after several short but brutal battles.   Washington himself was almost killed where the public library of New York City is located today.   Just before the battles for Long Island and Manhattan the Declaration was made but the outlook in New York was grime.  Our army was on the run but intact as a fighting force although severely diminished in capacity.  Washington was retreated  toward Philadelphia were the Congress was still in session after the Declaration.  The British view and that of the Tories was that they were about to teach the rebel upstarts a real lesson in power and the consequences of rebellion.   The prospects for a successful rebellion were not very bright at that time.   Overtures had been made to  the British for an amelioration of the laws and practices deemed most onerous to the Colonies but all such Petitions (and they were just that, appeals) were rebuffed.  That was the general background of circumstances as the summer of 1776 passed mid summer’s day.   We had been fighting and that certainly is rebelling for over 15 months but no formal position had been taken.  At this dark hour the Congress felt it necessary and appropriate to state the case of the Colonies to Britain and the world at large.

It is worthy of note that the Preamble and the Close but reference God and invoke His blessing.  “the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitle them”  (preamble) and then in that great peroration “We therefore ….appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World……with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our Sacred Honor.”  Failure meant hanging at best.  Another example of that old bromide about there being no atheists in foxholes.

The Declaration laid out over 25 specifics charges or justifications for the rebellion and the declaration to be independent.  Sadly those reasons are rarely discussed today but they may resonate with a reading anew.   A few that may bear on the events of our day–

“He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”  He wouldn’t follow the existing law of the land but viewed himself as beyond or above the law.

“He has forbidden His governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance unless suspended in their operation until His assent should be obtained,and when so suspended,and when so suspended he has utterly neglected to attend to them”.   Again the King wouldn’t enforce the laws authorized by the legislatures created by the Charters of the Colonies.

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our People and eat out their substance”.   Hello, CFPB, EPA, IRS and the endless list.

“For depriving us, in many cases of the right of Trial By Jury”  Drone attacks on US citizens by the decree of the President alone.

“For suspending our Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with the power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever”   I have a pen and a phone.

And one on the allegation that the King was not enforcing the immigration laws pertaining to the Colonies; it is too long to quote here.  Are we currently dealing with a tyrannical Executive that refuses to faithfully execute the Laws of the land regarding immigration?

A few years later we established the US with our Constitution.  A singular document for the principles it proclaimed.  All prior governments from recorded time were based one way or anther on the assumption that every man owed fealty to someone over him; be it baron, knight, king, emperor, sultan or other liege lord.   Our new loyalties were to principles set in law and formalized with a contract between the governed and the government setting out limited powers of the government and the rights of the people.  Truly and unheard of relationship prior to that time.  Read the Constitution again, it is quite short, remember you are a party to that contract.  At least as long as we remain a country of laws and not of the whims, prejudices and preferences of men.

“For pride was not made for man, only as a tormentor”  John Adams, second President.




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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Alrighty, let’s take a tour around the world and see what’s going on in all those corners of the globe….

We can start close to home in South Texas where we are being inundated with thousands of illegal aliens walking across the border with impunity and no apparent opposition.  The underground and smoke signal network of communication has been in existence since time immemorial.  Those kids, and more to the point, their parents, are aware of the vaguely disguised “invitation” of our guy in the White House that any and all Hispanics are welcome as future Democratic voters if they just cross the border.  Doesn’t it strike anyone else as a bit suspicious that all these so-called refugees claim that they are subject to intimidation and threats from gangs and drug cartels.  We’re expecting 90,000 this year alone.  How many gang members do they have in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras?   I personally don’t see refugees in those media photos but moochers.

Rule number one for any nation since the beginning of time is to have a border.  Each nation has the right and duty to  its citizens to defend its border.  Every nation must have the right to control and regulate the flow of foreigners and commerce across it borders.   That is the foundational definition of  being a nation.

Africa.  Well, the French after almost two years still have troops chasing radical Moslems around Mali.   Nigeria couldn’t be more of a mess Boko Haram roaming around killing and kidnapping more or less at will.  The Congo is beset with turmoil from radicals attacking and killing when the notion strikes them.   Libya and Egypt are both teetering on the brink or sinking into totalitarian status due to the conflict with radical Moslems.   Even a “stable” and democratic Kenya is subject to routine slaughter and attack from Moslems and radicals.   Somalia?  enough said.

Our friends in Europe are clearly rethinking their liberal policies regarding immigration and the influx of Moslems from North Africa and the northern and western marches of the Mid East.  France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and even Sweden are seeing growing and more vocal opposition to open borders and increasing immigration of Moslems.

Sentiment against central governments is growing much stronger across the European landscape whether the central government be domestic or the European  Parliament in Brussels.  Catalonia is voting on separation from Spain.  The Belgians are taking a fresh look at their centuries old joinder of the French, Flemish and Germanic portions of their nation with many calling for independence.  Surely you are aware the Scotland will vote in a few months on independence from the United Kingdom and predictions are for a very close vote.  Northern Italy is stirring even harder and more volubly for cutting loose the southern portions of Italy and letting them make their own way.  The Balkans remain on edge after nearly two decades of alleged peace between their Christian areas and the Moslem portions of that area.  The Ukraine?  Well it is getting plenty of press these days.

Who knows how Iraq will evolve over the next few weeks and months.   The radicals look to have at a minimum a permanent nation-state to consolidate power and use as a base to slowly but surely spread their barbarism in that immediate area of the world and even worse to then plan long term strikes against the West at times and places of their choosing with impunity.  It is very apparent that the US and all Western nations will not intervene in a way that would force them out of the areas they now occupy.  The Shia Iraqis don’t have the will to make a  war against them in those northern reaches and drive them out.  Even if Iran sent troops and everything they had available it wouldn’t work.  Look at the map and consider the demographics as you look.  The geography and Islamic peoples of those regions don’t favor driving out those fiends.  Iran can’t afford the  cost in treasure and military resources and personnel it would take to remove those Islamists even with the help of what exist of the Iraqi army.  That huge swath of earth looks likely to descend into a new dark age for some time to come.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are more or less the same problem sitting across two borders.  The Taliban will take over in reality or behind the scenes in running Afghanistan as soon as we are gone.  Who is going to stop them?  Serious question.  Pakistan can probably and likely will bumble along more or less as it has for decades.  Always on the edge of self-destruction but strong enough to thwart an outright collapse.

In the Far East China is on the march and Japan is slowly but inevitably renewing its martial aspirations.  Sitting between them is the powder keg the two Koreas.   China is readying its aircraft carrier and will use it to intimidate its neighbors and even strike the weaker ones when they feel they can without repercussions.  It is in our long-term strategic interest to back Japan in this growing and volatile mix.   It would be a disaster for China to be allowed free rein in such portions of the Asian area as they wish.  The Philippines just reached yet another in the endless series of truces with the Moslems on its island chain.  It won’t last either.  Lordy how many of those have there been since the SpanishAmerican War?

Saudi Arabia is allegedly an ally and how many of the 9/11 attackers came from there?  We should only trust when we can verify.  Be vigilant and hope some day those peoples will move beyond the 9th century in their outlook on the world and be able to tolerate other views. They are entitled to their own religion and culture and we have no problem with that but they should not be permitted to impose a Caliphate across any section of the modern world with the repression and of differing views.

Be brave,,,,fear never wins the battle and always leads to retreat.




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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

The summer heat makes opinions and thoughts bubble up……let’s see if they are over cooked….

As you age you will notice more often that some old and useless items have an intense emotional value that exceeds all rendering.   In our breakfast nook there is a special built-in mail box, bulletin board, black board and mail box covering one wall.  We had it added special when we re-modeled over 30 years ago.  Then one of the kids used a wood burning tool and wrote everyone’s name above the mail box slots, even one for Mom and Dad.   Messages, congratulations, notices, team schedules and take out restaurants graced the bulletin board and the black board held comments from the ridiculous to the sublime over the years.  The mail boxes were for their letters and school papers and then there was the general small storage box right above each name for whatever small items they wanted to store there.   Toys, jewelry and birthday and Christmas cards have been there along with every other matter under the Sun.   It is merely a collection of cedar wood and nails.  It won’t go with us when we move.   It hasn’t been really used for years now because the youngest is 37 but no matter.   I will miss the family wall cabinet and mail box.  It reflected lives lived.

Here is the best compromise on the immigration debate–allow the illegal aliens to have permanent resident status but never citizenship.  If they really came here for work, money and opportunity then such move will allow that goal to be met.   Same with the kids.  Never citizenship.  We all have to suffer for bad decisions of our parents.  There is nothing special about illegal aliens to justify a more sympathetic attitude.

Another anniversary of the end of the active fighting on the Korean War.   Those poor guys had a rotten hand from the git go.  The first of the no-win wars.   In fact the spin doctors for Truman were active then and abetted by the compliant liberal press.  They insisted that it was in fact a “police action”.  Damned if the NYT and others of that ilk didn’t report it that way with a straight face.  Before the first year was done the front had moved back and forth several times and then settled down pretty much along the 38th parallel where it remained for over two long years before the cease fire that remains in place.   It would have been nice for the American people to know that Truman didn’t intend to do anything to achieve even a hint of victory.   He held up that facade of making an effort until he left in ’53 and then Ike mercifully put and end to it.

The guy in the White House makes a protest of “phony scandals”.   Such an old but still effective political and propaganda tool.  Simply re-label an event or transaction or program to your liking and if the press will report it that way–viola!, you have just diverted the attention of a sizable portion of the population that only follows reality shows and headlines but never dares look at facts to support their position whatever it may be.   Don’t take my word for it read the master of the art–Goebbels.   His diary should be required reading for journalists and marketing majors.   Most people rarely look beyond their own feet and the next step.   They wouldn’t see a mushroom cloud on the horizon until told to look out the window by CNN.

Anthony Weiner.   That is the lead up and the punch line.   Of course there is also the international implications of the situation.  I mean if Huma and Anthony can co-exist maybe there is hope for the Palestinians and the Israelis.   We should just make sure there a plenty of porn sites in operation across borders in that area.  Wouldn’t this be a truly new low even for New York if he were to win?  And if you know anything about New York politics that reaches down to some pretty subterranean depths.

Two young men demonstrated their ability to hack into the control systems of the modern cars last week.  They can make your car stop, accelerate, turn either direction or turn off the engine in addition to other minor nuisances.    With the proliferation of computer controls and electronics this should come as no shock but it is nevertheless very scary.  Apparently when the car manufacturers turned to computers and electronics they didn’t think about anyone hacking into the systems.  First they tell we’ll have driverless cars soon and now before that is ready to launch they inform us that some pimply-faced 18 year-old can grab my steering wheel from miles away.   Imagine the havoc a couple of those jerks could cause during afternoon rush hour in your town be controlling just a handful of cars on the major freeways.   On top of this latest concern we have to face the reality of the Government, boo, hiss, being able to track your every move in your car.   Hell, are cars going to be worth it soon?  Be lots of folks who will like the latest in the mechanical engineering but will be wanting to retrofit and take out the computer control systems and GPS signaling devices and those black boxes.    Naturally, such people who don’t want their cars tracked or controlled by others will be on a suspect list by the NSA as potential bad guys.   You’ll need a horse and buggy for privacy in the near future.

“That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath been; ”  Ecclesiastes, 3/15



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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We’ll do some politics and history to celebrate the 4th and our heritage…..

The announcement that the employer mandate in Obamacare will be delayed for at least a year raises several troubling questions, not the least of which is the legal authority of the President to take this action on his own.  The Obamacare act uses the word “shall” to implement this provision on Jan. 1, 2014.  Will this usurper ever bend to the injunctions of the rule of law?  What higher duty does any President have than to see that the laws are “faithfully executed”?  We need to remain a nation of laws, not diktats of mere men.  Regardless of the merits or demerits of the Obamacare act we must preserve our adherence to the rule of law or we are swimming in deep waters of turmoil.  Sure hope someone will challenge this delay in the courts.

In shouldn’t be surprising that the guy in the White House would ignore the laws he finds inconvenient to advancing his radical liberal agenda.  Look at his non compliance with two circuit court opinions on his alleged “recess” appointments to the Labor Board and his total failure to enforce the existing immigration laws.  He unilaterally granted special status to those illegals he deemed worthy by executive order over a year ago.  This was contrary to the existing law of the land.  Let Congress pass the laws and if he wants different laws then ask for them.  He is asking us to bow to his diktats like serfs of old.

It was with mixed emotion that I attended the 4th of July parade in my neighborhood.  I want so much to  have pride in the nation and its leaders.  But our current direction is not anything I can support.  I don’t want Big Brother or Big Sister dominating my life.   It is hard to have pride in a nation that believes me and my fellow countrymen are incapable of taking care of ourselves.  If they don’t trust us to do the sensible and moral thing then why should we trust them?   Neither condescension nor dominance is the right path for leadership of a free people.  Those work only in the totalitarian states.

Boy are all those European nations really doing the Casablanca routine with their shock and dismay that the US is spying on them.  Give me a break.  Intelligence gathering goes on all the time even among the closest allies.  During WWII our diplomats and yes, spies, gave confidential reports all the time on the intentions and actions of Great
Britain and for sure the Soviets.   Doesn’t mean we don’t like them or trust them but sometimes self-interest gets in the way of even mutual goals.  I am not offended that the British or Swiss poke around as much as they can to discern the intentions of the US.   Hell, most of the time we can’t discern the intentions of our own government.   Just like the inspector in Casablanca who was “shocked, shocked” to learn of illegal activity, nothing will come of this one and it will fade away.  After all would those feigning outrage want us to reveal everything we know about their spying on us?

You should be reminded that even before the Declaration of Independence in July 1776, that we had already fought very significant engagements against the British in open rebellion in Boston.  Bunker Hill, Washington’s appointment as commander and the withdrawal of the British from Boston had all already occurred.  The British had moved their strategic location to New York by this time.  The Declaration is a great document and rightly revered by those who love personal freedom but it was really stating the obvious.

The Summer Solstice comes about June 21 each year and is our longest day.  Intuitively one would think that would also coincide with the hottest time of the year.  The days have been lengthening for months at that point and after that date the days begin their steady shortening for the rest of the year.  Why is it that July and August are the hottest time of the year when the length of the day is already in steady decline?   Most places in the northern hemisphere by mid August are 45 minutes to an hour shorter than they were in mid June yet it is hotter.

When worrying about global warming take a peek at some history before you reach any conclusions.  First, the current drought in the US in NOT the worst in memory.  You read that false headline all the time when there is an article about global warming and it goes without challenge.  I don’t have to read or research this allegation, I lived it.  Yes, we do have a drought underway in the Southwest but so far it is peanuts compared to the drought we had from the late ’40’s to the late ’50’s.   This latest drought has only been about 3 years so far.  In the mid ’50’s if you drove thru the Southwest you could see dead cattle, horses, goats and other live stock literally lying in the pastures.  I did with my own eyes more than once.  Nothing of that sort is occurring yet at this time.  In 1939 and again in 1940, at the beginning of the War they had really hot summers in England.  Some predicted then drastic changes.  Churchill had special linen suits tailored due to the extreme heat.

Likewise during WWI there were many examples of extreme weather.  There was lots of scientific discussion of the cause and many very smart people speculated that the weather changes were due to the huge artillery barrages from the trench warfare on the Continent.  It is true that millions upon millions of tons of artillery rounds were fired by both sides throwing dust and debris into the air which was carried by winds and that included the toxins from those shells, such as cordite.   I have enormous respect for science but do like to make sure it is science unbiased by a political agenda.   Study, look at details, be sure to separate conclusions from fact and reach your own conclusion.  Don’t trust for God’s sake computer models.  Those are just computations based 0n human input with all the foibles of humanity.

“Say not, I will do so to him as he hath done to me: I will render to the man according to his work”   Proverbs 24/29.

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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We’ll take a peek at some history to get perspective on the news of the day and add a couple of random life thoughts for free….

Regardless of other troubling issues with the proposed comprehensive immigration reform what difference does it make if the illegals have to go to the “back of the line”?   Yeah, they have to pay some fines and wait for a while.   But the fact is they are “golden” once the immigration reform is passed.   They won’t be worried about having to wait.  They go the golden ring on the merry-go-round.  They can stay work, get benefits (read the fine print) and will get citizenship if they don’t commit a felony.  Doesn’t seem like much of a burden to have to wait until those who applied legally get processed first.   The line may be long but the point is they will get to the head of the line–guaranteed.

Another sore spot is that those who stole ID’s or forged paperwork should have to pay a special fine of at least $10,000.00.   If they stole someone’s social security number that money should go directly to the victim and those who made one up or forged paperwork should have the money go to the Border Patrol.

How many times have you read about some Federal employee who was derelict or really pulled a bad one that got “reassigned”, “fired” or demoted yet learn later that they were only shuffled around or in fact never fired.   You know, on the street without any pay.  Lois Lerner is the most recent example of this; she clearly was out of line if not doing something illegal yet she is on administrative leave with pay.  This problem is part politics and part the difficulty of firing a Federal worker due to the Civil Service Code and companion laws.   We’ll do an examination in detail later about the Civil Service Code.  For today though is suffices to say that it must be made easier to fire Federal employees for incompetence, laziness, criminal acts, negligence and those who simply can’t cut the mustard.  They system needs to be revised so there is a very quick appeal after a supervisor fires someone.  It should be like private industry where those above can fire those below.  The review board should meet within 30 days.  The board should consist of a union representative, a Federal worker and three private citizens.  The citizens should be at least 60 years old and have never worked for any governmental agency.  You want people with experience in life, who’ve seen the way the  world works, have some wisdom from living and understand the requirement that people do their jobs correctly and ethically or they get removed.  No appeal after that hearing.   Boy would that change things for the better.

You probably read the story about the 72 year-old fellow shot by the cops in his own yard.   They were responding to a burglar alarm across the street.  The man and his wife heard a commotion and he got his gun and went out back and then was shot by the cops.  Supposedly the cops were shining their flashlights and yelled “police” and when he didn’t drop his gun they fired and killed him.  A real tragedy.  He was no doubt pumped up with adrenaline and nervous.  Who wouldn’t be with those loud noises.  Even if they did yell out he might not have heard them correctly or at all and those lights were probably shining in his eyes so he couldn’t see clearly.  Under the circumstances how would he have known who they were and why would he believe they were cops even if they said so?   I mean this man was on his own property and doing something completely legal–carrying a gun which he had the right to do even without a carry permit and he had a right to defend home and hearth.   Why the hell didn’t they knock on the door or make a phone call to the house before they just barged in?  A sad case of friendly fire.   Can you imagine if he had shot one of the cops and the evidence was they never had identified themselves as such?

The headlines for the last month or so thunder with the news about the resurgent boom in housing.  They cite year over year increases that are dramatic.  Of course the percentages seem dramatic because we are starting from such a low base.  The raw numbers aren’t that impressive.  Only about 800,000 new starts a year last I read which is actually not very good and far below 6 years ago.  Also I have a question.   New housing starts require lots and lots of new lumber production for the building.   Yet, one–we are cutting timber for wooden pellets to ship to Japan for power plants and, two, the lumber futures have dropped sharply for the last 90 days by about 40%.   Some piece or pieces of that housing picture puzzle don’t fit.   Normally in a real housing upturn the lumber yards are working flat-out just to keep up with domestic demand and the price of lumber rises accordingly.

We’ll find out in time if Eric Holder lied under oath I hope.  You are reminded that there are three elements to taking an oath when testifying.  One–tell the truth.  Two–the whole truth.  Three–nothing but the truth.  If you fail on any of those three then you are lying under oath.  Q–was it day or night?  A–day, when if fact it was at night.  That is a lie under oath.  Q–did you see anyone come out of the house?  A–yes.  But in fact it was a one-legged man wearing a pirate hat and you simply state you couldn’t remember anything but a man.  That is a lie under oath.  Q–Tell us about that man?  A–well, he was carrying a large knife, when in fact he had nothing in his hand.  You lied and added an embellishment to the truth.   From watching the testimony and learning the facts of his personal review of subpoenas it is hard to see how Holder can pass muster under all three standards of the truth.

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”   H. L. Mencken.  Pundit and social commentator.



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Immigration And Fraud Fines Amendment–Identity Theft

The Gang of Eight has asked for input on new ideas to make their proposed immigration overhaul bill better.  For the time being I’ll not get into the question of whether anyone here illegally deserves any path to citizenship however long it may be.  We’ll leave for another day the economic cost and alleged benefit analysis of allowing several millions of low educated folks become citizens and what they bring to the table.   Let’s talk about the fines and requirements for that path to citizenship that is hawked by the 800 plus page proposal.   They do have a lot to say about the fines that will be imposed and the fees charged to the illegals when they apply for citizenship.  But there is one area that should be fined that is totally missing from the conversation so far.

Many liberal Democrats will make the case that illegals pay taxes.  They refer to the payroll taxes for social security and medicare.  They use this to counter the argument that they don’t pay income taxes.  There might be some partial truth to this but there is an element of that argument that is completely ignored by those Democratic proponents and the media.   They overlook the fact that those illegals that did pay payroll taxes only did so by fraud of one type or another.   To pay those taxes the illegal must have had a social security number.  Without that number they would not be paying anything.  That is the admission card.  Now exactly how did that illegal get a social security number?  They lied, cheated and committed fraud somewhere along the way, that is how.  They used a social security number that they stole from someone else, simply lifted it from some data somewhere or they made up false documents to apply for a social security card number.    There is simply no way they could honestly come by a social security number.

If they are using your social security number, perforce, they have committed identity theft.  This will cause you untold headaches with the IRS.  That agency is difficult enough to deal with under the best of circumstances and when someone else has claimed a refund or otherwise utilized your social security number you are in a quagmire of hurt.  If they paid  social security taxes using your number then your calculations for benefits when the time comes will be askew and will take lots of your time and energy to straighten out with Social Security so you can get what you deserve after paying in for a lifetime.  Having to fix the problem of a fraudulent refund being paid to an illegal or one of their cohort will be a nightmare for you and will delay till the end of time you getting the refund that you are really entitled to receive.   Don’t take my word for this, ask around, you’ll find someone who has been a victim and let them tell you the horror story trying to get everything straightened out.

In addition to any other provision of this proposed immigration bill there should be an amendment adding new fines and criminal penalties against illegals who have lied, cheated or committed fraud obtaining or using any social security number.  If they stole your  number they should pay a fine.  If they forged documents to get a social security number they should pay a fine.   If they lie on the application papers for that path to citizenship about using a social security number in any way they should pay a fine and also that should be a criminal offense with strong sentences and an automatic disqualifier for citizenship.  Automatic so no judge as discretion to order otherwise.

For identity theft for your social security number I believe the fine should be at least $10,000.00 and that money should be refunded directly to the victim of the identity theft.   I doubt any of the victims would oppose that idea.  Even that would only be partial recompense for the trouble they caused by their theft.  If the illegal forged document or lied on documents to get a social security number then they likewise should pay a fine of not less than $10,000.00 and that money should go directly to border security.  If they try to cover up their past deeds by lying about it on any of the applications for citizenship or legal status they should be jailed; that should be a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment for at least 3 years and then deportation or only deportation at the discretion of the government.  And no exception for the fact that they may have family members in the US.  If they lie, they go, period.

It is reprehensible enough that they violated our sovereignty but really despicable that they lied regarding a social security card number and caused so much grief to someone.  They should pay these fines and face these criminal sanctions if they continue their fraudulent behavior.   Unless and until these modifications are made part of the immigration bill then I for one don’t want to even discuss it.  I want justice for the true American citizens that have been damaged by these illegals and their actions.  If you agree let others know.  If you disagree that is fine but explain to the victims of identity theft why that theft will go unpunished.

“A friend is one who warns you.”  Anonymous.


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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

People c0ntinue to move, speak and do things so there is always a few comments on those doings…..

Well, surprise, surprise Fisker has retained bankruptcy counsel and likely will file for Chapter 11 in a matter of days.  Another green/electric car crony capitalist experiment gone bad. They got a 529 million dollar loan/grant a couple of years ago from the beings in the White House, built a few cars in Finland and several of those caught fire an blew up in the rains from Sandy.   They are down to 50 employees and looking for a buyer.  How many of the failures will there be?   I guess many more until the Feds run out of my money and yours.

The peaches are about the size of a large marble now and we’ll have fresh peach cobbler and slices on vanilla ice cream in another month or so.

Weapons of all kinds in the hands of the mentally unstable will regrettably always be a problem in a free society.  Our freedoms do give rise to greater exposure to violent crime because of those freedoms.  The gun control advocates miss the boat on more restrictions against the law-abiding.  The fact is the liberal wing of America simply doesn’t want an armed public; that is the real truth.  They was a populace that can be and will be cowed.  The killings at Ft. Hood are the best exemplar of the weakness of their arguments and those who are so politically correct they can’t or won’t recognize the truth and reality.  I worry about the mentally ill having access to a gun or anything potentially dangerous but I worry more about an  Islamic terrorists having them.  That guy was a psychiatrist for heaven’s sake!   More importantly he was a Muslim.

At last check some 30 to 40 thousand people a year were killed in auto accidents.  A 4000 pound car is and can be a deadly weapon.  When you sell your used Chevy Volt do you do a background check on the purchaser?   What if he is a nut case and plans to use the car to run down innocents at the weekend community event?   Or he just uses the vehicle completely irresponsibly and kills or injures other?   If we are going to worry about dangerous objects in the hands of those who potentially could use them to harm others then the list is much much longer than guns.

Oh, an aside on the gun debate.   Just last week one of our major media outlets reported on its opinion page that 270 people are shot each day in America.  Hmm, let’s see that is 100,000 a year.  We are a really big country and no doubt there are some people shot by accident or criminal deed  each day.  But 270?   Come on at least use some real numbers; I sure would love to see the actual data behind that number.

Is the melting pot assumption for  the US really such a good idea?  Does an objective analysis of our history and recent history support that constant stream of rhetoric from politically correct politicians.  If diversity is such a great idea then why didn’t and hasn’t it taken root in Europe?  Look at a map and you can see that Europe is positioned even better than the US to have a diverse society ethnically and religiously. Access is easy across the Mediterranean and you can literally walk into Europe from the East.  Are we so arrogant and naive that we believe we are more socially advanced and intelligent than our brethren across the Pond?    They have had centuries. indeed millennia, to ponder the alleged virtues of a diverse society and have rejected it on the whole.  Our obsession with diversity of different ethnicities and religions is of recent vintage here.  Until a few decades ago when Americans spoke of diversity they meant diverse European nations.   But all those nations did in fact have many shared common heritages in religion and political structures.   Languages varied but the culture was not alien to one another.   Yugoslavia was the great European experiment in diversity and you see how that worked out even after centuries of trying to make it work.  You now have numerous countries there and they still don’t like each other.   More reflection might be in order.

I wonder if the couple selected for that flight to Mars in about ten years by the European company will  have a really thorough physical?  Something really simple here could be death on that trip.  Will they do a preventative appendectomy on each of them?  It is an ordinary and routine surgical procedure here but if one got an attack on that trip and antibiotics couldn’t control the outbreak then they would die.  What would the survivor do with the body?  Rather doubt the “garbage” release shoot would accommodate a body.   Just one of many, many possible health issues that could arise.  Maybe they will select a doctor.  And I guess  they will send with them the opposite of viagra whatever that is; just in case of need.  (what if they don’t like each other after a while)

Much more about the attack at Boston later.  For now use that old expression –“follow the money”.  I mean from what is known so far those guys didn’t have a regular source of income but they sure lived alright.  Right now go to any of the travel sites and check what it would cost to fly to Moscow and then Dagestan and later return home.  So far there is no mention of work and the parents allegedly had bad health and no money but they were both reportedly lawyers.   One was renowned for being a clothes buff.  They had cars and didn’t seem to want for anything and they got money to buy guns.  I mean I ain’t rich but not poor but I sure wouldn’t be booking a round trip ticket to Dagestan anytime soon how about you?   Where did they get their money?  Answer that and you’ll know a lot more about who was behind them.

As our nanny state grows exponentially under the current beings in the Administration ponder the thoughts of an old German adage–“Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.”

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Pathway To A Better State–V–Immigration

It is with a heavy heart that both Left and Right don’t truly have a deep-seated pride in their nation anymore.  Both believe that the US is heading in the wrong direction for completely different reasons.  It is right and natural that a citizen should be extremely proud of their country and want to feel they are part of a team working together for a generally agreed upon goal.  We desperately want to have a swelling pride within our breast when we listen to the refrains from America The
Beautiful but so many feel the country they want to love is becoming something they distrust and even revile.  It will be better when both elements can have their own sovereignty and they each can have that desired and admirable pride in their new and separate US.   One of the many contentious issues that divide the Left and Right is the question of immigration and very different views on the path forward to admission of new immigrants.

The Left going back to the 1960’s have had a deliberate and steady policy of loose immigration policy heavily favoring certain segments of the world at the expense of European immigration.  Until then our policy and simple historical, economic and cultural matters propelled the overwhelming majority of the immigrants to the US to be of European origin.  The Left had a harder time recruiting them to their cause when they came here.  They knew as any rational man would that if they allowed more immigrants of perceived minorities and from Socialist or Socialist leaning nations that those new immigrants would much more likely become new members of the Left or Democratic Party.  They overhauled the immigration laws to drastically reduce European peoples and favored heavily immigrants from South American, the Philippines, certain other Oriental countries, Africa and the Caribbean and the Near and Middle East.   They were right.  Those new immigrants did move to the Left as they became citizens and they continue to do so to this day.  The left wanted and got a very lax enforcement policy regarding border security because they would allow even more immigrants to migrate to the US and eventually receive citizenship.  After the Constitutional Convention and the reorganization of the US into two equal and sovereign entities each will be able to pursue their own vision of new immigration policy.

In the new Coastal America it would be the knee-jerk reaction that the immigration policy would be quite liberal and allow generously new immigrants and citizens.  Many would suspect that they would continue the current policy of favoring Third World countries or emerging markets.  Now many of them advocate granting citizenship wholesale even to those who violated US law in coming to the US.  It could well be true that the Left would adopt such a policy but on reflection it might be a bit different from that.  The unions form a strong and influential portion of the Left and advance the Liberal agenda.  It is an important cog in that political movement and would certainly continue to be after the grand division.  The unions are very leery to allow too many new immigrants entry because it would have a negative effect on wages of their members and their job security both of which are dominant issues in their movement.  Of course there is also the fact that after the division the Left will have “won”.  They can take their Socialist or psuedo-socialist agenda as far as they want without interference from the Right.  They can design their society through social engineering and tax policy as they wish.  They won’t be needing new voters to swell their ranks anymore.   They will have their majority for generations.

The Left likes to look to the European model for a goodly portion of its agenda and direction because it is progressive and Socialist to a greater or less degree.   A dispassionate view of Europe today would reveal that they have restrictive immigration policies; they do not have  open borders and immigrants face steep hurdles to becoming full citizens with the right to vote.   Coastal America will have no need for new progressive voters.   The significant majority of Coastal America will already be of one political vision and direction.  There are many on the Left that believe that population growth is a problem or outright evil because it leads to environmental damage and human suffering.   They will have their choices to make.

Middle America will revise its immigration policy most likely in a more restrictive manner.  It is most likely that the driving thrust of that policy will be to admit new immigrants based on merit or economic need of Middle America.  The policy will not be driven by ethnicity or perceived Third World status.   The result will be that more Europeans will likely be admitted along with substantial Oriental influx.   There would be an efficient and flexible guest worker program as they have today in Germany and other European nations.  These special visas would be granted liberally to those who bring “value” to Middle America.  The guest workers would be mostly from South America and Mexico.  That is simply a recognition of social and geographic reality.  Those immigrating with citizenship in mind will be mostly from Europe.  Not because of race but because of education and special abilities and capital to invest in American enterprises.

It is likely in a generation or so Coastal America would grow in population much more rapidly than Middle America but that trend might not last as Coastal America comes to grips with its identity and internal disputes with the entrenched interests of the unions and their power base.  They will have met all their diversity goals and economics will prevail at some point.  Middle America will grow but in a more even manner and become more homogeneous, not ethnically, but in cultural outlook and appreciation.

The great advantage of the separate nations is that each can pursue it own dream for its society through immigration policy.  They can amend  and emend as they wish without the discord of dealing with the other side.  The current disputes and disharmony we face over immigration policy would be gone.  Both Americas would be happy with its p0licy.  The best policy is what makes most of the citizens of each America content as opposed to the distrust and conflict we face as one polarized nation today on the issue.    Let each follow their own drummer.

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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Well, you’ve paid the price of admission so we might as well let you in on the thoughts of the day concerning the news of the day…..

You can’t listen or watch any news source without hearing almost daily items about the problem of identity thief and the grief it can cause.  The breaches of security run the gamut from Facebook to the IRS.   Here is a novel idea–how about we go back to a cash society for the payment and settlement of debts?   It wasn’t that many decades ago that cash was the norm for receiving your wages.  The average worker whether in an office, mine or factory floor would get an envelope filled with the cash for their earnings for the week, bi-monthly payment or whatever.   Almost all purchases of any goods or services were paid for with cash on the barrel head.   You say it would be inconvenient for utility bills or other payments.  But the banks and other financial entities would quickly have “ATMs” virtually everywhere for buying money orders very cheaply for payments through the mail.   When you pay cash you don’t have to show ID or anything else.  Yeah, yeah, I know the Gen Xers wouldn’t know how to do it but it would sure solve the identity thief problem overnight.  There is a side benefit also; the Feds wouldn’t be able to track every move you made and every expenditure; your privacy would be much broader.  Think about it.

If you want a preview of a possible outcome to the current discussion about changing our immigration policy watch what happens in Italy over the next couple of months.  They have very restrictive immigration policies in place now and there is a movement by the left leaning parties there to open up citizenship to more immigrants.  Most of the arguments you hear in the US are the same as those being debated in Italy both pro and con.   The north of Italy will be opposed the most and the southern and more impoverished portion will be all for it because they get most of the central government welfare benefits paid for by the northern regions.  Keep an eye on this for your own illumination.

Those of you who stayed awake in your science class know that Polaris, the North Star, is our traditional guide to finding direction since it is a constant in the sky.  You learned that it is not  quite true north but close enough for most practical navigation purposes just like magnetic north is close enough.  But the wobble of the Earth is changing and over the next couple of centuries Polaris will move slightly and it will be just about dead on true north.  Mother Nature is helping us even if we don’t deserve it and even though She could care less.

Well, golly, we are shocked, shocked to learn that the Federal Reserve in its most recent minutes said that it kinda, sorta, sometime, maybe, would have to quit buying all those Treasury notes to fund the US deficits.   Since they are buying almost 80% of all that debt it will mean higher interest rates an even more debt.  That is if Congress and the Lefties don’t ever get the fiscal house in order.   The market is reacting as expected and moving down rather dramatically.  It will hurt lots of investors in the short-term but the sooner we let the real market of millions of people making millions of decisions every day about what to do with their money we will  have a robust economy again.    The Federal government is the worst “business” executive you can imagine when it comes to allocating resources.  Even the manipulators of the Dark Side realize they can’t do this forever.   The Fed has been pulling a curtain to hide the true effects of constant deficit spending for several years now but finally even they realize it is just a curtain and the reality is what is going on behind it.  Like quantum physics, we might not be able to see the action behind the curtain but we can sure see and evaluate the effects of those actions.

The next time you are wowed about some new building, dam, bridge or stadium we have constructed in recent days and wonder how they figured out how to build it you should also be awed by the ability of the ancients to construct great edifices.  The Roman aqueducts are an example.  They brought the badly needed water to Rome.  Often the decline in elevation would only be a couple of feet per mile or even less.  You know that water only moves down hill and so did they.  But if there was anywhere that the trough in the aqueduct where it leveled out or was only ever so slightly uphill the whole project would be worthless and the water wouldn’t move.  They didn’t have GPS or laser surveying equipment to measure heights or elevations.  They used plumb bobs, staffs and measuring chains to do all that work and got it right over a distance of miles and miles.  Now that is a truly incredible feat.   How many of our modern-day civil engineers could do the same work with that equipment?

For those who might think having women in real combat roles in the modern military you should take a bit and read Jake Tapper’s “Outpost” about the fighting in Afghanistan.  There are many other examples of what combat is truly like in the literary world.  But that is one that depicts the most modern version of combat.  Just read it and see what those men had to do to defend themselves, attack the enemy and to aid each other when wounded.  Read and reflect on the reality of those situations.  Women simply aren’t  strong enough to carry (literally) the weight, run fast enough and move ammo and other vital supplies in the quickness of time required by combat.  Yes, maybe a few can but you don’t build and army around the exceptions you build it with what is best at hand.

“My way of joking is to tell the truth.  It’s the funniest joke in the world.” Bernard Shaw.

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2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Spring beckons in the near term and like the buds promise full blooms soon and ideas and ruminations sprout from the mind after the winter lull…..

As the comments over “sequester” roil the headlines it is useful to remember a fact or two.  First sequester comes from the law and means in plain English that an asset is held or frozen until a later ruling.  This sequester does not automatically result in a reduced Federal spending level.  It merely authorizes it to a certain lower level of growth.  Even that modest reduction does not occur until directed and that comes in later March with the Continuing Resolution funding bill.   If the reductions occur it will be then.   Recall also that we are already half way through this fiscal year so the immediate reductions will not be the full 120 billion (average over ten years) but cut about in half because we have  been spending this fiscal year at the old higher rates.

Speaking of spending why can’t each and every department of the Federal government take a real, honest to God 1% cut in its budget?   Just 1% lousy per cent.   That would be out of a 3.8 Trillion dollar budget.

Liberal Democrats love to look to Europe as they model for so much of our social and economic policies with one glaring omission–immigration.  We are about to allow 11 million or so illegals citizenship simply because they are here in violation of our laws.  France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and several more have much stricter immigration policies.  They usually do allow a fairly generous guest worker program and those folks have legal status in the respective countries but they are never allowed citizenship.  Look at the record for yourself.  Many Turks and others from Eastern Europe have come to work legally but they don’t get to vote or have full benefits of citizenship.

The current controversy over the use of drones to kill bad people is confusing to some of us.  Sure we all want our rights respected and protected but we’ve killed bad guys for years even in the US borders in violation of the 5th Amendment right to protection of life, liberty and property without due process of law.  Today many are concerned that the US citizens who might be killed in a drone strike are denied those rights and that is true, their rights are ignored.  Check a little history though and the actual circumstances of taking out bad guys in times past.  John Dillinger was assassinated not arrested as were many over notorious criminals over the years.  They weren’t read their Miranda rights or offered a chance to surrender.   How about those nuts in Waco twenty years ago?  Women and children were there and they were assaulted with military weapons.   A drone is just another weapon like a cannon or hand gun in the hands of our military or law enforcement.  Regrettably our leaders will always have this power and we can only hope it will be used wisely.   For political reasons it likely will never be used inside our own borders unless we spotted a pack of terrorists moving to a specific target like a nuclear power plant.

This week the politicos at the top-level of the Pentagon, the top generals and admirals, announced that the Navy will be reduced down to under 300 ships in the near future.  Yes, that level Romney talked about being lower than what we had during the WWI era.  Sure those ships are more powerful, run faster and can do more.  But they are still ships and vulnerable to attack.  Most of the modern defense systems for those ships have never been tested in real combat conditions.  They have missile defense and those automated gatling guns to bring down incoming aircraft or missile but they’ve only done test.  What if an enemy like Iran attacked a flotilla with four missiles at once?  How about if they attacked with 20 all within a couple of minutes of each other?  Even the gatling guns can’t fire straight up only at elevations of less than 90 degrees.  The most recent episode of “modern” warfare at sea was the Falkland’s War of 30 years ago.  You may recall that those relatively unsophisticated Exocet missiles (compared to today) wreaked tremendous havoc on the British fleet.   That was only a few missiles.   Just as at Pearl Harbor there should be serious concern that a significant part of our fleet in the Persian Gulf area could be eliminated in matter of minutes.   Quality is wonderful and to be sought, but a little bit of quantity even if of a lower capability could be comforting and very useful.  A large gun on ship could still inflict real damage to a potential enemy using WWII technology.

As the East gets buried in a huge snow storm this week it is noteworthy that the UN, yes, the UN, recently gave an update on global warming.  It noted in the back pages that at least 25% of recent weather changes can be attributable to the effects of the Sun and its cycles.   Hmm,  perhaps we should pass a Sun Regulation Act to make the Sun conform to our notions of friendly renewable energy standards.  Someone should make the EPA form a committee to investigate right away.

One of the major Japanese car makers is apparently seriously considering abandoning totally the lithium-ion batter or any similar battery and looking into the hydrogen powered car for the future.  Makes sense, the battery cars didn’t work 100 years ago and they aren’t the best path to the future now.  They are too heavy, to slow to recharge and too expensive to replace when the time comes as it always does because all batteries wear out.  Don’t know what the future will bring but it will happen one day–just not next year or the next decade.  Be patient, it will happen.

“When a Government takes over a people’s economic life it becomes absolute, and when it has become absolute it destroys the arts, the minds, the liberties and the meaning of the people it governs”  M. Anderson–American dramatist



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