2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

If you been up and moving then there is much in recent days to make you scratch your head or scream in  outrage.  So let’s visit a few of those news events………

The IRS has been targeting conservative leaning organizations for what can only fairly be called harassment.  If you’ve looked at some of the specific questions they were demanding from these groups of their exempt status you should be very angry.  Those inquires were both intrusive and abusive.  Most important of all the questions  are intimidating.  Allegedly only low-level folks were pushing this line of thuggishness but do you buy that?  What lower level employee ever takes any action they believe would be opposed by their boss?  To the contrary to kiss up to the next level up the scale those lower minions will be doing what they believe will put them in favor with their superiors.   It’s like Clinton and the intern, the only thing those Democrats are disturbed about is that they got caught publicly.  You should dread the day when the Feds insist that all transactions have to be with a credit or debit card.  Then they can track not only what your income and expenses are but every purchase you make from reading A. Rand to your favorite lingerie item for your wife.   More later about the need to completely reform the Civil Service Administration laws to allow for actual firing of folks like this.

We use radar every day or take advantage of its use.  When you watch the weather that is radar at work and planes, ships and missiles use it as even our cars do now.   There is no word “radar”.  It is an acronym for “radio detecting and ranging”.  Developed during the ’30’s and exponential expanded during WWII.  There are many types of radar in use today including those designed to look “over the horizon”.     Just part of that wonder of nature the electromagnetic spectrum that gives us light and mircrowaves.

As more is revealed about the Benghazi disaster it is obvious that we had a failure of courage from the get go and then and venal cover up of events to protect the campaign narrative of the guy in the White House.  Six months or so ago I wrote about at least sending jets to fly over the compound under assault.  Finally a few others have mentioned that others at least thought of that.  You recall that Panetta said they couldn’t go to the rescue in Congressional testimony because they didn’t have enough intelligence to take the risk.  First, it has been an established adage of military science for several centuries that those in command should ALWAYS march to the “sound of the guns” even if you don’t have good intelligence.  Second, a flyover might have scared off some of the attackers especially if the plane dropped flares which they all can do.  It is understandable that they might not have wanted to drop ordinance into unknown territory.  They also said they couldn’t go because there were no tankers to replenish fuel and get the planes back to Italy.  Have all the military folks forgotten the Doolittle Raid?  Those few pilots and crew knew damn well they likely wouldn’t make it to China but they went anyway and many did crash into the sea or enemy territory.   Ditch the damn jets in the Med if you have to.  Third, it is inexcusable that we didn’t try.  That is a rock solid tenet of our military that you won’t be abandoned.  Even if all those efforts failed at a minimum the men on the ground have died knowing they weren’t forgotten and attempts were made.  They deserved that much.  Success of a rescue mission would have been great but to fail to mount an effort is cowardly on someone’s part.

The peaches are just beginning now to turn color and within another week or so they will be pale yellows and pinks.

Julian Bond is the same radical commie he has always been.  Please go back you young folks and see his rhetoric from the early days.  “Burn Baby Burn” and “Kill the Pigs” were phrases he never condemned.   He doesn’t like white people pure and simple.  Now all Tea Party folks are “admitted racists” per the sage of the  Age of Aquarius and the Taliban of American politics.   Funny, I never noticed any Tea Party folks monitoring dress or trying to keep unescorted ladies off the street or threatening or in fact killing those who disagreed with their view.   He can say what he wants but we don’t have to silently sit on our hands and let it go unchallenged.  He and his kith represent everything wrong about the direction of our nation.

I generally don’t like the media and sure don’t trust them.  My dealings with them over the years leaves the strong impression that they are as a group about the most dishonest and untrustworthy cabal out there.  But, but, but I do believe in a free press.  I also don’t believe that a journalist has carte blanche to breach our national security interest.  Especially when it comes to national security they usually have a strong ideological agenda.  I am not concerned in the least that a journalist is tapped or even goes to jail if he takes really secret classified info and makes is publicly available even to our enemies.  Imagine if the Rosenbergs had merely given all their data to the New York Times about the Manhattan Project.  Just because a paper was involved should they have got off scott free?  But, but, but. the DOJ going about 100 reporters at one time seems a bit over the top.  Typical government overkill.  The Feds throw unlimited resources at a problem just because they have them.  Don’t mind them pursuing espionage and crushing a reporter if classified data is released but I doubt there were a 100 disloyal reporters at even the AP.  Funny too that they only got all bent out of shape well after the election and kept if all under wraps till then.  After all they liked the leaks because they supported the notion about   how tough the guy in the White House was on national security.

It slipped under your radar but last week was another anniversary of VE Day.  Time was it was a big deal.  At least have the decency to shake the hand of a 90-something old vet  and tell him thanks.

“I always voted at my party’s call, And I never thought of thinking for myself at all”.  From the HMS Pinafore.  Wm Gilbert.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com



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