2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Elections, tax hikes and saber rattling around the world are a few of the topics of the day along with words of wisdom for the discerning…..

The Chinese have “elected” their new leadership for the next few years.  Regrettably so many forget or never knew any of the history of the Commie regimes.  The supreme leader in China does not hold a formal office under their laws and Constitution (yes, they have one).  The new guy Xi is the General Secretary of the Communist Party.  He is not a premier or President but a party leader.  Just as Stalin never held a formal office in the Soviet Union.  He was nothing more than a humble party leader.   Everything that happens with the Chinese economy and their society is directed and controlled by the party, not a democratic process.  Imagine Debbie Wasserman-Shultz being in charge of the US.  That should put matters in proper focus.

Notice in the last week that Gore continues to spout the mantra that we’ve just had the warmest decade on record.  Further only dolts would disagree with that “science”.  Mayhap he should check with the British Meteorological Office.  Within the last month they issued their latest analysis of world temperatures and found–ta da, that there has been no change in world temperatures for the last 16 years, zip, nada.  The Brits are big proponents of environmental protection and carbon controls and that Meteorological office is not exactly a hot bed of right wing neocons.  But the science is the science as they say.   Maybe Gore should expand is reading list.
The hurricane Sandy produced the sadly routine tragic stories of death and destruction.  As is so often the case the total destruction was somewhat random, a neighborhood was eliminated but only a few blocks away other than loss of power everything pretty much survived intact.  Folks rightly bemoaned the deaths and destruction.  One can only imagine the impact in about 70 AD when Pompeii and environs were not just hurt and damaged but completely eliminated in the volcanic eruption.  The entire town and surrounding area simply didn’t exist anymore when Romans came to investigate the reports of the eruption.   We’ll never know the countless thousands killed within minutes of that event.  There was nothing to restore or rebuild.

Benghazi is a sad and disturbing tale.  Holder knew of the investigation into Patraeus this past summer.  Yet, so far we are told he never revealed this info to that person  in the White House.   You think maybe he talked it over with Plouffe or Axlerod?  Another very concerning issue is if there was even a hint of Patraeus being open to blackmail or even embarrassment and the President was holding regular meetings with him to discuss the most sensitive of national security issues why the heck wasn’t that matter given to the President?   Should any President ever discuss those national security issues with anyone who has personal problems, whether it is a mistress or they drink too much or whatever it may be.   To say that giving such info to the President would be wrong because it would indicate he was interfering in  an ongoing criminal investigation is ludicrous.   Give me a break!   This wasn’t an investigation for a DWI or not buying a Federal duck stamp.   I think the President and his inner circle knew for months and held this little tidbit in reserve for future use against Patraeus if he ever was not as pliable as they wanted on any particular issue.

While everyone has their eye on the so-called fiscal cliff, the informed and thoughtful have their eye on the next debt ceiling deadline.  Shortly after the Holidays we’ll hit the debt limit again.   It is already an inconceivable 16.3 trillion.  The Dems and White House  will be asking for at least another 2 trillion plus.   One more chance to put a stick in the spokes of this run away wagon that is terribly over loaded.   We can’t borrow our way to prosperity.

On this tax dispute and raising taxes on the “wealthy”, do bear in mind that the dispute involves more than the 3.9 percent increase constantly talked about by the Dems.  They already have in place a 3.8 percent raise in taxes on those over 250K under Obamacare.  We are really talking about if their taxes will go up by about 8 percent all in one year.   I am not in the category or close to it but I would much rather those with that amount of income spend or invest that money anyway they please rather than allowing the Feds to confiscate it and dole it out to the favored groups of the Left.

The Petraeus affair does bring to the fore again our laxity in reining in any government agencies.   The bureaucratic and political approach to ANY problem is another layer of bureaucracy–another agency, department or bureau.  The current line up for this latest flap involves to a greater or lesser degree–the FBI, the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, the National Security advisor, National Security Council and of course my favorite the Director of Homeland Security.   Anytime there is an issue they can’t resist the urge to appoint a new chief.    Like the old Abbot and Costello routine–who’s on first?

Those tiny hummingbird wings in our neck of the woods have carried them all the way to Mexico this time of year.  Hard to imagine they can make it that far on such a small frame.  But they will be back in Spring and we’ll break out the hummingbird feeders again.

“The government of the United States is a limited government.  It is confined to the exercise of powers expressly granted, and such others as may be necessary for carrying out those powers into effect; and it is at all times an especial duty to guard the against any infringement of the just rights of the States”   Millard Fillmore, New York yankee and US president.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com




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