Election Reflections

We are all sitting around anxiously awaiting the election results.  It is another big one and losers will be disconsolate.  Even as we wait on the knife’s edge and before we know the outcome it ain’t all bad to ponder some thoughts about life that moves on regardless of election day or the outcome.  These are for your consideration to keep some perspective on the political wars we wage with a do or die attitude.

For untold thousands in the wake of Sandy the election is probably not much on their mind.  More to hand is concern about their belongings and whether the can rebuild their home or find a better place to stay for months than a temporary shelter.

Some people had loved ones die today.

Countless thousands learned today that they have cancer.    Some spent hours taking chemotherapy treatment.  Many others had surgery today to remove a tumor and are awaiting the biopsy report.

Sadly untold hundreds were badly injured or killed in car crashes this day.

Some fellows asked their sweethearts today to become their wives.

How many babies were born today?  The election is a footnote to those happy people.

Some of our troops face real danger today on foreign soil.  Some probably will be badly injured or killed.  Within hours most likely their families will be notified during election returns.

Some young people received their college acceptance letters in the mail on this day.

Someone got a notice from the IRS for an audit.  Believe me that ruined their day regardless of any election.

There are people today who lost a hard-fought law suit or filed for divorce.  There are those who filed bankruptcy today.

Thousands of 6 year- old’s came to mom or day today with that tooth that was just hanging by the proverbial thread and the tooth fairy will be visiting tonight with a quarter.

Thousands of families had to begin today whether they were prepared or not to start making funeral arrangements.  Thousands held the hand of a loved one who died today.   Some had to attend funerals today while you were at the polls.

There are kids out there who finally learned to stay upright on their bikes today for the first time.

The Sun and the Moon will both make their appointed rounds tomorrow.

Even if the bad guy, BO, wins and the country does begin a slow or rapid decline as a society and body politic, all these other events will continue to take place.   Better faith in God and family than any politician or governmental body.   They aren’t there always but God and family will be.

God Bless and good luck to us all.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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