2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

The world turns, people sleep then get up and do things.  Some of those things are worthy of comment or merely amusement as it has forever been…..

Old Joe Biden should have been a bit more cautious when he got those hair and dental implants to make him appear more youthful.  The hair is still very thin and he didn’t get his money’s worth there.  Those choppers are a shade too bright.  He should have toned it down a bit and gone with ivory or bone hues for those.  The ones he opted for are porcelain bright white.  Hmm, yep pretty much like a porcelain toilet bowl which he lets his mouth resemble far too often.

Next year many of you may get a terrific free show.  The Sun activity will reach its 11 year peak in its cycle and the magnetic storms unleashed should make for some of the most striking and awe-inspiring Northern Lights display in years.  You don’t even have to pay for admission to the show.   In some years past those displays have been seen as far south as Virginia.

Biden isn’t an Aaron.  You recall that Moses told God that he didn’t speak well when God wanted him to talk to the people of Israel.  He asked God to let Aaron do the talking for him.  God agreed and that seemed to work out fine in the end.  The people were ultimately set free and did follow the words and warnings of Aaron.   He was the spokesman for Moses.  BO is pretty desperate when he has to depend on the verbosity of Biden to deliver his message.   But then Aaron could speak without a teleprompter.

After the death of Mahomet his heirs and surrogates embarked on a military campaign of conquest throughout the middle east.  One of those leaders was Caled, The Sword of God.   His army neared Syria to bring it to heel.  The area was still controlled nominally by the Greeks, which then were part of the declining Eastern Roman empire.  They offered a one time payment if Caled and his cohorts would withdraw.  His reply–“Ye Christian dogs, you know your option: the Koran, the tribute, or the sword.  We are a people whose delight is in war rather than in peace; and we despise your pitiful alms, since we shall be speedily masters of your wealth, your families, and your persons” .  You think much has changed in that Islamic thought over the past 1500 years?

The news reports keep coming about those self-drive cars.  They will be totally controlled by the on board computers and sensors and GPS.  Many apparently are already in the testing stage.  Some cars already have those sensors systems built into their cruise control mode.  One problem already reported about using those is that when the car in front of your, or a car moving into your lane, that the sensor reads as being too close it automatically slows your car.  Apparently, it does it too abruptly for the liking of many.  I have no emotional or ideological feeling one way or the other about those driverless cars but I for one would be very uncomfortable turning the steering wheel over to a computer.  Don’t know about you but I have had too many unexplained “crashes” with my various computers over the years to have much confidence in them, especially when my life and safety are at issue.   They are a tool, not sentient beings and have no discretion or a sense of “danger” that we can intuit in a nanosecond.

There aren’t a lot of benefits to aging but there are a few.  One is being able to be yourself more and express what you think more often in the business and societal world.  When you are younger whether a business man, lawyer, brick layer or Indian Chief you always have someone you have to be careful with because there might be consequences for saying what you really think about a subject.  But when you are 70 things change.  It is indeed liberating to be able to speak your mind more directly.  Don’t want to imply rudeness or lack of civility ever; that is not appropriate.  But giving your opinion on a subject 100% is nice.  After all what could the negative consequences be at the advanced age–are they going to do their worst and make you a 70 year old man?

The famous Carl Jung, contemporary of Freud, almost spent most of his career in the US rather than at his clinic in Switzerland.  One of his patients in the early 20th century was a daughter (Edith) of John D. Rockefeller.  She had married into another wealthy family, the McCormicks of Chicago of International Harvestor fame.   She was a troubled lady and took to Jung quickly and thoroughly.  She offered to fund more or less anything he wanted if he would move to the States for his practice but he was already rich and famous.  He lead a very Bohemian life-style and was very left wing in his politics and consorted with Socialists, Anarchists and probably Commies. He didn’t abide monogamy for example and  lived his life accordingly.   She went to Switzerland for over a decade for treatment and analysis by Jung.  Trouble was she couldn’t get over her agoraphobia and wouldn’t travel, not even home.   She then opened her own clinic where she treated and counseled others.   The blind leading the blind.  Her husband finally divorced her after a long marriage for a younger woman who at least was able to interact with others and get out of the house.  Edith  ultimately returned home but still hardly ever left her abode or traveled even to see her father.  He had a place in New Jersey  and she got as close as New York city once but then couldn’t make it the relatively few miles to Jersey.  Strange and sad life.  She could have pretty much anything she wanted but I guess could never figure out what that was.

“Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words?   There is more hope of a fool than of him”  Proverbs   www. olcranky.wordpress.com


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