2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

They may or may not be worth the price but at least we don’t hide the bad fruit in the second layer of the fruit bin…..

Listened to a NPR report just a couple of days ago about the declining ice cap in the Arctic.   It was about some new computer model that revealed allegedly how much the ice cap has retreated over the last couple of decades.  It showed a big orange band around the top of the world that used to be ice but now is open water.  I haven’t been there personally and don’t know how much the ice has retreated but guess is has from the international shipping news.  However, it is interesting that within that alleged band on open sea is where Shell is trying to drill some new wells.  They have been delayed and Transportation Secretary La Hood has fussed at them for the delay.  They need some more equipment not yet completed, but, but, but,,,what is more interesting is that in spite of reports from afar; they can’t get to the location anyway right now because of the sea ice!   Hmmm, just wondering.   Do you believe the people there looking with their own eyes or the computer image thousands of miles away?

Will we ever know the truth about Lance Armstrong?   A sad and depressing denouement to what could have been a sterling record of achievement that will be no more.

For the first 100 plus years of our nation the people never heard or saw their Presidential candidates.  Travel was just too difficult and communications restricted.   They knew only what they read in the local papers and pamphlets that would be distributed by each party.  Sure there were also  lots of purple prose and negative comments in those papers and tracts dependent upon the political bent of the writer but at least voters did have to focus on the issues and the ideas that were presented.  They weren’t popularity contests anywhere near the extent they are today.  Now of course we have communication outlets out the wazoo.  We know more than we want or probably even should know about the candidates that run for office.  The advent of the TV debates beginning in 1960 accelerated this process.  Now, far more than is healthy we have beauty contest and celebrity shows for President.  Too many of our fellow citizens vote for the most likeable and entertaining or charismatic candidate regardless of the actual content of their agenda.  Sound bites are not a solid basis for policy.   We need serious people doing serious work in public office, not the theoretical winner of an American Idol contest.

Addendum to the last comment–Bill Clinton.  He will be a featured speaker for the Democrats at their convention.   They believe the ladies love him.  Well, he certainly loves the ladies as we all know.  Here is a guy who should have at the top of his resume that he was an impeached President for lying under oath (which wasn’t even denied, but indeed admitted) and a disbarred lawyer.  Lawyers aren’t loved generally speaking and Lord knows a disbarred lawyer must rank at the bottom of the barrel of  public approval.  Yet, there he is in all his glory pontificating.   Heck, why not have Charles Manson speak about the criminal justice system and the inadequacies of the penal system.   What is sad is that you can bet a buck that amazingly a significant percentage of the people would approve of that.

Another lesson straight from the back pages of the news wires for all those Kumbaya types believing everyone will love everyone if only they knew more about each other.  The recent disputes and tensions on the Asian waters over a number of islands claimed by Korea, Japan, China and the Philippines.   Some of that rhetoric has been very strong and the animosities revealed anew that have existed for centuries.  You note that there still is no peace in the former Yugoslavia in spite of the alleged great accomplishment of the Dayton Accords.  We still have peace keepers there and fighting will no doubt emerge again as soon as they leave unless another dictator subdues the entire region.  Some times you need to recognize the enmity between cultures and people and work for a doable and sustainable truce that endures rather than a forced “integration” of peoples.   We made it work for 70 years with the Soviets.

Another instance of being careful with announcements of new orders by a company for the products is Boeing’s recent hit from Qantas.  They just cancelled 35 of those new 787’s.  That is a big-ticket item.  Next watch for the Indonesians to cancel some orders.  If you gave it some thought when those news releases were first issued you should have questioned how those airlines could possibly use that many new aircraft.  I mean why would that Indonesian outfit need 235 of those planes?   Were they planning some strategic air force?  I know it is a growing economy but…..jeez don’t people ever think anymore.

What exactly does Mayor Bloomberg do for fun?  He is your worst nightmare for a governess, if you were of that social strata; also he would have been such a downer for a mom. You never would have been allowed dessert, no sodas in the fridge, no salt for your french fries, oops, I mean if you snuck them in late at night, doubt if you would have been allowed a dog after all they have fleas and some even bite and makes messes that contain germs, little boys sure wouldn’t have been allowed a BB gun to shoot in the back yard.  Wow, what a fun guy.  I guess you could go to museums, day after day, and eat freshly peeled pieces of vegetables just what every kid would love.

Keep watching the numbers carefully over the next couple of years.  It looks increasingly likely that the “bailout” of AIG was completely unnecessary.  They are paying back everything and some parts of the enterprise have already returned a profit.  Don’t know that Greenberg guy from a tree stump but when all is said and done he may  be right that the Feds went berserk and took the company away from him without just cause.  Don’t know the outcome yet but interesting to watch the outcome.  He also has a pretty good argument that AIG under the Federal control didn’t perform as well as it could have under private ownership and he is probably right about that.  I mean you trust Tim Geithner more than him?

“I think we can do business with the Chancellor”   Neville Chamberlain referring the Hitler.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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