Dream Act Or Nightmare Scenario

Recently the guy in the White House issued an executive order as you know allowing young people who are here in the US illegally to apply for special work permits and therefore obtain permanent residence.  The exact details aren’t that important and you probably already know the basics.  It is supposed to be a version of the Dream Act allowing illegals to stay here for school and jobs etc if they were brought here when they were young by their parents.

The first and most disturbing part of this tyrannical action is that it is beyond the scope of the Executive powers of any President.  He doesn’t like our existing immigration laws and that is fine; he can have whatever opinion he wants and promote whatever changes to the law he would prefer.   However, we are supposed to be a nation of the rule of law and that concept has never been under greater attack than now.  Regardless of how you feel about the merits of the action he took you should be appalled at the usurpation of undelegated power.   You don’t have to be a lawyer much less a Constitutional lawyer to understand the dramatic overreach by BO.  His job, indeed his very oath of office, requires that he shall “take care to faithfully” execute the laws of the land.   He is breaching his oath and violating the law.  If you are I held a strong opinion about one of our federal laws, like something in the IRS code and we encouraged and allowed others to violate that law we would be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.  He violated his oath and refused to enforce the laws of the land.    Congress should begin impeachment proceedings. I do not say this lightly.   But if one man can simply make up any law he wants or refuse to enforce any law he doesn’t like then exactly what is it we can count on as a nation other than the whim or caprice of the occupant of the White House.   When all is said and done the rule of law is our only bastion against tyranny and the rampart from which we defend our freedoms.  Without it we have dictatorship or rule of the mob.

On the merits I have heard several people talk about the fairness of such a Dream Act approach for young people.   Without exception they always state that it wasn’t the fault of the children that they were brought here and thus they are owed fairness now by us.   Last time I checked there are many instances in life that aren’t fair and sure weren’t our fault.  A simple example is height.  You’ve seen those numerous surveys and studies over the decades that clearly indicate that taller people have inherent advantages in life over their shorter peers.  The tallest candidate is more likely to get the job than the short man or win the election or even the heart of the lady fair.   We even have a phrase that has been around a long time about the disadvantages of being short–the Napoleonic complex.  Those studies and surveys are probably right and it is truly unfair to the short people.   Are we supposed to start a brand new affirmative action program for short people that requires employers to hire at least 40% of their workforce from those that are 10% below the national height average?  I don’t think so.

Those young people here illegally and brought here by their parents to have a problem but not one that draws my sympathy; empathy yes.  I understand their dilemma and they have a right to be upset about their circumstances that weren’t their fault.   But I don’t think the US has to feel remorse about that.   Those illegals can be mad alright but they should direct their anger where it belongs–their parents.  It wasn’t you or me that brought them here it was their own folks who put them in this spot.  Just like the short guy; it was his parents.    They should be fussing at their parents for giving them a bad poker hand to play.   I don’t feel any responsibility for their problem, I didn’t create it.  I didn’t break any laws it was their parents who did that.  Yes, sometimes in life we have to suffer unpleasant consequences for things over which we had no control. Their consequences came directly from the bad and illegal decisions made by their parents.   They should all have to go back home and apply for entry like all the hundreds of thousands of others around the world who follow the rules.   Sorry they had bad parents and sorry I’m not 6 ft. 3.



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