2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Life never stops so the opinions on the foibles and heroics of mankind continue on…..

How many times in the last week have you seen the Paul Ryan proposed budget described in the media as “controversial” or “radical”?   One wonders just when it became radical or controversial to try and balance the budget and get the fiscal house in order?   Do you consider yourself a radical when you try to balance out the monthly checkbook and list of bills that are due?   Maybe there is a new definition of radical in the dictionary that slipped past me or maybe it is simply another example of “newspeak” at work by the left media.

Shame that recent scramjet craft failed in its attempt to hit over 3500 miles per hour.   Frankly, that will be a tough nut to crack and hard to envision ever having that system work on a commercial basis.  They can talk all they want about how quickly you could go from LA to New York but the drag of the atmosphere is so great that without going above the stratosphere it will be nigh impossible to have a craft that can survive the heat and jolts.  In effect those things will be a bullet going up and down; problem is, it is pretty difficult to land a bullet.  But maybe someday they will have it all figured out.

Will the Chinese go through with their proposal to make that big investment in A123?  US taxpayers have already given it about a half billion in loans and grants for their electric car battery production.  Those batteries still have a long way to go to be practical.  They are heavy, so the rest of the car has to be made out of chewing gum and string so the car can move.  That is a real health hazard to drivers.  They are expensive and will remain so for a very long time at best.  You notice how expensive those batteries are for your flashlight at the store?  Well, these are a lot more expensive and just like your flashlight they wear out, run down and have to be replaced.  Those replacement costs are thousands of dollars just for the batteries not counting the labor.   Those electric cars take almost a day to fully recharge and there aren’t power stations conveniently located everywhere.  If we weren’t spending tax dollars on this stuff I wouldn’t care a whit and would wish those trying the best of luck.  But I don’t like the Feds dictating transportation choices.  Maybe they will want to invest in buggy whips next after all that would be environmentally friendly, oops forgot about that methane gas those animals expel.

In case you haven’t notice the national debt will hit 16 trillion before the month is out.   That is more than our annual GDP.   Of course it wouldn’t likely be that large if the Federal Reserve hadn’t been buying such a large percentage of our Treasury bills and notes which merely enables the current Administration to keep running huge deficits.  Alternatively, others may have loaned us the money but the interest rates would far higher than they are at present which would only make the deficits and thus the debt even larger than they are.  By the way, the interest rate on the 10 year note has jumped 40 basis points in less than a month; that is a remarkable jump for them.

You think politics produces a lot of tension?  Shoot, just try living with a mom and daughter the last 60 days before the wedding.  Believe me the correct answer to any request is “yes, dear”.   Anything else gets snappy retorts or tears.   Just write the check for all those (and there are many) “little” expenses that weren’t in the official budget your worked out months before.

If you needed a reminder of why we need a navy larger than the current 286 ship force then check out that report of the Russian sub in the Gulf of Mexico for weeks undetected.   That is a huge concern for any thinking person.  It wasn’t there on a goodwill tour.  It was a test and we failed and worse, they know we did.   If we get into a real conflict like with Iran or China we could lose several major ships in a matter of days even against a clearly inferior opponent.  You don’t replace those losses with something off the shelf overnight.  At least we should do a better job of mothballing fighting ships like we did after WWII which we were thankful for during the Korean War which was not on the radar in 1945.   Yes, you can fly in men and supplies but that is a dangerous proposition and you need an airfield that remains operational.  It is also very expensive.   Airfields can be attacked by an opponent easier than a port which can be protected by the Navy.   Lastly, there aren’t that many airfields in the likely areas we would need them.

You often hear the phrase about the “sensitive balance” in the ecosystem of the earth.  It implies that there is some “correct” relationship between earth, sky, oceans and all the life upon earth that Mother Nature put in place for us and we change it at our peril.  I got news for you–there is nothing more insensitive than Mother Nature;  She cares less what our balance is one way or the other.   That supposed sensitive balance has changed literally countless times over the eons and will do so again and again regardless of what we little peons do or want.   I still want indoor toilets and fresh water but recognize that old Gaia will have her way with us and it is for us to adapt to the earth she gives us and not for us to mold an earth everlasting.

“Every man, either to his terror or consolation, has some sense of religion.”  James Harrington, 17th century English writer.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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One response to “2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

  1. Ol Cranky, I could not disagree with you more about the sensitive balance of nature. You seem to be a highly intelligent individual but your temper is meddling with your logic analysis of humanities impact on earth. Yes of course mother nature changes by herself, but she can also be changed with unintended consequences. We can list countless examples of this. A conservation and ant-polluting policy for each of us is just smart, and why not? who wants a trashy planet?

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