2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Olcranky has had a busy summer and the rust needs to be knocked off the keyboard.  But the events of the day and the reflections on life never stand still regardless of any personal schedule.  So let’s see if we can still offer a thought or two.

Harry Reid says Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years because a confidential source called and told him so.  I’ve heard comparisons to McCarthy and those are certainly a fair retort but what I found troubling is another matter all together.  It is a crime to tamper with and examine tax returns unless authorized to do so.  This mystery man supposedly was a Bain investor, per Harry; he was not Romney’s CPA , or tax lawyer, or an employee with the IRS that we know (and an employee would be violating confidentiality rules if he revealed them).   Unless authorized by the taxpayer no one is entitled to see your tax return, period.  Your uncle Joe isn’t supposed to see your return or anyone else.  Question, exactly how did the mystery man get a look at Romney’s tax return?   For the allegation to be true he would have had to view 10 years worth of returns.   One wonders if the CID of the IRS has opened an investigation to determine what person looked at Romney’s return?  The person is a liar or a criminal.  There isn’t any in between.

One learns too late that every day even with its troubles is a precious gift to be treasured and explored.  Just think of the alternative with no troubles, in point of fact, nothing..

The Europeans keep announcing “new” programs to save the Euro.    The problem is that even though they always have a new name or catchphrase when you look close you see it is just the same old car frame and engine with another coat of paint.   The market always jumps excitedly on the announcement then sighs deeply upon closer examination.

Recent trip out West was reassuring.  We still can see lots of antelope along those back roads and byways in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. In spite of global warming, financial turmoil and political upheaval they are there and apparently thriving as well as ever.

Over 40 years ago a partner and I borrowed $2500.00 and opened our own law firm.  Over the years we grew and prospered reasonably well. There was many long hours and often and Thursday with grave concerns about making the Friday payroll.  On a few occasions we made the payroll because we took nothing out.   Fortune and the Lord smiled on us and we didn’t have to do that often but it did occur and there was the weekly concern about where the next client would come from.   But I am glad I got straightened out by the guy in the WH and now understand that we didn’t build that.  Our clients got to us on public roads, we used publicly funded courtrooms and they mostly had been educated in public schools.   We paid a lots in taxes over the years both payroll and income but I guess we didn’t pay enough and the government will be coming to knock on the door demanding its share of profits.   After all we didn’t build that firm, “they” did.  Funny though I never remember them with me late a night briefing for a tough battle in the courtroom the next day.

Great fanfare and big headlines that Standard Charter funneled 250 to Iran over the last several years per allegations made by bureaucrats and regulators in New York.  Only, one problem within 24 hours they are already backtracking on the allegations with others in authority gently saying the allegations might have been “too colorful”.   And we thought Eliot Spitzer was gone but gather his spirit must live on in Albany.  Who knows yet what the facts will truly reveal but something short of the allegations is the betting money here.  So much for those De Niro commercials promoting business in New York.  Doesn’t look like anything has changed there.

How much longer will the insanity of ethanol go on?   We will have a bad crop this year and yet the EPA as of this date still has its mandatory quotas in place for ethanol production and percentages per gallon.   Don’t know about you but I would much rather have that severely reduced corn crop used as feed stock for beef, poultry and hogs than used to support a political boondoggle.  Our cars will be fine without the ethanol but our wallets will sure get his with higher food prices.  Why do libs think they have the answer for everything and that everything requires a government agency and bureaucrats running everything?

We pray that you and yours are doing alright and that you live to deserve it.   Choices matter and believe it or not so do principles.   These days of declining morals can be so depressing but remember even though you can’t influence “society” you can influence those close to you and that influence can spread and does spread for good or ill.   It will turn again and somewhere down the road we won’t be having a society with a two-thirds illegitimacy rate.

“Don’t look back, they may be gaining on you”  S. Page.  http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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One response to “2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

  1. adam

    Great post!!! Love the part about the government helping you build your business. our prez sure knows how to show his true intentions…socialism. he ain’t pulling the wool over my eyes. but we are talking about a guy who never had ONE private market job in his life. good voting america in 2008!! all you 18-22 year olds out there!!! how do you feel now? have you had enough?

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