2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We thought about reducing the price of opinions in light of the current economy but decided that we would go for a more upscale clientele.   

Every day there are news stories about the crisis of obesity in the USA and yet we also are made aware that about 47 million Americans are on the Food Stamp program.  Go figure.  Something seems wrong with that picture.  

What’s going on in Greece with their elections and seeming resistance to any kind of self-discipline is Greek to me.  Do they really expect that Germany and other northern European countries will gladly and forever fund their bloated government employment and government sponsored programs?   Since Man first conceived the idea of money and currency it has been true that who pays the Piper gets to call  the tune.  The Greeks have forgotten their history.

Why do some lawmakers insist that we constantly need new laws especially at the Federal level?   I just finished my continuing legal education requirement course and this year I took one on Collections and Creditors Rights.  Most of the segments were devoted to warning the lawyers for creditors about the protections afforded consumers under existing law before the CFPB and Ms. Warren became all the rage last year.  We have had in place consumer protections at the Federal level with the Fair Debt Collection Act for decades.  It is filled with protections and sanctions against unscrupulous or cheating creditors.  Likewise every State has some version of the Uniform Commercial Code and a complete chapter on Consumer Protection.  In most of them that is literally the name of the Chapter.  Consumers already could sue and even recover attorney’s fees for wrongdoing by lenders and other creditors.  Why in the devil did we need another layer on this onion?   Some politicians like to make the public think they are doing something useful for them when they are just duplicating what already exist.

You have heard of frankincense from the Christmas story and other places.  It was and is an incense highly prized for its aroma.  In the ancient world especially with no refrigeration or air conditioning it was the height of luxury to have those smells wafting through your house.  The upscale Greek or Roman of ancient days wanted it badly and this continued through to the modern age.  It comes mostly from Yemen and the Horn of Africa area (modern Eritrea and Ethiopia).  It is the sap from and tree that is tapped like we do a Maple tree and then the sap is laid out to dry to a crystal type substance and then crushed to a powder.  The Magi that brought the frankincense really got it from the south of Bethlehem, not the east.  From that region it was transported up to Egypt and then spread across the Mediterranean Sea to all the ports of call.

When Julius Caesar first invaded Britain in the mid-40’s BC it wasn’t really a conquest.  He went there twice actually but each time stayed only for a very short time.  It was more a recon in force and a blow and warning to the Brits of that age not to aid and abet his real opponents which were the Gauls of northern France who were using Britain as a safe haven and place to regroup as it were.  It was much like the modern situation with Afghanistan and Pakistan where the Taliban and Al Qaeda run to rest and reform.  It was about 80 years later when the Romans made the real and permanent invasion.  That time they ever brought a few elephants with them.  They remained there as masters of most of Britain for about 400 years until the time of the mythical or real King Arthur. 

I didn’t realize that Ms Warren and I shared so much in common.  I also per family oral history and legion have about 1/32 or 1/16th Cherokee blood.  I got those high cheek bones too and supposedly a great or great great grandma was Cherokee in Indian Territory in the post War Between the States era.  But I never listed that on any application or touted it as something special.  Never really thought about it much and still don’t know if it is even true.  But I grew up in the age before all the advantages that flow from affirmative action programs and diversity as the highest prize.   We were judged strictly on what we did or did not do.  There weren’t any grading curves.  Even when I went to law school our grades were posted publicly as was our class rank.  It was pinned to a bulletin board right outside the dean’s office for all the world to see.  There was no “good job” for those in the lower ranks, just the results of their grades compared to everyone else.   Actually, there was no praise for anyone; we just did our work and moved on.

Forward is the new and latest catchword for the BO campaign.  Reminds of that old Glenn Ford movie–“Advance To The Rear”.  Forward to what?  It is fine for the leader to stand up and say Forward men, follow me but the men got to believe in the goal and the method the leader has chosen to accomplish it.  What has happened in the last three and half years to instill confidence that BO and his academic crewmates have any clue about how to lead an economy anywhere except over a cliff?

Contrary to the apparent belief of many left wingers the US Constitution is not an aide-memoire but a real contract between the people and the government that sets out the limits on government.  The people were willing to grant the Federal government only so much power and no more; thus the 9th and 10th amendments and the Federalists Papers.

A warning of where we could be heading–“The powerful force of competition….will not disappear in a socialist Society, but ….will be sublimated.”  Leon Trotsky.   www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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