2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

We don’t have to even work to get the weird and disturbing headlines that fill the news, they come to us without us even trying.  Let’s explore some news of the day and thoughts of times past.

Many Democrats have for decades wanted the US to adopt the social contract and social welfare state approach to government and the economy that is dominant is Europe.  Big government, big government budgets and a huge so-called “safety net”.  Yet,  read the news of the last few months and last few days and there seems to be a consensus forming among the elites of Europe and the economists who guide their policies that the only way to ever improve their economies is to substantially reduce the size of government in their economies.  They are coming around to the notion that they must reduce government spending and government payrolls and not raise taxes as has been their historic norm for several decades.  You can find many such articles and comments.  Draghi the head of the European central bank even has stated that the old European policy of high government spending and bloated government payrolls is “already gone”.  Hmm, sounds like some Republican ideas are taking hold in Europe.  Why would anyone want to “spread the wealth” a la Europe and get the European results with the results of such policies becoming more obvious which each passing day.  Do some research for yourself.  The Democrats are pushing for progress using yesterday’s economic theories.  How 20th century!

BO stated that those who advocate more drilling for oil and gas to help ease our fuel supply and the cost of fuel don’t know what they are talking about and are just spouting bumper sticker slogans.  Well, some bumper sticker slogans happen to speak the truth.  Truth is where you find it not where you want it to be.  What does BO know about the energy business?  What about any of his top advisors?  Jarret, Axelrod, Bernstein,  and go on down the list;  they don’t have any experience at all in the industry or even in any private enterprise.  His energy chief Chu has made clear his belief that we should have prices as high as Europe to specifically discourage use of fossil fuels and use thoe believed renewables.  He also has no experience in the oil and gas industry or any industry.  Be nice if someone in the administration had at least a working knowledge of the energy industry.

We still have the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in existence since the Carter days.  Why do we need that?  It just costs money and produces no energy for us.  All it ever did was create those huge gas lines that so many don’t even remember or never experienced.  As always when the government gets involved in any industry or tries to control and manipulate the availability and price of any good or commodity they inevitably lead to shortages, mis-allocatioons and crony capitalism.  FERC could be the poster child for that allegation.  If we need data about the industry then we alrady have the EIA (Energy Information Agency) if you want to rely on their analysis.  If you ever drove around looking for those green flags the filling stations flew when they had gas and then got into a line and waited an hour to fill your tank you  would never trust the government to wisely allocate our fuel supplies again.  Back in the seventies believe me we all would have been glad to pay another dollar a gallon for gas if we could just get it when we wanted it.  But no, the Feds were there to help us and make sure the supplies were fairly allocated around the country.   It was a disaster.

The peach trees have started to bloom and in a couple of months we’ll have fresh peaches for a few weeks.   Can’t wait and it is always special to eat the fruits of your own labor.

Now is seems that perhaps a faulty cable was the cause for those neutrinos who alleged moved faster than the speed of light during the CERN experiment back in December.  Guess Einstein is still resting comfortably for a while.  Seems the scientists spiked the ball a little too soon.  

Note that  ms Pelosi is again blaming “Wall Street” and speculators for the rising price of oil.  Don’t you wish that just once when we hear these kinds of broad accusations that they would pin it down.  Name, names and explain exactly how those “speculators” are manipulating the market.  I mean how many hundreds of billions of dollars of pension funds and mutual funds are currently invested and investing in the energy sector?  Are all those union employees and government workers, those beloved teacher unions, all in cahoots together manipulating the energy market?  Is is me?  My paltry little IRA has a few thousand invested in the oil and gas energy sector.  Am I one of those manipulators?  Sure I love it when those stocks increase a little in value and I make a couple hundred bucks in a year but I don’t like paying the higher price at the pump anymore than anyone else.  Talk about bumper sticker slogans.

The Oscars are coming up this weekend.  There will probably never be another year like 1939 for great movies–Gone With The  Wind, Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach, Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Of Mice  And Men to name only a few of those great films.  They remain classics to this day and there are no explicit sex scenes and only one “damn” in the entire bunch. 

“When the State is corrupt then the laws are most multiplied”  Tacitus, Roman historian.   www.olcranky.worldpress.com


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