2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownselof

Have an extra cup of coffee and enjoy the leftover turkey sandwich and ponder the observations and musings of a wandering and wondering mind.

I and you know that the speed of   light is a constant and that it doesn’t vary regardless of circumstances.  Einsteing taught us that.  I know there is that recent experiment at CERN that indicated they exceeded the speed by the tiniest fraction.  It will be really big news if that experiment can be replicated.  In the meantime though I wonder what happens to the speed of light inside a Black Hole.  It is so strong that light can’t even escape and be emitted.  Does the speed of light even exist there?  Is it relevant in such an environment?  You figure it out for me and let me know.

Another science mystery haunts my mind.  We can’t “prove” gravity exists except by measuring its effects.  We can see apple fall from the tree.  We can measure the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and predict its course with great accuracy and we know it is the result of gravitional pull.  But the “thing” itself–gravity we can’t put our hands around it or smell it or see it or weigh it.  It is one of those things that is just there we know because we see what it does.  Kind of like a religious faith isn’t it?  Can’t measure God but many believe He is there from the effects of His teachings upon human affairs.

Most folks I fear do not have any understanding at all how the Europeans are planning to solve their debt crisis.  You should pay attention because like it or not it will have a direct and very significant impact on our own economy.  They are creating ab0ut 500 billion of new money by printing up bonds.  Then they are taking those bonds and using them for collateral  to borrow up to 4 or 5 times that amount by issuing even more new bonds backed by the orginal issue.  A bond is merely a fancy word for and IOU.  They will be requiring their banks to buy most of these bonds and our government will want some of our banks to do likewise to some extent.  Sound like a house of cards to you?

All the Keynesians and modern economists scoff at the idea of the gold standard for money.  They think it is silly and that governments should issue fiat money backed by only the faith of the people in the government.  Of course that socialist approach to economics has been all the rage in Europe for decades.  But if you read the details of the latest European proposal for new eurobonds (not to be confused with the ECSF bonds mentioned above) you will see an interesting feature.  This is even more money to shore of the finances of the weak countries in Europe.   They Eurobonds will be joint and several so that all the nations of the Eurozone will be fully liable for the debts on these bonds for all the other countries. The Germans have already indicated a big Nein to this idea.  But in the fine print is a proposal to have those eurobonds backed at least partially by gold from the gold reserves of each country.  Hmm, if gold is so useless and worthless why do all those countries still hold billions or trillions in gold and why would they think the new eurobonds will do better if backed by gold?

Why is it that so many ladies act like Thanksgiving or Christmas “sneaks” up on them?  Surely you have noticed that often a day or few before the big event there is a flurry of activity and they are running around with all these last minute things to do.  They just run out of time they say to get it all done, but of course they always do somehow to our great enjoyment.  But, I mean the date is there on the calender for weeks, months in advance.  How can they act surprised by the day finally arriving right on schedule like it does every year?

We all can remember certain Holidays better than others because of our personal situation at that time.  I have often wondered how my Dad felt on Thanksgiving in 1942.  He had only been gone a few weeks for the War and was in boot camp.  They got a special meal but otherwise it was just another day at training far into the night.  He along with hundreds of thousands of other men were going through the same experience far from family and friends.  I suspect they were mostly so tired they just wanted the day to end like they did every day until they got out of that basic training.   The War was hard.  My Mom burned all my Dad’s letters home during the War telling me her reason was that they were just too sad and reminded her of painful memories.

If you have family then you don’t need to look far to find something to be thankful about.  Yes, families can be turbulent and scrathy at times but they are yours and in most cases they are the ones who will be there for you when the worst of times comes knocking on the door. 

Even though you might get tired of the same foods for Thanksgiving there is also something quite comforting about the same menu and traditions.  So enjoy that cranberry sauce your aunty made that is too mushy and the pumpkin pie granny does out of the can that is way too soupy and relish the company of those you love and just as importantly those who love you, warts and all.

“There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action”  Bertrand Russell.  http://www.olcranky


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