2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

If the economy continues to struggle we might have to adjust our price.   Who knows this might turn out to be the only thing you could buy for 1 cent but for now we will try to maintain our exorbitant price point.

I wonder how fearful those Yankees are this morning of Global warming as they dig out from another major snowstorm in 2011 and this one before Halloween!  But don’t believe your own eyes trust what those UN types tell you the weather is doing.

Government Motors stock is down over 28% since it went public to great fanfare less than a year ago.   There was also lots of bragging about “paying” off its government loan early even though that was with other borrowed money from the Feds.   The Feds still are the single largest shareholder behind the Union pension and health funds and they can’t seem to find the buyers for that stock.   While this is going on GM just granted a bonus of 5 grand for each union worker and that awful low salary for the new hires was raised substantially.  I mean did you really think that was going to last?  Hope all you taxpayers are enjoying your terrific investment for the UAW.

Still amazed at how the phone works.  You speak into a transmitter where the vibrations of your voice in the atmosphere is somehow translated into electronic signals on the electromagnetic spectrum.  Then that sound/electronic transmission makes its way through miles of hard wire lines and through switching stations and somehow ends up at the phone of the person you are talking with.  Those same lines carry many other conversations at the same time yet yours is distinct somehow from all those others and gets re-coded from electronic pulses to sound waves again when it arrives at the receiving phone.  When you think about it it is truly magical and since most of us can’t comprehend how that works.

Speaking of the phone you might like to know that when Bell first tried to interest investors in developing the phone for commercial use he was rebuffed.  They did not view it as a technological breakthrough.   To them it was just a fancy toy.  Their view was that for serious matters people could send a telegram if speed was important or even a hand written letter.  They asked why anyone would want to talk on a phone for any length of time.   I guess they didn’t think about the market for teenage girls.

When the guy in the White House announced the final withdrawal of troops from Iraq I never heard so many “I’s, me’s, my promise, my policy”.   In fact you will recall that the timeline for the removal of troops was done under Bush during the fall of ’08.  Forget whether or not it was a good idea then or now it just irks when someone tries to crowd in the front of the line for credit for other’s work.  I just hope we withdraw our money along with our troops.  Why do we owe the Iraqis anything? 

Its only about 7 weeks to another Christmas ladies.   Oh and don’t forget that little Thanksgiving buffet before then.

The teachers will all earn their money today with the kids being so excited about getting out of school and home to start their Trick or Treating.

Best pancakes ever are those served at the entrance to West Yellowstone Park in Montana.  It is the entrance least used by visitors in the far northwestern portion of the park.  Almost everyone comes from the east or south to enter the Park.  Those pancakes are thick, fluffy and light to the taste and go great with bacon, ham or sausage.  Those with a steaming cup of coffee is a wonderful way to start the morning and get your cholesterol shot for the day.

Remember the old saying about being careful what you ask for.  One wonders what those protesters on Wall Street would do if they got their wishes?  I mean exactly how would they go about divvying up all that wealth they made the 1 per cent surrender?  How would they make sure it was shared equally?  You think they would form a committee to do the work and would that committee agree unanimously on the solution?   One wonders how much of that wealth would deteriorate to nothing while they argued about what to do with it?  Since they don’t like banks or debt they would have to use nothing but cash and we simply don’t have that much physical cash on hand to dole out.  Wonder if they ever thought of that?

The best long-term foreign policy we could have for the next generation would be total energy independence.  Fortunately we now have that ability with the shale formations and the oil and gas available there.  We should do that and make it a national priority.  That would sure reduce the need to be so concerned with events in other parts of the world and reduce the influence of the Mid East and folks like Chavez or China from applying pressure on us to do or not do certain things down the road.  It is in our strategic interest to do this and for our kids.  It will save us enormous sums of money and allow us to project our power thoughtfully and carefully in the future.  Go natural gas, save the US.

“We will either find a way or make one”.   Hannibal  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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