Occupy Wall Street Or The Crib?

Unless you have been hibernating the last couple of weeks you have seen or read news reports about the Occupy Wall Street crowd and their aimless wanderings around the financial district in New York and other locales.  Like you, I only know what I have seen, heard or read about these folks.  Admittedly, those reports are only a snapshot of all those people but what is revealed in those frames is most disturbing when not amusing.

They allegedly have no central authority giving direction to their doings and to some extent this would seem to be true.  If there was much organization then you would think they wouldn’t come across like they do as a band of lost Huns or Stooges looking about for easy loot or a diversion from the humdrum of the day.  You can’t but help notice first of all how dirty they and their surroundings are.  They are slovenly looking and that is never a good way to impress a broad audience.   Even the military knows that one of the first things you teach recruits about becoming a soldier is to look like a soldier.   They don’t need to wear tuxes and tails but they could police their grounds and tuck their shirttails in and comb their hair.   When you go to a new setting with a large group of people who will you pay attention to first–the guy in shirt and flip flops or the man in the business suit?  Just human nature folks but they apparently didn’t attend that class.

If it weren’t so troublesome that they demonstrate complete ignorance of how our capitalist system works it would be laughable regarding their complaints about Wall Street and those evil banks.   I can assure you their mom and dad and their union and their State agency if theyr are public employees all have money in Wall Street and those banks.  Those unions and 401’s and IRA’s and endowments from the major foundations and colleges have literally billions and even trillions of dollars in their coffers.   Do these people really think that all those millions put into those coffers each month are put under the mattress by the bureaucrats and fund managers that handle those monies? 

 I saw one “demand” that all debt be cancelled.  They literally meant all debt regardless of payor or payee.  Umm, that would be interesting.  Of course the public employees would be killed with that one.  All Treasuries and Munies would be cancelled.  Ok, great the US, States and cities are out of debt but they still have to pay those employees and beneficiaries of the entitlement programs and they don’t collect nearly enough cash to pay them, not even close.  Of course by just cancelling debt exactly who would now loan more money to any government agency?  Who would fund those student loans any more?  They are loans remember.  Teachers, fireman policemen (the ones always pointed out by the Left as the ones to be protected at all costs) would take a huge hit to their payroll checks and of course their pensions would be wiped out for the most part since the bulk of their retirement funds are “debts” that are owed in the future that have just been cancelled.   Talk about not thinking things through and yet they put this lunancy in writing.

Of course cancelling all the debts would also mean that over 90% of all credit cards would be cancelled.  The debt goes, the card goes.  Wonder how well these rebels without a cause would like operating on a cash basis?  I suppose we could all revert to a barter system.  That would imply that these folks marching around have something to offer us that we would want in exchange for something we would give them.  So far I haven’t seen one of them I would let on my property much less want to have any kind of trade with. 

Many of them scream for the bankers to be jailed.  That is a constant mantra and even comes from higher ups like James Carville who rants all the time they no one on Wall Street has been convicted of a crime since the financial problems of ’08.  Excuse me, but before we send  bankers off to jail shouldn’t there be a couple of steps beforehand.  I mean other than the obvious of having a trial before we hang them shouldn’t they at least specify what the exact crime is they have committed?  Or are we going the Stalinist route and charge these people with “revisionism” or “anti-revolutionary activity” as they did in those good old days?  Maybe the favorite revival could be the old standby of being a member of a “capitalist cabal”.  Kafka would certainly understand their lack of clarity.

That whole attitude goes hand in glove with the notion of taking money from the rich and giving it to the deserving, such as themselves.  They take the moral high ground that they are convinced these wealthy folks on Wall Street got their wealth by cheating, stealing or lying or all of the above.   Naturally again this is the conclusion reached without the a priori background facts of criminalty.  Its just fair they say.  But even if they gotwhat they asked for then who decides how that money is then re-divided a bit later?  I mean even these protesters would agree that some recipients of this largess were undeserving.   Some would have spent all their loot within a month others would have used it to build something and have even more than others.  The merry-go-round would be starting all over again.  But they are very good at thinking about the future they say they want to create.  You can’t make the world “fair” by taking from ants and giving to the locusts.   They should crawl out of their cribs, grow up and get on with life.   Only because they are on the news they will get a smattering of my attention but they will not get my empathy or sympathy.

“If men were basically evil, who would bother to improve the world instead of giving it up as a bad job at the outset”  Van Brooks, American critic.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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