2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

The gray matter churns and turns out these thoughts even when we try to restrain them.  So let’s see what comes out of the lost and found bin this week.

Don’t know about you but that recent ad by Ford with the guy talking about how he wanted to buy a car from an American company that didn’t take government handouts and that failure was a step along the path to maturity and character really struck a positive cord with me.  It was right.  It reflected the way I feel about Government Motors and Obama Chrysler and the obscene way the Feds pounded that Chapter 11 through the courts.   Very ominous that they pulled the ad after “complaints” from the White House.   The White House can write an op ed if they want or hold a news conference stating their position but to employ that kind of pressure on a private company is unconscionable.

Now the Fed is embarking on Operation Twist to manipulate the bond and mortgage markets even more.  They and the Treasury have already pumped trillions into the economy in ill-advised schemes to bolster the economy, a state planned and dominated economy, with miserable results thus far.  They used to refer to Bernancke as “Helicopter Ben” due to his reference to just throwing money out of a helicopter to stimulate the economy.  That analogy is so yesterday now.  It doesn’t get close to describing the actions of the Fed under him.  A more apt description would be “Bomber Ben”.  It would take a B-29 or B-52 to unload the amounts of money he has bombed onto the economy.  I just wonder where the target area was because I never saw any of it floating down my way.

The next time you hear the Left shouting about green jobs just think Solyndra.   The Feds under the Energy Department are acting just like hedge funds or venture captilists.  I mean those are supposed to be those mean guys on Wall Street.  They accuse Wall Street of playing favorites all the time but if you are a big fund raiser apparently that is ok and you are not trading on inside information.  I think it is a terrible idea for the Feds to be our collective stock broker picking the risks in the market to back with our money.  Let the government do the things it is authorized to do under Article One of the Constitution and not else and we’ll all be much better off with our accounts.   Oops, this just in, the Feds unloaded another 1 billion of our money into two more solar outfits just yesterday.  If those are good deals why aren’t private investors willing to put their money on the line?

Speaking of Warren Buffet’s secretary, one wonders just how much she makes.  You gotta believe his secretary is at least in the $150,000.00 range.  Probably in the 28% range but that only kicks in after well over 100k in earnings.  She is bound to itemize her deductions and probably has a child or two.  You know she has received stock options and bonuses over the years and cashes those in now and again.  Her effective rate is probably well below 20%.  Of course we don’t know the exact facts but those are reasonable estimates.  Warren baby pays most of his taxes on capital gains which are taxed at 15%.  His salary will be taxed at the regular rates.   Warren seems to forget that the capital gain rate is applied to millions of other people in the country trying to become as rish as he is and create new companies and ideas that peopl want.  Hell, like lots of the world we shouldn’t charge anything for capital gains to encourage growth.  Unless we finally get to a flat tax he should stick to investing and quit trying to preach.  His congregation is getting restless.

It seems that sometimes Mother Nature knows just how and when to give us a little pick-me-up.  Ever had those times when things are bit troubling but then just outside the window you see a Cardinal or Bluebird (not a bluejay but the real thing) or hearing the distinctive honk of the geese on the move and go out to see those Vees flying high above.  There is something always truly refreshing about those moments.   Nice things do happen even when we are in the midst of concern.

Why is it that Oprah Dr. Phil and The View and all those other shows of similar stripe so often remind me of my childhood when my mom used to listen to “Queen For the Day”.  It was a radio show that moved to TV for a few years in the early 50’s.  Some poor soul would come on and tell her story of woe.  The more woe the better.  They always cried and if the could get the audience to cry also that was like hitting the brass ring.   Bad marriages, illnesses, lost jobs, troubles with children were all fodder for the show.  At the end the one with the saddest tale of all would receive a prize or prizes.  Ironing boards, washers, dryers, TV’s and clothes were always the standard reward but sometimes they would go overboard with a car or some such.  Not much new in the media world after all.  It is an old format.

No one knows for sure how we ended up with the 24 hour day.  It could be whatever we wanted it to be, ten hours or 15.  Long, long ago people watched and paid more attention to the sky; it was cheap entertainment after all.   All the days of the week are named after the Sun, Moon and planets.  Then we have the signs of the Zodiac.  The ancients thought of the day as two parts, day and night and early own began to divide it into segments.  But much later we did the 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, regardless of the length of them.   That 12 came from the Zodiac.  Times didn’t become uniform around the world until the 19th century and the railroads came along needing uniform times for scheduling.

“This Republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it.”  Elmer Davis, American writer.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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