2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Let’s go to the bargain basement for some grand ideas and pricey thoughts.

So green jobs are the boon of tomorrow.  Maybe so.  But in the meantime Solynda takes a dive after getting a 535 million loan guarantee only last year.  Sinking with the ship was 1100 jobs.  It was the guy in the White House’s favorite pet only 15 months ago.  The green jobs will come when there is demand and efficiency of scale as they always have and will unless we convert to a total State planning model of government.  There are those who want exactly that.  If we will just behave and go along with their edicts they’ll look after us all.

For the last couple of decades there has been universal recognition of the alleged war crime of “ethnic cleansing”.  The most recent and widely discussed charge of this behavior was during the Balkan wars of the late ’90’s.  Indeed several individuals have been charged with that crime.  It refers to the practice of uprooting ethnic groups and wholesale moving them out of their homes into some place else deemed to be more ethnically suitable.  There has been mention of it again several times during the Arab Spring unrest.  The Western powers after WWII engaged in such behavior.  Several million Germans were forcibly moved from one country to Germany right after the War.  The Sudetenland Germans had been in Czechoslovakia for a very long time.  More than 700,000 were forced to Germany after the War.  The same was true of Germans in Poland, Romania and Hungary.  This forced deportation was in writing as part of the Potsdam agreements in July of 1945.   Time and circumstance do influence our view of morality on occasion.  Remember this was not something that occurred during the Dark Ages, the Thirty Years War or the Nap0leonic era but with the lifetime of most people alive today.

Outwardly, the White House loves to project and image of cutting edge, modern, science based and forward-looking.  But they seem totally determined to subsidize the windmill electricity production industry (if “industry” can be used for that business model).   That super technology has been around for centuries–remember Don Quixote?   Can anyone spell Luddite?   Soon we will advance to the fire as the primary source of power, oh, except that would release more carbon into the air and destroy the trees.  It is great to watch progress in action.

Another funeral this week.  They played “Amazing Grace”.  I suppose a non-Christian would at least find it a beautiful tune with its and haunting touch.  For a Christian it is an accusation.  It compels you to think about being better.  To fulfill some of the promise of mankind.  At the same time it offers comfort and encouragement.  That you are not having to do this alone.  The help is free in earthly costs, you only have to follow the Way.  As the congregation hits that final verse “when we been there ten thousand years…..” you can feel the power of belief.

A new grandson this week.  I just love the miracle of it all.  For the life of me I still can’t figure out how that baby can go from being hooked up to mom and “breathing” liquid” and then upon birth within seconds it knows it can breathe air on its own. It all happens so fast.   There is something so majestic and inspiring about it even after having been through it several times before.   May you be so blessed one day.

The electric starter for cars was invented almost 100 years ago.  God Bless his soul.  No greater improvement has been since that one.  Sure some are convenient and we love them but having that starter with only the push of a button is wonderful.   Of course a bit ago most of those starter buttons were on the floor next to the gas pedal.  You had to push down of both of them at the same time and pull out the choke to get the engine to fire up.

Do you really think the Germans are going to tax or cut back their standard of living to bail out the Greeks?  They might help a bit as they already have but don’t count on them doing much more.  A word to the wise in the investing world.  Who can blame them?  What did they do wrong and why are they expected to pay for someone else’s profligacy?  The Greeks apparently expect to beggar thy neighbor and continue their life of relative ease without putting in the sweat and risk it takes to run their own economy.   One does reap sooner or later what one sows.

The international space station is beginning to look like a long term loser.  Being dependent on the Russkies for transport is a terrible development.  They lost the last rocket and their engineering and organizational skills could sure be questioned.  We don’t have anyway to get there anymore.  Why didn’t we build a backup on the cheap like the old Apollo program to at least get a manned capsule in space until we build something much grander?  I guess NASA has been too busy with its Muslim outreach program which we all know is now its number one priority.

You did pick up on the report from CERN about their research that the Sun is the greatest influence on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather.  The rays of the Sun affect the build up of clouds which makes more temperature control up or down.  The Sun is the biggest thing in our Solar System and, duh, is it a surprise that it controls more of our weather patterns than anything we will ever do.  Look for the news reports, you’ll have to search but they are there from last week.  Gore won’t be mentioning them.

“Some day science may have the existence of mankind in its power, and the human race commit suicide by blowing up the world”  Henry Adams, American historian, written in 1862.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com




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