2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Even with the recent market volatility and crash we believe the price is still a fair one….so pay up and read.

Let’s see, the inflation rate, the real one that includes food and energy is up 3.6% per last week’s report.  The 10 year T-bill is paying barely above 2.0%.   So there are folks and institutions out there willing to pay the Government 1.6% per annum to park their money.   You don’t have to be an economist to see that something is seriously wrong with that picture.   The people who are the backbone of our economy, that work and try to save on a regular basis and keep their debt within the limits they can repay, are being punished for their prudence.   Pardon me, but shouldn’t we be rewarding such behavior?

So with the stroke of an executive pen in the Administration, 300,000 illegal aliens in the deportation process are being given a do-over.  Not only that but they are encouraged to apply for a work permit.   Only those with “serious” criminal records will be subject to the deportation they all deserve.   Again, what kind of behavior are we rewarding?   Isn’t the President sworn to see that the laws are “faithfully executed” per his oath of office?  If this gambit works then why not shoot for 3,000,000 certainly in time for the 2012 elections.   The only limit to this outrage is the depth of venality of the guy in the White House.

In spite of the fact that the Constitution requires compensation for the taking of property, some still argue that our form of government doesn’t favor capitalism and free enterprise.  It is interesting to note that the Virginia Declaration of Rights enacted in May of 1776 in section mentions that purpose of government and the rights of the people.  Including among those rights “the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property”…Similar comments and expressions are found throughout the early commentaries and enactments of the Colonies and States in our formative years. 

Speaking of the Revolution, it gets lost in the fog of war and history but the British did make attempts to negotiate a peace.  They proposed free trade, no troops quartered in the Colonies except by mutual consent, representatives allowed in Parliament, etc.  Indeed they made clear we could have a great deal of autonomy “short of a total separation of interest”.  But this was in June of 1778 and the blood was up in the Patriots regardless of the fact that our fortunes on the battlefield were not boding well.  The proposal was rejected by the Continental Congress and we know the rest of the story.

Human nature hasn’t changed a wit since the Garden of Eden.   With the markets in some turmoil everyone you note points the finger at someone else for the troubles.  It’s the big banks, it’s the speculators, it’s the hedge funds or the Europeans in one form or another.  Folks we need and want banks.  Unless you want to go back to the barter era of the barely post cave man stage we have to have a credit function for an economy.  The banks get their money from us and help us.  The speculators are putting their money where their mouth is.  You are free to do the same thing anytime you like.   Real inside information abuse is quite rare.  Do you really believe there is a secret network of tens of thousands of people exchanging secret data among themselves and it stay quiet forever.  Yeah, just like the government secretly is still hiding those aliens that landed in Roswell in 1947.  Hedge funds get their money for all of us.  Pensions, endowments, union funds, IRAs and all the rest and of course the major companies like insurance companies invest their money.  The interest in a hedge fund is spread throughout our society.  Folks, take a look in the mirror.  That secret enemy so many perceive is themselves as Pogo famously noticed.   The market moves based upon hundreds of thousands of decisions made every day around the world.  The median of that needle moves regardless of the decision of individual investors or institutions.   It’s a 24 hour investment world and even if you had New York in your hip pocket with your secret cabal how do you control London, Frankfurt, Singapore or Tokyo?

I guess we got what we wanted with the removal of Mubarak.  But of course there was the attack on Israel just yesterday for Egypt.   The Egyptians disavow any involvement.  Take a look at the map of the region. When the Brotherhood comes to power this fall do you really think they will be pursuing a peace initiative with Israel?   If Qadhafi falls anytime soon don’t you know the Brotherhood will be all over that one too and have a strong influence on whoever ends up running the show in Libya.   We could soon be facing a very hostile environment from Yemen all the way to Tunisia.  Again, look at the map.  Not an encouraging development.  If those revolts are being led by such liberals and freedom lovers do you think they will let your bring your Bible when you go there to visit as a tourist?

Just as we humans are a part of the primate family so is visible light and gamma rays part of the electromagnetic spectrum family.  So are ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, microwaves, television signals, radio signals, radar, and the ordinary electricity that comes out of your wall socket.  Some of those items seem quite different but they really are just variations or branches of the same family grouping.  The more complex a system the greater the simplicity of its design so often.

The White House announces the famous buses costs 1.1 million each.   Wish the media would check that out.  There is no way that is an honest statement.  They may have paid 1.1 million for the basic bus but with those add -ons there is no way in hell the costs came in at 1.1 million, not even close.   The secret service is just like any other government bureaucracy and once given approval for a project they ain’t going to be careful with your money.

“Today it is not big business we have to fear. It is big government.”  W. Wilkie, industrialist and politician.   www.oclranky.wordpress.com


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