2 Cents On Life Its Ownself

A few memories and a gaggle of headlines and we have new fuel for the under utilized brain…..but we hold the price line in spite of rising costs.

Speaking of which, we are still assured by Helicopter Ben Bernancke that inflation is transitory even though that loaf of bread costs more and you need a small loan to fill the gas tank.  Who are you going to believe — Ben or your own eyes?

Wow.  Wouldn’t any guy be delighted to have a woman like Wendi Murdoch.  Talk about standing by your man, she jumped to the occasion and struck out like a momma lion protecting her cubs.  Good on her as the say down under.

Goodbye Shuttle and goodbye prestige factor.  Whether we will acknowledge it or not we are now by standers in the space exploration game.  Wonder what Reagan would have thought about having to depend on the Russkies for rides.   Mars beckons but we are seemingly entranced with making toys lead free as the national ambition.  How did all of us survive before these protections from the Feds?

The Gang of Six proposal to solve the deficit and fiscal crisis and maybe the debt ceiling problem is all the rage the last news cycle.    Why is it that we don’t immediately have a lot of confidence that comes from a Gang?  Couldn’t they have called themselves something a bit more uplifting and denoting thoughtfulness.  The Consortium of Six, The Sages of the Senate, the Solons’ Solution Confederation.   I am not sure about hooking up to ideas of a Gang.

Do they still make the old-fashioned roller skates that fit on the bottom of hard soled shoes?  The kind made of metal and with movable grips on the front and back that you would adjust to fit any particular shoe.  My mom didn’t like me wearing them because it meant I had to wear my “good” shoes since they had the hard sole.  Everything else was high top tennis shoes.

I suppose in another couple of years there won’t be any real bookstores of size anymore.   Borders is gone and Barnes and Noble are struggling.  Used book shops and specialty stores will be all that are left–a sad thought for those of us who like holding a book in our hands as we read.  Also I like be able to flip back a few pages to refresh my memory about something previously read.  That is so hard to do when scrolling.  Especially if you are wanting to compare 3 or 4 pages at one time, moving back and forth quickly between them.

The heat this summer brings back memories of the drought and heat of the late ’40’s till the late ’50’s.  That went on forever.  My youth until later into being a teenager we had very little rain and the heat was relentless.  The temperature would reach the 90’s even during the winter months.   Hard to remember right now just how cold last winter was.  That was as cold as it has been in my lifetime.

So some news article about Perth becoming a ghost town because it is running out of water.  I doubt that will happen.  Predictions of total destruction and devastation are rarely accurate.  But they are suffering for sure.  But that region of the world has been dry for millenia at least if not eons.   After all our total destruction was regularly predicted during the ’60’s and ’70’s for all manner of reasons.  Of course we were also supposed to be completely out of oil by now if you listened to the pundits of that era.   Gas is expensive but I haven’t noticed a shortage.

We all can deal with treating our children like children and filling our role looking after them and making their decisions for them.  The jolt comes when you have to do that for your own parent if they decline in their abilities.  Not sure you can ever properly adjust to that circumstance, there are too many conflicting emotions.

Apple at $400 and many predict it will go higher.  It is a well run company and clearly provides products and services that the people want.  On top of that they are efficient and very consumer friendly.  Umm, maybe we should put Jobs and group in charge of some of our budget problems in Washington.

Japan  had its debt downgraded years ago but it continues to issue new debt at reasonable rates.   The market still buys Japanese securities.  The last hundred years has seen literally scores of countries default on their sovereign debt, mostly South American countries yet they all returned to the market place soon after their defaults.   Now the world shudders at the thought of tiny Greece defaulting, an economy much smaller than Mexico which has had several defaults and bailouts in its history.  Go figure, interesting.

Don’t forget to get your small sack of sulfur powder for the kids’ legs if you have chiggers around your neighborhood.  A sprinkle when they go out will prevent most bugs and chiggers for biting or stinging.




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