2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Waterfront is full on ships bringing in new tidbits of data, rumors or even skullduggery for the consumption of the wise and foolish,,,,,so here we go unloading.

Seen lots of July the 4ths over the years.  I can’t really remember most of them and what I did on those occasions.  There were family events and sometimes on trips but the particulars blend into a maze of one jumble.  But I do recall one of them–the one in 1976 when we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the Independence Day.  Ford was President but we were on our way to having to endure Carter.  We had just left Viet Nam the year before, inflation was running too high, the damn hippies were still running around demeaning everything American and we had just survived one Arab oil embargo and times were definitely not the best.  We were dealing with the Watergate backlash and the mood was somber.  But for a few hours that afternoon and evening things were bright, cheery and positive.  The big celebration was in New York harbor with the tall ships, sailing boats and navy ships filling the waters.  Many of the ships were here from almost every foreign nation.  They shot up their fireworks, opened their hoses with colored water and the air was filled with patriotic music.  It was only an interlude but it felt good.  The ’70’s were pretty miserable by any standard and those few hours were a welcomed reprieve from the negative news of the era.

Geithner appears on his way out.   Sure hope the door doesn’t hit his rear end on the way out.  One wonders if he will figure out how to do his taxes back in the private world or at least hire competent CPAs to do it for him.

Some of the pivotal struggles at Gettysburg occurred on July 4th in 1863.  In addition to the fear and smell of smoke in the air it must have been miserable in that heat with the exertions by those men fighting literally for their lives.   It was another lesson for any winner in a grand struggle.  One major victory doesn’t mean all has been won.  In spite of the defeat, Lee was not defeated.  The War continued for another two years before the weight of the North’s industrial might overwhelmed the South’s resistance.

Conservatively speaking and it is very conservative, the US is paying at least 2 percentage points less on its debt than it has historically.  Wish someone in Washington would talk about that more.  The rates will go up again and most likely higher than the historical average in the medium term.  Calculate 2% of the total US debt and see how much more we will owe every year in interest.  In a few years the interest on our debt would equal or exceed the national defense budget. 

It is appalling that someone didn’t put the kabash on those photos on the front pages of our special ops personnel leaving the hotel in Kabul this week after the attack there.  You could see their faces and that is so dangerous for those men.  Surely you noticed that a couple of them were holding up their hands in an attempt to cover their faces.  How did that breach of security occur?

Worse than the strike affecting the NFL is the thought that it might continue throughout the entire season and no one will really notice or care.  Those college and high school games could well fill the void of those missing games quite nicely.   Somehow the strike won’t affect the economy or unemployment or even the overall well-being of the public.  It won’t be the end of civilization as we know it; it might produce improvements and reduce the infection rate from tattoo jobs gone wrong.

The recent decision of the 6th Circuit Court on the Obamacare is frightening.  The majority ruled that there is no “categorical” limits on the Commerce Clause.  That is very scary.  That means those guys believe there is virtually nothing that the Feds can’t regulate.   They could tax you for not smoking since under their reasoning that affects interstate commerce since the Government and State governments depend on tobacco tax revenues for some programs.  Your decision not to smoke reduces that revenue and therefore interstate commerce.  Read the decision for yourself please.   That interpretation completely destroys the concept of a Federalist system of government.

If the Dems got what they are asking for and the increase on the “rich” and reinstatement of the death tax, they would raise a little over 200 billion a year.  (Assuming those rich folks don’t alter their behavior in any way and smiling hand over the extra money)  Of course that would still leave a 1.2 plus trillion dollar deficit as far as the eye could see.   Would those tax increases make it more likely the lenders to the US would have more confidence in our dollar and Treasuries?  Would they seek even higher rates of return since the shortfall would  remain staggering, of Greek proportions?

Why do we have to be computer experts to do the most routine maintenance on our cars?

If the new proposed mileage standards of the Administration are implemented then the cost of the average car will go up a few thousand dollars and they will have to be substantially smaller increasing the fatality factor significantly.  Is the average consumer willing to pay that extra money and assume the additional risk to save Government Motors and  the planet from imminent death from global warming?

It would be a good thing for most men to have to spend at least one day of their lives digging and setting cedar posts for a barbed-wire fence on a hot summer day in Texas.  Believe me it will make them appreciative for other lines of work.   www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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