2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Commodity prices are zooming but we’ve managed to keep these costs in line with the means of the average Joe.   The contents in the package are even the same size as a year ago.

I can only think of one thing that ever came out of a committee and took several years to accomplish.  Somehow those folks several centuries ago knew how to apply wisdom, learning and artistry to a singular project over a number of years.  Amazing but that was the method used to produce the King James version of the Bible.  It is still the epitome of the poetic and descriptive use of the English language.  You may find some of the words arcane but the power and beauty of them cannot be gainsaid.

How hard is it to get a toast correct?  Apparently it is beyond the capacity of the guy in the WH.  At least Bush One had the excuse of illness when he threw up in the Japanese premier’s lap.   I am sure that returned bust of Churchill was smiling at the wannabe cool guy.   Anyone knows when it is best to at least just shut up, or at least most do.

We have enormous abilities and capacities in the US.  We can do great things when motivated.  During WWII we built over 275,000 planes of all types–fighters, bombers, search planes (PBY’s) and cargo planes.  It is hard to imagine the losses.  More than 43,000 went down.  Slightly more than half in combat.  The rest crashed in training or routine missions.  More than 14,000 were lost in the continental US.  The training was hard and as fast as they could absorb.   The usual safety rules we have today were out the window.  We lost 121,000 men in those planes to death, injure or capture.   When you read the headlines of current casualties remember that we lost on average 220 men Per Day during the War.  That doesn’t diminish the loss of today one iota but it reveals the scope of the loss and suffering as a nation we had to endure at that time. 

Who will emerge as our new Best Friend in the Middle East?  The WH apparently plans on spending enough to buy several of them.  Some one once talked about with friends like that who needs enemies.  

For your own use and edification you should go to eia.gov and look over the projections from that branch of the Energy Dept. for our sources of energy for the next 25 years.  This is the administration’s own think tank group on the subject.  You will see that the needle for solar hardly moves at all for that time period.  Wind about doubles but its starting point is almost nothing so the percentage of total energy use is still barely perceptible. Biomass grows but that assumes the Feds keep subsidizing it for the entire period of time.   In total all the renewables are projected to increase only from 11 to 14 percent of total energy use.   Those ugly old carbon sources will still be the overwhelming factor in our need for energy for another generation even assuming the all out and expensive renewable plans of the hard left.   Consider that when you make your investments.  Facts are stubborn things.  

With that said it will be wonderful it some day we can actually figure out a realistic way to harness the power of the Sun.  After all it will last much longer than we will.  Maybe someday they will figure out how to fulfill Tesla’s dream of providing electric power with the power lines.  He worked hard to develop a system to send the electric power through the atmosphere the way we do the microwaves for our cellphones.  He couldn’t make it happen but maybe our kids will down the road.

The mony and investment pundits talk about the Federal Reserve reducing its balance sheet and tightening the economy to fight inflation by selling off some of its 2.9 trillion is assets.  You will see that statement made often in the financial journals and papers.  I have a question–how does selling assets reduce the balance sheet?  After all when they sell a Treasury bond they will get cash for the bond.  The balance sheet remains the same.  They merely substituted one asset for another.  Do they get cash and then burn it in the back yard?  Really, how does that work? 

I love the adage–“if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”.  But when we apply that to Medicare it doesn’t hold up.  Sadly the Dems don’t seem to get that.  It IS broken and not only that but going broke on an exponential scale.  It has to be fixed but lo anyone brave enough to broach the topic publicly.  It won’t remain that way forever though.  The bill always comes due sooner or later.  Remember those that stick their heads in the sand usually end up getting kicked in the rear.   Simply taxing the “rich” won’t do it, not even close.  From the Medicare’s on estimates the cost will exceed all the worth of everyone, including every millionaire we have.   We got nine kittens and a basket that will only hold seven. 

You and I have actually paid the salaries of pointy-headed bureaucrats at the EPA to conclude and propose regulations that will treat milk spills as toxic waste.  We’d laugh except it is true.   Here is another little cut in the Federal budget–fire everyone there who even touched such a report without writing their strongest objection to the absurdity of the idea. 

We are in danger of having our politics ruled by the mob and the dependent since only half the people pay income tax.  Yes, they pay FICA but that will only be enough to pay for what they take out later, maybe.  They have no stake in the finances of the nation.  That is a terrible situation.  Again, we call for the prerequisite to voting that you have to pay something–anything– in Federal income taxes the year prior to election year.   It is wrong  and dangerous for the takers to dictate to the makers.  www.olcranky.wordpress.comlco


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