2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Sleep a couple of nights and then read the news and all sorts of issues come to the fore whether you wanted them to or not.  The politicians keep talking and proposing and add fodder to the bin regularly.

Note that the guy in the WH has been touting the Chinese model for high speed rail on a consistent basis and has offered his own grand scheme to spend billions on such lines throughout selected portions of the US.  It is the wave of the future per our guru in chief.  The footnote is that China has recently halted a substantial portion of such construction and high speed rail systems.  The announced reason was for “environmental” concerns.  With the Commies you’ll never know the real reasons but if you believe that is the reason they are halting the projects then sign up here for my personal lotto reward after you send in only $20.00.  Some in China may think it is costing too much and that has the country grows richer its people will prefer their own cars to public transport, surprise, surprise.

Speaking of the Chinese, the news is full of their apparent desire to become the dominant influence in various regions of the world.  It is held out as a threat to US interests.   Supposedly they want to be the business partner and bulwark of Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, huge swathes of the African continent and other selected countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia.  Sometimes one’s eyes are bigger than one’s stomach.  Frankly, why don’t we let them take the lead role in all those areas.  We could cut off all our foreign aid and support with our military and let them look to the Chinese for money and even military support.  The Chinese might find that their new best friends are not as thankful or cooperative as they might have expected and that the appetite in those regions for money is voracious.   The Chinese want the raw materials but I betcha there is a limit to the price they are willing to pay.  Running a Chinese Empire would be much more expensive than they think and they might rethink that strategy down the road.  A good defense is sometimes also a great offensive strategically.  They can’t afford that Tiffany price for the Wal-Mart products they want.

Ah, the sophisticated French!  Monsieur Strauss-Kahn apparently hasn’t gotten the memo about flings being voluntary.   It is interesting to note that a majority of the French apparently believe that he was the victim of a conspiracy.  Um, exactly what was the conspiracy?   Is it their assumption that certain temptations can’t be resisted and therefore putting them in front of someone is tantamount to consummation of the event?   Was Seal Team Six used to make sure he stayed naked and in the room?  I am sure that a mysterious “someone” could have paid a maid to tempt DSK but just because the music is playing you don’t have to dance.

Mass hysteria is alive and well.  Linkedin opened at 45 on the market and reached 122 during the trading day.  That is some 1600 times earnings.  A little bit of hype, some herd mentality, some greed and off you go.  Last I read this is an outfit that has less than 2000 employees and doesn’t own anything–that you can touch, feel, eat or put in your car.  It is essentially a huge public billboard for all to jot down their messages and graffiti.  How can it possibly be worth tens of billions at this time?  Count me as an observer on this one for now and I’ll let the others jump in to join the parade.  Hope they know where the parade is going.

Goodbye Newt.  If a Republican can win the WH then we should establish a new department of Ideas and let Newt be the Secretary.  He could be like the wizard behind the curtain in Oz.  He is full of ideas and some are very worthy of attention and study and maybe implementation.  He writes very well but his tongue has too many backflashes.  A backflash was the  phrase during the days of muzzle loader guns when sometimes if everything was not just right the explosion in the powder hole would blow back into the face of the shooter when he pulled the trigger.

A few months ago we were paying Egypt a couple billion a year to keep the radical Muslim element in their country at bay.  We thought it best for us and our ally Israel.  Now we offering to pay the radical Muslims who control what passes for a government in Egypt a couple of billion a year for—what exactly are we expecting to get out of this?  One of you really smart folks explain the advantage to me.   We and even other Muslims in the region have viewed the Muslim Brotherhood with dread and caution for decades with good reason and now we are going to give them money to foster love and peace?  Ask the Coptic Christians in Egypt how that is working out for them.

One good dad is worth ten great teachers or a 10% increase in any school budget.  

The end of the world is predicted for tomorrow by the folks in California.  I have no idea about that.  I have opinions but no firm convictions.  Of course what is interesting to me is the thought that maybe a few thousand years ago a giant super nova occurred that could arrive tomorrow or next year.  We wouldn’t know until it hits because the gamma rays can only go as fast as the speed of light.  One day we could wake up and the world would end because of something that happened long ago.   Where is the EPA when you need them?  Why aren’t they regulating these errant super novae events?  We need some rules to protect the ordinary consumer.

“The ideal state is not that in which each gets an equal amount of wealth, but in which each gets in proportion to his contribution to the general stock.”  Henry George.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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