2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

cool peaches frest on sliced into a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

About this time 150 years ago Robert E. Lee was making his way back to Virginia from Texas w

All we have to do is wait for a 24 hour cycle and the opinion in-box is filled anew with the headlines and TV news. So a tip of the hat to Blackie and off we go.

Everyone is worried about their investments in their IRAs or 401ks. One of the standard pieces of advice is always to make sure your portfolio is diversified. Well, a new investment opportunity has just emerged for an emerging nation. The Somali pirates are now apparently selling stakes in their operations. You can advance the up front money for a piece of the take for the ransom. Check the news wires. I wonder if some of the business pundits and Moody’s would rate this as a speculative buy. Boy, if they don’t then we really have something to worry about.

First we start with those very expensive Tomahawk missiles in Libya, then it is drone aircraft and their expensive upkeep and now we taking 25 million from the Pentagon budget to give supplies like boots, food, binoculars, vests and Lord only knows what. The military has been constantly criticized over the years for waste and not keeping proper account of their materiels in inventory. One wonders if they will be getting receipts for all these very expensive goodies we are handing out to total strangers. How much of this military inventory will make its way to the frontlines and how much will be resold on the black market over there. In case you haven’t paid attention the Arabs in Libya are notorious for theivery and the under- the -table deal. Don’t take my word for it, ask your grandfather if he was there during WWII. Let him tell you what the guys thought about them.

Another special panel to investigate alleged manipulation in the oil and gas market. We’ve seen this movie before. It is a commodity sold around the world and there are so many moving parts that make up the total price for the oil. As rich as the Arabs are they can’t even control the price. Mere investors in the US are betting the price will rise. They are taking a risk with their money. Remember how much oil moved more than $20 a barrel, up and down, during the last 9 mos or so. It has gone down. Why don’t they investigate all those losses for the drop in price? Besides if there are those who think the market is rigged and that the price will only go up, then their solution is obvious –buy some futures for oil on the upside. If there is manipulation to make the price move up how can you lose? Oh, so you don’t won’t to risk real money on the conspiracy theory? Maybe because there isn’t one. Supply disruption (wars, Mid East unrest), the weakening dollar, our deficits, demand (is the economy doing better or worse) fluctutions and so many other factors influence the price of oil, it would be impossible to manipulate the price as a mere trader even if they bought billions of dollars worth every day. The price goes up for lots of reasons and the investors in oil are taking a risk every time they buy and will lose if the price drops. It was below $100 only a month ago recall.

Why don’t we use those Tomahawks and drone a thousand miles south east and blow the heck out of those piracy ports in Somali? Frankly, that would at least produce identifiable and immediate results for the good of the civilized world. We would know we are going after the bad guys without having to guess.

Bet a dollar to a donut that the average Joe didn’t really notice that 2.4% reduction in their paycheck this year as a result of the tax extension settlement in December. But you can bet your bottom dollar they will all notice come next January when it is re-imposed and those extra bucks are taken out of their pay.

Hope your fruit trees are doing well. Our peach tree is looking ok but wonder if the dry winter will make them smaller and fewer. A few more weeks and we’ll be able to have those here he had been stationed fighting Commanches.  There he was offered the overall command of the Union Armies by Winfield Scott who lead the war against Mexico.  Lee waited to see what Virginia would do and followed his heart and joined the Virginia military and you know the rest of the story.

We note that the US is going to sell out of it’s position in Government Motors.  With the stock already about 4 bucks below the IPO price we the taxpayers will end up losing billions on that deal.  Surprise, why don’t we send the bill for the loss to the UAW after all they got everything out of this including a major ownership stake in the company.  What the heck did we get except electric cars we can’t afford and won’t go far enough to take your kids to the  ball game and back home.

Here is a wake up call–  think of the millions and millions of dollars the national debt has increased in the time you have been reading these entries.  To make it worse we have had to borrow 40% of all that money and pay interest on it.  Things that are unsustainable tend to stop.  Why not stop it now.  Only a fool and a wastrel believe there is no reckoning with the piper.

At Easter season a thought–“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting.   It has been found difficult, and left untried.”  G. K. Chesterton.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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