2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Let’s take a look in the grab bag and see what we can pull out for today.  Thankfully, the politicians can always be counted on for plenty of seeds for thought.

NPR has lost two top guns in the last week because they were caught expressing very derogatory remarks about the Tea Party and others.  My only surprise is that anyone is surprised at those attitudes at NPR.  We listen to it, have for a long time.  Like to know what the opposition is thinking.  I don’t mind anyone expressing a bias or editorial opinion on the air just don’t deny to me that it exist.  It is a left-wing institution, OK.  But I don’t want to have to pay for those opinions that I don’t accord with my beliefs.

Now four Americans have been murdered by the pirates working out of Somalia.  The list of their depredations continues.  Why don’t we simply target the two or three major ports that are their bases and bomb the hell out of them and the boats in the harbors.  Yeah, there would be collateral damage and fishermen’s boats might be sunk by accident.  But I rather doubt the citizens of those places are truly “innocent”; they clearly tolerate the presence of the pirates and the money their murders bring to them.  They should be keeping better company.   Who could buy an argument that they couldn’t get rid of them and deny them a safe haven if they wanted to?  They just kicked out Mubarak in Egypt, they could do the same.  Also, we could at a minimum impose an embargo on those ports requiring ships in and out to be subject to inspection for weapons.  Why let them get into the open waters in the first place. 

Why do we have to get involved in the fighting in Libya at all?  Just asking.   It seems to be a classic example  of a civil war starting.  It is an internal matter and the Libyans should sort it out by themselves.  We can take sides and root all we want for one or the other but why give money or munitions to one or the other?  Let them work it out.  When all the dust settles we can then tell the ruling group, whoever that may be, that if they want to sell us some oil to give us a call.  Whoever that is will want to market their oil and it will have to be sold at market prices.   It is simply too difficult to determine who the good guys are there; that is, if there are any good guys at all.   It may be Al Qaeda fighting a ruthless dictator for all we know now; that makes it hard to pick a home team to cheer.

Speaking of Egypt, have you noticed the reports on the back pages of the hundreds of Al Qaeda and radical Islamists that have been released from the jails there?  One wonders just how much popular support there is for these radicals and the Jihad mentality against the West they represent?  Stay tuned on that one.  This can’t be a good thing.

Is it a good thing that we have full Wal-Marts on Sundays and empty churches?

It is still inspiring and a bit surprising when the blooms come out on the peach and dogwood trees each year.  No matter the worries and turmoils we face, or believe we face, the march of nature moves on, dependable and ineffable in its scope and grandeur.

You want to get depressed?  Then go to any major engineering school this spring for graduation.  Note how few natural-born Americans are graduating.  They are not only a minority but a distinct minority.  The foreigners and foreign-born are the vast bulk at MIT, Texas A&M, Cal-Tech and all the others.  That is not a good sign for the future.   We, the US, badly need more of our own home-grown engineers for the world tomorrow.  It is not a good idea to depend on foreign engineering for out future innovations.   We all worry about losing jobs to overseas markets but this resource brain drain is just as much of a concern for our kids and grandkids.  Not a good business plan to rely on  “rented” brainpower for the future.

Don’t you just relish the idea of TSA becoming unionized soon?  You deal with them now and soon they will be “working to rule” and taking those coffee breaks and not agreeing to moves to another airport, etc. It’s already almost impossible to fire them for incompetence because of the Civil Service requirements and then they’ll have the extra protection of the union agreements.  Of all people they should be rated on efficiency and merit only, not a union contract provision. 

The actions in Wisconsin bring to light the constant refrain in the news stories talking about collective bargaining “rights”.  Just a small point of correction, there are not collective bargaining rights in the Constitution or State Constitutions.   They have collective bargaining agreements and terms of those agreements.  The terms of their agreements are being changed.  They are not losing any “rights”.   The media and the Dems insist however on referring to those contract provisions as some kind of right like free speech or religion–they are not.

If some have their way the iconic Willy and Joe of Army fame will go the way of the buggy whip.  In a few years the next iteration of those two will be Willy and Josephine sharing that muddy and miserable foxhole.  But at least it will have bric-a-brac and curtains.

“When in doubt, tell the truth”  M. Twain.  Now that is some advice current pols could use.  They might find it does wonders for their positions and arguments.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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