2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

These are clearly the opinions from the cheap seats, but hey, they are still in the stadium. 

Again we call for the state of the union address to be completely changed.  It has become pure political theater over the years and as lost all significance for actually making a report on the affairs and status of the nation.  This is true regardless of party.  These reports, and they are supposed to be reports, should be business-like.  It should resemble a CEO making a report to the board of directors of a company.  The President should be prepared to respond to questions and explain on the spot discrepancies or issues.  I wouldn’t  care if it was closed to the public as long as a transcript was made available afterward.   This should be a time for attending to the business of the nation not making political speeches.  If a President didn’t want to answer questions then he could submit a written report to Congress.  Do we really need another campaign speech ever January or a thoughtful examination of government programs and their cost and efficacy.

There is nothing more American than the road trip in the family car.  There is no comparable tradition anywhere else in the world.  We’ve had our romance with the car since Henry Ford and there numerous fascinating and beautiful places to see and visit in this great land of ours from sea to shining sea. Of course there is the matter than gas cost about 7 bucks a gallon in Europe.   If the current administration has its way that will soon be the cost of gas here also.   But we’ll be green.  Green with envy of the old days.  You won’t be seeing road trips in those Chevy Volts.

Has the Super Bowl gotten completely out of hand?  There will reportedly be over 4000 “journalists” attending this year.  There were only a hundred or so at the first.  And when did Las Vegas get in control of the halftime shows?  There is more glitz there than anywhere but Vegas.   I guess there will still be an actual football game played.

Do we want to support democracy in Egypt?  The current turmoil there raises that question to the fore in a vital area of the world.  The last time there were free elections in that area remember that Hamas was the winner.  It’s hard to postulate that result was an improvement over the prior regime from an American perspective.  Will Egypt go the way of Iran?  There is a very active and strong Islamic terrorist element there in the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is not a stretch at all to imagine they and their followers taking power in Egypt–they want it and have literally millions of adherents.  Wouldn’t that be nice to have those types controlling the Suez Canal?  Stay tuned and keep up with the news.

Is there a sadder story in all of sports than that of Jim Thorpe.  The Indian boy from Oklahoma who went to the Indian school in Carlisle, Pa.  He became an All American football player and then an Olympic champion.  He excelled at almost any event and won gold medals. That was followed by a pro football career.  He was stripped of the medals when they learned he played semi pro baseball a summer.  Later there was the addiction to alcohol and virtual homelessness and becoming a footnote in the world of sports.  He was the greatest athlete of his time and maybe of the entire 20th century.

Amazing to realize that if something we never notice didn’t exist, neither would we.  Gravity is just right for us to be here.  If more or less of that force existed the suns would be completely different, burn at a different rate and power.  The millions of eons needed for us to evolve would not have occurred.  We would have been left has an unfinished item in the dustbin of cosmic history.

Will we ever have another Bob Hope?  Still miss his topical bon mots about the politics and politicians of the day.

I think I will scream if I hear another alleged literati or pundit speak about someone or some institution doing the “same exact” thing.  Talk about redundancy!  Can you just imagine Hemingway ever uttering such a phrase in one of his stories?

Why do some politicians talk with such gloom about cutting the benefits of Social Security if you raise the retirement age a couple of years and thereby go a very long way to restoring the system to economic and fiscal soundness?  It should be a time of celebration.  The fact is we have dramatically increased the life expectancy in the last 80 years.  We’ve done that because we have the very best medical system in the world.  Our new drugs, techniques and procedures have made us healthier and our lives longer.  The retirement ages need to be reset.  That is just basic math and good news, not bad.   People are healthier at 60 than they were decades ago and into their sixties and can easily handle a couple more years of work.  When the life expectancy reaches 90 will they still be wringing their hands over increasing retirement  beyond age 62?  Just do it for all those under age 45 and move on.  They will have decades to adjust to the new deadlines.

Flutter your pointer finger and middle finger back and forth.  That started with a message from your brain.  It traveled to your fingers and then back again to let the brain know it was doing the intended action.  All in an instant.  The smallest things do indeed hold the greatest of wonders.  Could all the engineers in the world design a system that would work as well?  Think about the next time you watch a sci-fi movie with a robot mimicking human actions.  It won’t happen.

When writing the Declaration of Independence Adams and Jefferson were to do the first draft but Adams deferred to Jefferson.  He gave as his reasons, that Jefferson was a Virginian, that he (Adams) was obnoxious, suspected and unpopular and lastly that Jefferson wrote ten times better than he.   www.olcranky.wordpress.com



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  2. blu

    Hey Dad

    Great post. Enjoyed the musings today of brilliant man.


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