Can We Relate To Those Who Believe In Blasphemy Laws?

There is a lot of interesting news that is reported on the back pages of your newspaper.  More importantly that news is often critical to understanding our world and the threats that we face in the West from those with a radically different culture.  Usually those news accounts carry a by line from some “remote” part of the world that most Americans could not locate on a map.  Only last week there was the news of a protest by lawyers in Pakistan supporting an assassin who had killed a prominent politician there who opposed the blasphemy laws.

There had been some controversy already in the news from Pakistan about the lady who allegedly committed blasphemy by her relationship with another man.   The penalty is death for blasphemy in Pakistan and many other Muslim nations around the world.   The local governor in Pakistan had opposed the blasphemy laws and the possible penalty against this lady.  The local Muslims were outraged that anyone in authority would publicly oppose the blasphemy laws.   Only a couple of weeks ago he was assassinated by his bodyguards. 

But the situation is more troublesome than even that event.  Last week there was a protest by over a 1000 lawyers in support of the assassin!  How often have we been repeatedly told that the Muslim terrorists come from the poor and down trodden in the Muslim world?  That if they had more money from the West, better education and opportunities they would disown any terrorist inclinations.    Who knows the circumstances of all 1000 lawyers who were protesting and calling themselves “slaves to Mohammed”?  Yet it is a pretty fair guess that the overwhelming majority of them did not come from the poor and uneducated classes of society in Pakistan.  They were clearly the privileged and the educated and yet they still avowed violence and barbaric punishments from centuries past that are incomprehensible le to the Western mind.

The facts simply don’t support the notion that Muslim terrorists are from some underclass in the main.  The perpetrators of 9/11 were sophisticated men and many well-educated.  The man who killed the soldiers at Ft. Hood was a psychiatrist for goodness sake.   The terrorists in England all came from decent backgrounds.   Just go through the list of terrorists from the last 10 or more and you’ll see a pattern of folks who have had advantages in life yet they succumbed to the call to Jihad and murder because of their religious beliefs.

If the fact that the well-educated and privileged in Pakistan support their blasphemy laws and support assassination of those who oppose it doesn’t scare the beejeebers out of you then you aren’t paying attention to the world around you or you hide from the truth.   Has it ever occurred to those in power that there is something inherently violent and xenophobic about Islam?   Until we recognize reality and admit to the obvious facts how can we ever develop a coherent policy on how to relate to Islam and the Muslim world?

Does it make sense for the West to continue to allow immigration from Muslim countries to the same degree that they have in recent decades?  Again, if you have been reading any of the back pages of the paper you have noted that European countries from Spain to Germany and from Great Britain to Italy are already drastically reviewing and reducing their prior open -door policy to Muslims.  Even the Dutch and the Swedes are having debates about how accommodating they should be to Muslim immigration and influence in their nations.  The Europeans have always been more inclined to a Realpolitik view of the world than we have.  History would also reveal that in social matters we end up following the lead of Europe for the last couple of centuries.  We are culturally a European country and even with all the influx from Latin American and Asia recently we will remain so at least for generations to come.  We weren’t settled and developed by Chinese or Arabs.  It was Europeans who gave heart and soul to our nation.

We don’t have to go to war with Arabs and Muslims around the world, nor take Draconian actions at home but honest discussion of our policy toward that part of the world is demanded by the realities of the day.  Our politically correct view is dangerous and worse, ignorant.  

“All truth is safe, and nothing else is safe; and he who keeps back the truth or withholds it from men, from motives of expedience, is either a coward or a criminal or both.”  M. Muller


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