2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

Thankfully, the politicians and the quirks of human foibles replenish the inventory of cheap thoughts and opinions for sale at this bargain price. 

In the last couple of days there have been breathless reports that housing is in a slump again; that prices for houses have dropped and that there is a glut of foreclosed homes on the market depressing prices across the land.  Is this really news?  If you’ve been awake for the last year such information is not new.  With unemployment at 9.8% and foreclosures continuing why in the world would anyone think the prices of homes would stabilize yet or go up?   The existence of Fannie and Freddie and Federal policies will only act as an anchor on the housing market.   Until they let the private market work as it should things won’t improve very rapidly.

NASA may not be going to the Moon, and beyond to Mars, in the next generation under the new guy’s policies but maybe the NASA officials will learn how to celebrate Ramadan.   That will surely advance the knowledge meter and our American proclivity for exploration.   The Crescent flag flying over NASA headquarters doesn’t have quite the same inspirational impact as the American flag being planted on the Mo0n by Armstrong and cohorts.

The Chinese have been publicly working on a missile system that is capable of knocking out our aircraft carriers.  Now the announcement that our Navy will be pulling back further from the Chinese coast.  If our ships can’t ply the high seas in all international waters then what is their purpose?  The Chi Coms seem to be winning already without firing a shot.

At the same time some major US companies (GE) are reported to be entering joint ventures with Chinese companies to build all sorts of things.  Those things include the avionics for Chinese built military aircraft.  What is wrong with this picture?

Does anyone but me miss the old days when there were only about 8-10 bowl games and they were all played on or before January 1?  Now we have 35 bowl games and they play into the first week of January.  That is 70 teams playing in bowls.  Reminds me of the modern notion that we are all winners regardless of performance.  You know, those soccer teams for kids where everyone gets a trophy at season’s end even if they didn’t win a single game.

At this time of year in 1862 both sides in the War Between the States were still burying their dead and preparing for winter quarters after the bloody battle at Fredericksburg, Va.   It was one of Lee’s great victories and a bone headed move by the Yankees looking for a quick kill to end the war.  The Yankee generals had bowed to the pressure from politicians and pressed the attack on unfavorable ground with the loss of life greater than all we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan in one day not counting the horribly wounded.

I think the politicians again underestimate the intelligence and resolve of the American people when it comes to dealing with the ballooning Social Security obligations that will drown us in debt and deficits.  We can understand basic math and arithmetic–there ain’t enough money to pay all the folks under the current system.  Our life expectancy has increased dramatically since the 1930’s and that is a good thing. With that increase it is logical and fair to adjust the age for receiving benefits upward and delay retirement.  Not only is the life expectancy up but our standard of general health is better.  Adjust the age limit upward over a decade or so and let’s get on with it.  That would allow time for those in their 40’s and 50’s to adapt to the new time frame without undue hardship on anyone.

I suppose the family photo album will soon be a thing of the past.  With all the new electronic methods of using digital phones, etc. for picture-taking and then downloading everything to a computer we won’t have them soon.  There is and was something comforting and nostalgic about sitting down and turning those album pages and looking at family and times past. It brought up such memories while on the living room couch or the love seat in front of the fireplace in the den.  Computers are associated in the mind with work and gathering around the computer just doesn’t have the same “warmth” as feeling that person next to you on the couch as you slowly flip through the pics.

If it weren’t for the fact that Iowa holds one of the earliest primaries in the nation for presidential candidates would there be any doubt that the ethanol subsidy would be eliminated?  The facts are in–in is not cost efficient and can damage engines and dramatically drives up the cost of corn which in turn increases the price for our livestock.  That means much higher prices for our food.   It has been a political boondoggle from the start and one wonders when it will end.  Even the “Greens” in Germany and Spain have had to bite the bullet on environmental issues and have seen the subsidies for solar cut because it is too darn expensive.   I think even the folks in Iowa would agree that “corn for cars” just doesn’t make environmental or economic sense.

The next time you open the New York Post you should recall that its historical predecessor was the original Post started by Alexander Hamilton and others. 

“No man will ever bring out of the Presidency the reputation which carries him into it.” T. Jefferson  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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One response to “2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

  1. blu

    sweet georgia brown! now that’s a diatribe of wisdom. i especially like the iowa corn subsidy comments, and the stuff about the social security debt, but not sure what your suggestion was on that one.

    i still need to go back and finish the High Seas Adventure. Maybe you can write another chapter. i’d like to see that turned into Clive Cussler style adventure, maybe just a little darker and further back in time with lots of natzis, commies, and italians running around.

    your son

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