2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

I just try to follow along in the vein set by Blackie for lo those many years.  Interesting times for sure are upon us and causes thought for the musings…..

I didn’t realize that economics was so easy.  We just print more money so everyone can have enough.  The Fed has already bought about 1.7 trillion in the last two years and now they are going to buy 600 billion more of Treasuries.  They just print up the money for us.  It occurs to the thoughtful that if this is a good policy then we do we need to have any taxes at all!  We should just spend whatever the politicians think appropriate and print the money to pay all the bills.  A real no tax policy and we can all be rich.

Speaking of the Fed, you may have noticed the remarks of the guy in the White House yesterday we he talked about the Fed policy and saying their mandate was “his” mandate.  Very troubling comment since the Fed is supposed to be completely independent.  Who is in charge of the Fed–Bernancke or that guy?

The Fed printing press philosophy doesn’t seem to winning us many friends overseas.  The outcry over our policies weakening the dollar have drawn a very intense round of condemnation from Europe and the Asian giants and even the Brazilians.   You think they will sit on their hands while we manipulate our money value?

What happened to 2010?  It is already Thanksgiving time and then Christmas right behind but they snuck up on me.  I couldn’t see the freight train coming.  With a little age those calendar changes seem to come as faster as the moving hands on the clock.

Pelosi disappeared during the campaign as you must have noticed.  She was not visible anywhere getting out the vote and then it would seem she didn’t notice that there was a change in Congress.  She thinks she is still in charge.   Someone needs to tap her on the shoulder and advise her of the events of last week.

What is this with our space program.  It has slipped under the radar for most but do you realize that the Indians, Chinese and Japanese all have plans for trips to the Moon sooner than we do?  They all plan for expeditions within the next 10 to 15 years.  Space is important, more than most realize.  All that modern electronic wizardry that everyone enjoys is very dependent on space satellites to make everything function and to link the communications.   Millions have their TV reception dependent on space exploration.

Is anything more fun than watching a 2 or 3 year-old when they make their first trip to the seashore and see them edge cautiously up to the waves?  Then that first time a wave splashes on them higher than they anticipated?

Is the price of gold hitting $1400 a mark of confidence in Bernancke?  You figure it out.

How much faster does the earth move at the equator than say at Latitude 80 degrees north?  It has to go much farther at the equator to complete one revolution as compared to those norther or southern latitudes.

I envy all those fathers and sons who got to go on a hunting trip this past weekend together.  Especially the dads.  Nothing like cooking a really hurried and bad breakfast with gritty coffee before heading out for the deer, turkey or quail. 

How do you feel about helping donating your share of the $7500 tax credit for every Volt that will be sold?  Why are we underwriting what should be a private enterprise?   It will be interesting to see how the public offering for Government Motors goes this month.  One wonders how many people will want to partner up with the government.  It will be especially interesting to see how many government dependent or union pensions funds are buyers compared to the average Joe.

Was anything more important to the Mountain Man than his sewing kit?  Maybe his rifle or his flint or knife.  They truly survived on very few implements.  That is why they called them their “necessities”.

As Lombardi said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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One response to “2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

  1. Adam

    Many great tidbits in this post. Keep them coming.

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