2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

The wisdom of Aristotle and Bozo the Clown rolled into one slapdash for the truly enlightened thinker…..or skeptic.  A wave to Blackie and off we go….

If Jerry Brown wins the California will he start dating Jane Fonda again?  If we are going back to the future then why not make it complete.  He could use that photo of her sitting on the North Viet Namese anti-aircraft gun for his campaign ads as an early indicator. 

Why no noise or information about the trial of the 9/11 terrorist in Manhattan lately?  The Attorney General certainly made a big splash with his announcement last spring.  Now there is a daunting silence.  With the midterms on the doorstep one might guess there was a call from the WH to him to forget the matter and pretend he never said anything about it in the first place.  Seems the folks in New York should be demanding an update by now on the intentions of the gang in the WH about whether they intend to go forward in NY or not.

Does anything smell better than a brewing pot of coffee on a crisp autumn morning in the country?   I am sure the perfume makers would beg to differ but even they would not what to enter a contest on that one.

Anyone else miss the old days when the linemen in college and the pros didn’t have pot bellies the size of Franklin stoves hanging out over their waistbands?

I still don’t quite trust those computer election machines.  I  like the idea of a real paper ballot so there is a permanent record of the vote.   I mean one of these days the votes will all be in a computer “cloud” somewhere and only and handful of geeks will truly know how to access them.   Speed is great but even 40 years ago we could know the election results in most races within a few hours of the polls closing.

At least once you should get behind some good bird dogs early in the morning for a quail or pheasant hunt.  It is great to watch those dogs working the ground and then hit a point when they come on a covey.  Then there is the explosion of the birds as they burst out from the ground in all directions.  If you are lucky enough to hit one then the dogs will bring it to you without any damage.  They are trained to have “soft” bites on the birds.

If you want a different and traditional Christmas morning breakfast then try some fried quail with gravy, biscuits and eggs.  It is just the sort of rib sticking meal you need to fortify you for the events of the day and clearing out all that wrapping paper and packaging.

I noticed the recent claim that one in seven Americans were in poverty because they earned less than 21K a year.  Of course that number did not include public housing vouchers, food stamps, the earned income tax credit, aid to dependent children, Medicaid, free school lunches and breakfasts…shall I go on?   I don’t know what the real number is but those folks can hardly be described as poverty stricken by any reasonable standard yet that was the headline news.   I bet most of those so described watched the news on their wide-screen plasma TV.

The Lindsey Lohan saga is like watching a Shakespearean tragedy but without the eloquence and beauty of that literary masterpiece.  It is sadly just tawdry and common.

Notice how quietly the Democrats pushed back the trail of Charlie Rangel to after the midterm elections?  Not much of a pip out of the mainstream media about it.  They complain about the various politicians controlling the news but they sure know a thing or two about manipulating or hiding the news themselves. 

Speaking of which, if I could choose one of the most influential positions in the US it would be the headline writer for the New York Times.  Forget about the content of the story just let me write the headline.

The Steve Colbert send up at taxpayer expense last week was a sad echo of former times.  We used to have commentators and comedians who could entertain and make us reflect without having to put on a circus in front of a Congressional committee.   Doesn’t anyone remember Will Rogers?   Folks listened to what he said because it was amusing and often had the bite of truth behind it without  flaunting  and being a publicity hound.

All civilian Federal employees should have their salary reduced 10% at a minimum and any future increases should be base purely on merit, not a COLA type raise.  Those receiving raises who later are found to be incompetent or lazy will be fired and their supervisors would have their salaries reduced for promoting them.

“All I know is what I read in the papers”–Will Rogers.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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  1. Adam

    Great snippets of thoughts, but the traditional Christmas breakfast just makes me flat hungry, even at 9:30 pm. I have to try that this year. Sounds too good.

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