August–The Anticipation Month

As people have said since the Roman era we are in the Dog days of Summer with August here and plodding along at its lethargic pace.  It is too hot for much energetic activity even for the kids.  The pool would be great this time of year but you can’t hardly get them to go there this time of year.   They are burned out on it by now.  That first week after school is out they want to go every day.  Now when it is 10 or even 15 degrees hotter each day they want to hand around the house and watch dvd’s and play with their electronic games.  It so hot you can eat fried grasshopper right off the Johnson grass.  

Basically it is my least favorite month due to the heat.  So many of the chores you need to do around the house but just don’t feel like doing because you break out in a sweat when you open the door before you even get the tools at hand.  Then of course the neighborhoods are pretty bleak too with so many people gone for their vacation time right before school starts.  You don’t see as many people out riding their bikes, walking their dogs or running.  The heat even seems to take the color out of the sky.  Seems to me that it loses some of the blue and becomes more milky looking when it is this hot.  I am sure it is one of those “tropical illusions” as one of my kids used to say.   It is too hot to even enjoy golf, and that takes some doing to diminish that pleasure in life.

But it is getting closer to the time in a few weeks when things do start to change.  You can anticipate those changes, feel them humming in the air.  Of course the big event for so many is the start of school.  Both parents and kids get wired up about that.  The moms because they have about worn out their creativity for kids’ activities by now and they frankly look forward to just a few hours each day with the little ones away.   They look forward to a bath and time in the bathroom alone for the first time in months.  For the ones with teenage sons it means they don’t have to check the refrigerator door every ten minutes to make sure they shut it after they took a swig of milk from the carton.   Even without air conditioning those kitchens still get hot in summer preparing the evening meal especially with the kids running in and out every second, and often forgetting to shut the back door all the way and letting the cool air escape to cool Mother Nature rather than the house.

August always reminds me of my football days.  By now you were really into the training to get into shape.  The running and lifting these days.  We just did exercises and ran.  No one lifted weights then.  That was just something you saw in the Charles Atlas ads in the back of comics and magazines.  The smell of that fresh cut grass still lingers with me from the football field as they were getting everything ready to make our lives miserable for a couple of weeks.  Normally, we started practicing twice a day around  the third week of August and would do that until the day after Labor Day when school started.  I absolutely loved the game and playing the game but there was nothing fun about those workouts in the 100 degree heat.   The grass was very green because they had watered often during the summer and keep it cut a little longer before the last cut a day or two before we started.  You would put your helmet on the minute you walked outside of the locker room just to keep the sun off your head.  Of course it was hot with it on because there wasn’t much circulation inside those things.   Today so many of the guys practice and play on the artificial turf.  I do know those really radiate a lot of heat back up and must be terribly hot and unpleasant.  I have no idea what they smell like, not like the grass for sure.  But at least they do get water.  They gets lots of water and Gatorade.   Now that I envy.  Our generation thought that was really sissy and weak sister to have water during workouts.  We were denied water.  occasionally we would be given a half cup if the workout went to the coach’s liking but most often it was no water.  Wonder is we didn’t all die of heat stroke.  But we didn’t.

The guys are beginning to think about the start of the hunting season which begins in September for the birds–dove and some duck in lots of places.   The fishing even gets better with the cooler temperatures that September will bring.  The gals get to start either looking forward to,or fearing,the approach of the party season and the Holidays.  The gals can’t just jump into the Holidays.   They have to sorta ease their way into that whole deal.  They think of the meals, the gifts, the decorations and all the rigmarole we guys just don’t see on our radar screens.   So as you jump into your car and your rear end burns from the heat on the seat from the relentless Sun just think you only have a few weeks to go and things will be different not just in temperatures but the daily and seasonal activities we all enjoy so much.  Where’s my ice tea?

“As you do not know how the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of a woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything.”  Ecc.12

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