Do Over Revolution

The centrifugal forces of politics are pulling our nation farther and farther away from each other.  It is a bit sad but realistic.  We have always had our divisions from the beginning with different visions for our nation’s future.  Today that gulf between left and right has widen to such an extent that closing that breach appears impossible.  Those on the right despise for the most part Pelosi, Schumer, Frank, Reid and Obama because they believe they are stealing their freedoms.  The left denigrates and has no regard for those on the right who they believe are neanderthals bent on suppressing the masses.   Rather than bullets and blood in the streets it is time to seriously consider a “reset” (the popular phrase of the day) of our political functions and functioning.

We have written before of the distinct possibility of calling a Constitutional convention which is authorizes by the Constitution and doing a serious rewrite of our organizational structure to try and please most of us at least most of the time.  The nation could be divided into two segments with the liberals getting essentially the east and west coasts and the middle America taking the rest.  Each could be free to set its own policies regarding all the contentious issues of the day without the constant acrimony we have now.  Immigration, taxes and method of taxation, interpretation of the Commerce Clause, health care, foreign policy, power of the courts, trade issues, affirmative action, the power of unions,  socialism  and the host of other bitter struggles could be resolved be each segment to its liking.  The armed forces would be divided and then compacts entered into to for free trade and mutual support from foreign threats.  There are a host of matters not covered here but they could be dealt with by law, not government fiat.   It would work and we could even allow an extensive period for people to choose which America they wanted as theirs.   It is either that or a coming revolution.  The two visions of America for the future simply don’t mesh and never will.  We should at least be honest about that.  Not to recognize that truth is to stick your head in the sand and extend and pretend that all will be well.   Our forefathers took the bold approach and acknowledged that separation from England was the only course.  At least this would be the peaceful method.

If we don’t do something like that then we face a certain revolution somewhere in our future.   That would mean winner take all and somebody would be very unhappy with that outcome.  The Right and center right probably outnumber the left by 2 to 1 but that one-third is still a significant group of people.   They have an inordinate amount of power now through their control of government.  Government is seen by many now as the enemy, the problem; the intellectual plutocrats see it as the end all and be all because they now best.

If we don’t head toward the Convention route then there is still one half way house to perhaps reign in the over reaching power of the central government and that is a taxpayer strike.  That would be our last best hope of taking the country in the direction we want.   If successful it would permanently trim the sails of the left and de-fang the beast in Washington.  That beast needs us to supply it the money it needs to keep its boot on our necks.   As much as Washington vilifies business and the “rich” they are essential because they are what pays for everything DC wants to do.  To redistribute the wealth there has to be wealth in the first place that you can take. 

What if one fine day say only 10 million of us who actually pay federal income taxes filed our tax returns completely accurately but didn’t forward a check with it.  No tax fraud would be committed you just don’t have the money to pay.   The lost revenue in one fell swoop would be enormous.  They couldn’t jail us all or shoot us all.  They need us anyway in spite of the fact that they hate us.   The fact is they would have to make a deal with us.  Maybe that would give us the chance to seriously re -work some of the most egregious of their actions of the past few decades.   We don’t need to riot in the streets but we could  do it in the privacy of our own homes.  The impact of a taxpayer revolt would be overwhelming and effective. 

These are thoughts to ponder as you sit in traffic today.  We can’t continue the way we are now without drastic and very negative effects down the road.  The current political environment and system simply will not allow the sea change the nation needs in its middle age; especially is this true with the current very liberal federal courts.  You contemplate our current dilemmas and direction and you come up with a scenario with a happy ending without some drastic action, if you can.  Love to hear it.

Much is being made of the heat wave in Moscow this summer.  Quite true, but if you look at the rest of Europe i.e., London, Berlin, Paris, etc, you will see they are very comfortable and normal.  Mother Nature always has its way whether we approve or not.


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