2 Cents Worth On Life Its Ownself

If we really have deflation as some predict then maybe the price here will drop also…..but don’t count on it.  We have to make a profit somewhere.  With the tip of the hat to Blackie,  off we go:

I see that Medvedev is “easing” restrictions on the successor to the KGB.  Their powers will be expanded.  Seems to me that is an oxymoronic action.  I mean how can you expand that which is limitless?  You think his pal Putin might have put that bug in his ear?   Maybe those 10 sleeper spies they just got back need something to do.

You may have noticed the news item that 20% of Californians believe they need mental help.    Lordy, the only shocker in that figure is that it is so low!   It earned its moniker as La La land.   Maybe they would all feel better if they hugged a tree and then plugged in their electric cars until they get a brownout.  The problem is probably that they have been watching the antics in Sacramento too long and the behavior is spreading like a virus.

Perhaps Arizona should argue that they have a right under Article 1, section 10 of the US Constitution that they have a right to restrict and enforce immigration laws.  Read it.   No State can engage in war unless “actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay”.  With the drug wars, kidnapping of journalists, and wholesale migration of illegals across their border they may well have a sound legal position.  The Governor could declare a state of emergency and proceed.  The Constitution doesn’t specify who gets to determine the imminent danger but the language is clear enough that a governor could invoke the provision.  It is a right of a State to defend itself against invasion that is clear.  Likely, the courts would not even have jurisdiction to determine any dispute on the question because it is political in nature.  

Is anything better than taking your grandkids to the pool in summer or out to the park to fish on a crisp fall day?   Lots of fun and little responsibility–mom and dad get to take all that responsibility.  Besides is there anything funnier than a splash of vanilla ice cream on a kids nose at the pool?

Sure hope you are stocking up on all those 1099 forms you will need in a year of so.  That Obamacare provision that requires everyone to file a 1099 for any purchase(s) over $600.00 in any year will be a bear.  I mean you can have that much with your dentist or at Home Depot if you are making repairs.  No doubt each of you are already preparing your file cabinets with folders to keep up with every receipt during the year and then total them at year-end.  Everyone will have to file at least for their local grocery store.  Now you wonder who at the IRS is going to take a look at all that paperwork every year.  I want the contract with the Feds to supply the warehouse space to store these records.

When I read the works of our Founding Fathers, their actual letters, diary entries and of course their great works of discourse on our government formation, I am shamed that my use of the King’s English is so lacking compared to theirs.   Most didn’t have a “formal” education the way we would think of it but they could express themselves, concisely and yet so beautifully. 

There have been many more comments about immigration due to the Az. suit and like always there is the constant comment about anyone born here being a citizen.   That is simply not what the Constitution says.  Please read the 14th amendment.  The apt phrase is in the conjunctive.  There are TWO requirements to be a citizen–being born or naturalized AND being subject to the jurisdiction of the US.   That second phrase has meaning although it has mostly been ignored in recent years.  Foreign outlaws on the lam who happen to stop in New England long enough to have a baby doesn’t give that child citizenship.  Research the issue for yourself. 

You note that the oil in the Gulf is disappearing.  What is surprising is that some people act surprised.  Oil is a natural substance.  It comes from Mother Nature in the first place and has always been seeping here and there around the world both on land and sea.  BP was right a couple of months ago when they said that the amount of oil leaking was tiny compared to the size of the Gulf.  A few spots here and there will need special attention for a while but sooner than anyone in the media projected things will be back to normal.  My kids are going to the beach there next week.  The tar balls have been around forever, don’t take my word for it but ask those who have lived there.  When I was just a child we saw them on the beach at Galveston all the time.   They should let the fishermen back in the waters very soon.  Test the darn fish now, eat a few and see if they are toxic.  Bet they won’t find hardly any already.  Then let the drilling rigs back to work–Lord knows we need the jobs and the oil.

What is amazing is that the Erie canal was done on time and on budget and it really did provide a bang for the buck.  It opened trade from the Midwest to the east coast.   What is remarkable is that it was all done without Caterpillar equipment.  That must have been a back breaker.

“the mind abhors a vacuum of ignorance”–L. Halle.  Sadly though some of the evidence would indicate that politicians seem to thrive on a vacuum of ignorance.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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  1. Adam

    If you get the IRS warehouse contract, I want in.

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