2 Cents Worth On Politics, Economics And Life Its Ownself

As always the nod to Blackie Sherrod, the greatest sports writer ever, and a very good writer in general.  With that we offer the following pearls of wisdom for digestion or indigestion as the case may be.

When will the powers that be finally read the Constitution and formulate a plan to effectively punish those Somali pirates?  Our Constitution gives us power to regulate and impose penal sanctions on pirates; its in Article One, section 8 for the curious.  We can impose such sanctions as we deem appropriate without the approval of the UN or anyone else.  Historically that meant a drumhead court-martial at the nearest friendly port for surviving pirates and immediate execution.  All nations have taken action against pirates over the millenia with approval for the world community because they are a scourge on all mankind.   We should implement a shoot to kill policy, make that area a “free fire zone” as they say today after a warning.   Survivors will be tried and executed by the military unit that captures them.  They are entitled historically to any other form of justice.  They are a menace to everyone and cold-bloodied killers.

Does he or doesn’t he have something to hide?  That is the question for Mr. Sestak.  He openly states that he was offered a job to withdraw from a primary race.   If true it is a crime, if not then he is guilty of exaggeration at best or slander at worst.  Did he think he could make such a comment and then  walk away like it was of no matter.  He clearly thought the statement helped him in his race or else he never would have uttered it.  He blurted it out.   But once out, it was a come on of the worst kind.  Now whether he likes it or not he has to open his kimono for all to see.   His refusal to be forthcoming could be construed as obstruction of justice by an eager US attorney but for the fact they are all Democrats at the moment.  Come on, Joe, show us what you got.

Sestak has a fellow traveler in ignoring the advice of Proverbs about keeping your mouth shut.  Mr. Blumenthal couldn’t resist pumping up his resume with false claims.  Any veteran whether he served in a combat zone or not deserves our praise and those same vets would not demean those who served stateside during their service.   But, but, but no vet ever claims to have served in a foreign combat engagement when he didn’t.  That is not done.  Millions of men during WWII never left American shores but they did serve but they wouldn’t go around claiming to have been on the beaches at Normandy when they were stationed at Fort Dix.  But for the Blumenthal faithful there is hope, Clinton lied under oath and was never prosecuted for perjury, so maybe Blummy will get a pass.  It says a lot about us, none of it good, if he does.

Wind and solar power are great things and maybe will flourish and grow.  But giving them giant subsidies is ridiculous. If it is a good idea it should make it in the free market.  We have been giving billions every year for that idiocy of ethanol and now it is solar and wind.  The Europeans are bigger of the idea of solar than we are and have given even larger subsidies.   Not me saying it, but watch the news and you will see those subsidies are coming to a halt quickly.  The European sovereign debt crisis has put the kibosh on those programs. They are decided that it isn’t worth it to fund those programs when they have to seriously cut spending.  It is the low hanging fruit.  They already pay much higher prices for oil than we do and now they have a choice of some of their welfare programs and pensions or solar.   Guess which one those socialist government union members will be  wanting to cut?  It may come back but for at least a decade or more there will be no expansion of solar there except for projects already started.  I am just a parrot of the news reports out of Europe on this one; you can’t blame my climate change skepticism.

If you think air travel service by the air lines stinks today then you don’t recall the service in the days before deregulation.   Prior to Reagan and the changes they were protected with the charters and their fares.  They charged an arm and a leg.  If you adjusted for inflation it was much higher then than now and the service was mediocre at best.  After all it didn’t do you much good to complain to the airline, they didn’t have to please their customers only their regulators.  If the regulators were happy then they were good.  Pleasing passengers was only incidental.   Southwest Airlines broke the mold and showed the way of the future.  It only worked because it traveled strictly intrastate and didn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal regulators except for safety matters.  They were fun to fly in those early days because they made an obvious and demonstrative effort to have happy passengers.  What a breath of fresh air that was.

One wonders if Greece will serve up the European euro on a shish kebab.  Those governments in Europe have finally run out of other people’s money.  They will have to go all in with communist regimes or allow free markets to operate.  The free markets can function and solve their problems over time, but the market when allowed to operate always extracts a price for stupid.   They belief that they can pay for an expansive welfare state on ever-mounting debt that will be paid by the Tooth Fairy is being put to the test.   Don’t bet on the Tooth Fairey coming to the rescue.

At this time in 1942 the Battle of the Coral Sea had just occurred and the US Navy was gearing up for the Battle of Midway which took place the first week in June.   Many, many fine young pilots lost their lives in those encounters but we blunted the Jap sword permanently.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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