North Korea And The Brink

As they have been doing for over 60 years, the North Koreans are making trouble again for everyone in the region and now even around the world.  The evidence seems to be mounting that the North Koreans did in fact torpedo and sink the South Korean frigate a few weeks ago.  Even the current administration seems to be accepting that position and they sure wouldn’t be doing so unless the evidence was very solid.  Our administration is all for diplomacy and making nice with everyone and never saying a harsh word about our worst enemies.   They save all those harsh words for American business.

This of course is nothing more than a continuation of hostile intents and actions by the North Koreans for decades.  When things are too quiet to suit them for too long they seem inclined and almost compelled to make trouble so they will get the notice of the world again.  On a rational level it is hard to imagine what it is they want.  They announce that they want everyone to be communist just like them and apologize for any and every perceived wrong they believe to have been subjected to over the years.  It ain’t going to happen.   Even their Asians neighbors who peek over the fence at the demilitarized zone don’t like what they see there.

Unfortunately we have stood idly by while they have developed both rockets and nuclear weapon systems.  In spite of all the sound and fury in the diplomatic field the bottom line is that they have gotten by with outrageous behavior.   Not only outrageous but dangerous for the area and the world as their weapon capability expands.  You recall it was only a few years ago they tested a rocket that supposedly could reach Hawaii.   They are a very dangerous cancer in that region and would make a deal with the Devil for sure to advance their goals, whatever those may be.   Since all they seem capable of doing is maintaining a small elite and a military they must be seeking greater economic advantage. 

They want other people’s money.  Just like all socialist or communist governments that is their ultimate goal.  It is not going to happen.  The South has done very well, thank you very much, since the truce was signed in ’53.  It is worth a certain sum of money to the South no doubt to maintain the peace but they are not going to hamstring their own economic future to help out the North.   This is not like Germany at the end of the Cold War.  East Germany wanted very much to change its political and economic system and mesh with the West.   That transition has had its own problems that persist to today but it is working after a fashion and at least the trend line looks good.  The North merely wants tribute not to go to war.   They have a pattern of pulling these stunts every so often.  They seized our ship the Pueblo and kept our sailors for over a year in captivity until we apologized for spying and invading their territory.   Only then did we get our people back. It was a complete humiliation.   It was on a par with the Iranian takeover of our embassy in Teheran in ’79.  

The stock markets in the West have reacted negatively to this latest aggression and you know it makes the North chuckle and preen to see that happen.   It is what they want.   Like all bullies though they run the danger of over playing their hand at some point.  One would wish this was that moment.  Of course with the guy in the white house now nothing will happen to them and they are counting on that you can bet.  They will be pushing more trade and money to develop their industry, such as it is.  The South should never have agreed to the creation of that industrial park just north of the DMZ and spent all that money on it.  Paying tribute and bribes and allowing extortion to be extracted never makes a good foreign policy for any nation.

The South and the rest of the world needs to make a rational and firm decision about how to deal with the current problem and more importantly make a decision about  how much bullying they will tolerate in the future.   The risk of a conventional attack from the North or even the use of a nuke is certainly not beyond the pale of reasonable and rationale thinking.   All we can destroy in retaliation is their “mud huts”, that is more truth than rhetorical statement.  But we can also eliminate a very real threat to peace and prevent a nuclear disaster.  Maybe it is time for the diplomacy to be at the point of a sword.  No one will come to their aid in literal fact and even the rhetoric will be muted.  All recognize the danger the North poses.

“Ultimate authority dwells in the darkness beyond the known world”  Louis Halle, thinker extraordinaire.  Hence the Founding Fathers in the Declaration called upon “nature and nature’s God for the inherent rights declared therein.

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