Integrity And The Rubicon

Body There are some places in life where you can’t turn back and get a do over. Like Caesar crossing the Rubicon, once over that is it and you are in a new place for good or ill. A famous novelist once wrote an entire book about never being able to go back home, it will have changed and you will have also. Sometimes this break points are not that serious and it is merely the passing of an era or a boundary in education or business. Those things lost can often be retreived but in some instances they are not recoverable.

Often the challenge is that these pasages involve our characteristics and traits as a person. Integrity is something once lost is almost impossible to regain. It is your integrity that is on the line. It should be burnished and cherished like the true treasure that it is. If you had a business partner who you discovered had stolen money from your partnership he will have lost his integrity with you. If it becomes public knowledge he will have lost it with the community where you do business. Likely he will be a Pariah for the rest of his life. He might be able to move away somewhere and start over but today world with instant communications makes even that less likely than it would have been before. Even if he repays the stolen funds will you want to continue to be his partner? Likely not.

Integrity takes a lifetime to build because it is increased or diminished with our daily work and endeavors. It is growing and stagnant. Once it begins a descent it will not recover in most cases. Integrity is important not only in the business world but in our personal relationships. If you lie about your brother or lie about money to your spouse then you are tearing apart the fabric of trust. Trust is the outcome of being perceived as a person of integrity. You lose one then you lost both. A hundred and fifty years ago you could move west and even take a new name and probably get away with it. Our history of the west is filled with people who moved west from east of the Mississippi just to escape creditors or a bad marriage or even criminal activity. They didn’t have SSN’s in those days or the internet so the odds were fair to middling you could create a new persona on the outside. Of course you still carried with you the internal stain of your wrongdoing that caused you to lose your integrity in the first place.

You can achieve more in your persoanl relationships and in the business world if you are believed to be a person of integrity unless you are running with a gang of pirates or outlaws. Sometimes those who have done wrong can redeem their integrity but they still might have only the pleasure of sharing the with their God and their family. A lucky and very diligent few may regain in with the public at large. Your integrity and thus your reputation is your best asset in the long haul. It will even trump education and intellect in most instances. The old once burned, twice shy adage is as true now as it was when coined. So treat your integrity as the shiny asset that it is. You may not become rich but you will never regret it. Regret will surely follow the loss of it.

The market is not for the faint of heart at the moment. Sometimes the market can go for years being rather dull and drifting here and there. But since Government, Inc. has started proposing the “solution of the day” for every perceived shortcoming of the market and the free market system the nervousness of the markets has mounted. Add to that the growing debt and deficit spending and increases in taxes that still show no signs of reducing debt or deficit and you have a witches brew of trouble. Of course the pols in charge continue to ignore the possibility of ever actually reducing spending.


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