Arizona Immigration Law And The Covenant With The People

Hooray for Arizona in raising a critical issue to the fore where it can’t be buried in the buzz and blur of the headlines.   The good folks in Arizona have stood up to the incompetence and hypocrisy from Washington and thrown down the gauntlet on the question of illegal immigration and security of our borders.   It is about time someone stood four-square for the people rather than political pandering to special interest groups and future votes. 

From the time that people first became agriculturally fixed and abandoned the hunter-gatherer mode of existence, security was a prime issue and that meant securing the “borders”.  Those people who developed an agricultural based society naturally led to the creation of permanent villages and then towns.  They had to protect themselves from the roaming bands of nomadic hunter-gatherers still in the hinterlands so they wouldn’t come and take the fruits of their labors.  That lead to the creation of government and organization of society.  Farming was a joint effort if it was to be effective in feeding the people and allowing the creation of trades, like tanners, metalworkers, scribes and the like.  They had to build canals and storage facilities.   The Sumerians were the first to develop these cities and structures.  The rulers of the people had a “bargain”, you supply the labor to feed us and we will offer protection from the outside world.   Security and safety was the basic trade made between rulers and the ruled.  That was job number one of government.  They quickly learned to control the people who had access to their lands and cities.  Strangers were permitted for trade but it was regulated to protect themselves.  Thus it has ever been since those earliest days of history and pre-history.

Any nation that can’t secure its border and thus its people will have its legitimacy drawn into question with good reason.  What good is it doing if it can’t provide that basic need of the people.  From ancient times to today all nations and empires have recognized the right of each nation to control those who may enter.    That is supposed to be the job of the government, our government.  We have had immigration laws on the books since the 19th century.  It is only since the 1960’s that we have had such loose borders as an unacknowledged policy of the US.  Yes, some people came here illegally even before then but it was never tacitly affirmed as OK.  The major changes in the immigration laws of the ’60’s and then the ’80’s were designed to enhance the political power of the Democratic party.  To believe otherwise is naive at best and places undue and undeserved trust in the politicians.

The Arizona law is a response to the failure of the Federal government to secure our borders.  The Feds are breaking the basic covenant with the people.  It is fine  for the folks inside the Beltway in their Ivory towers to say this is a “mean-spirited” law.  But they don’t suffer the rampage of the illegals pouring over the border.   Many of them are not nice people.  You don’t have to do much research to see the pillage going on in our border areas with Mexico.  From the estimates of the dead from drug violence in Mexico as reported almost daily in the press it is hard to know if more people are being killed in Iraq or Mexico from the chaos.  They have even attacked two of our consulates in the last month. 

Logically, it is a truism that enforcing the law can’t of itself be illegal.  Some of said that it will be racial profiling.  Some would argue that that wouldn’t be a bad idea anyway but that is not true.   The new law requires that there be a reasonable suspicion that someone is an illegal before they can be questioned about their status.   That is basic criminal 101.  The law enforcement people have had that right to question all of us since the beginning if they suspect you have committed a crime.  The law books are replete with cases regarding the legitimacy of search and seizures and probable cause for the search.  Some one driving at 3 am on a goat path a few miles from the border with a truckload of people, trespassing on private property that has been so marked and cutting fences to do so, and who can’t produce any valid proof of identity is a viable suspect.

No one would dispute that the Border Patrol would have the right to stop and question such a person in those circumstances.   I ask you what difference does it make whether that interrogation is conducted by a Border Patrol agent or the local sheriff’s’ deputy?   They are investigating a probable violation of the law.   Either the person is legal or illegal and if illegal there are and should be consequences.  You would think that the Feds would give a great shout of thanks to the people of Arizona for helping out with the problem.    Why is one cop ok and another not?   Frankly, the States are authorized under Article One of the Constitution to “raise troops” in the face of an emergency.   When one sees the mayhem along our border a very good argument can be made that the States are only responding to an emergency when the Federal government is unwilling or unable to provide the protection our fellow citizens are entitled to.  One death of a US citizen along the border is one too many.   Where is Black Jack Pershing when we need him?

The honey suckle is beginning to bloom and the peaches have emerged on the branches.  It will only be about a month and we can have fresh peaches right off the tree.  Chill them in the frig for an hour or so and they taste great.  If you are ambitious you can make peach home-made ice cream by slicing them and adding them to the vanilla ice cream.  What a treat on a warm late spring night.


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