Divide To Unite–Constitutional Convention To Redraw US

There is obvious political discord in the nation at the moment.  It is very intense.   It has been intense before and the battle lines have been stark for some time.  There is a significant portion of the nation led by the Democratic party that strongly believes in a large and expanding federal government role and an unending search for “social justice” as they define it.  They largely believe that the wealth of society should be redistributed for the betterment of society.  Many are outright socialist and others while maybe not in that camp do believe in a government so large and intrusive as to not make much difference.  There are others who have a very different vision for the country and its future.   They believe in a lean government that controls with a light touch and allows for mostly local control of most issues. Those two views are not compatible now or in the future.

These clashing desires for the future direction of the country are the root cause of the current discord and conflict within the country.  Some have said we are heading toward a civil war.  That is not a ridiculous thought.  It has happened before not only in our country but in others around the world.   If either respective group was only a very small percentage of the population it wouldn’t be much of a problem because the small minority would have to conform.  But the Demos and the Left do have a substantial portion of the population with them and they are endeavoring to enhance that portion with expanding government programs to make more people dependent on their largess and therefore inclined to support them because they provide for their welfare by handing out the bread and circuses to them.  These contrary views are irreconcilable and as long as we butt heads the greater the prospects for a destructive Balkan type clash in our future.  There is a better way to make most of us happier.  There are no Utopias on earth but we can improve matters by allowing each faction to pursue its own course without having to constantly be at odds with the other.

The Constitution provides for Constitutional convention to amend the Constitution.  One should be called and we should divide the nation into two segments for most political purposes.  The division would be pretty obvious to anyone.  The two coasts, east and west would become one segment and most of the mid section would become the other.   Michigan and Illinois would have to petition in all likelihood to gain admittance to either one.  It would be an open question as to who would want them.  This is using the ballot box to resolve our differences and to provide for much greater stability for each new America as we move into the 21st century.  Things change.

The Left group could do as they pleased and not have to be concerned with any significant opposition.  The could allow Washington to dominant everything in their country. They could totally ignore the federal system as they have wanted to do for decades.  Each state would merely be an administrative province of Washington.  They could have a national health care system.  They could allow unions to form on the request of 10% of workers.  Heck they can socialize utilities, take over all the banks, insurance companies, railroads, airlines, agriculture and all professions.  They can legalize drugs and put up a neon sign on their border saying welcome to all who are completely destitute and illiterate and let them become citizens upon entry by filling out a simple form.   They can regulate to their hearts content and have wage-price controls on everything and everyone.   They can have expanded affirmative action programs so that no one is denied a position they think they deserve and they could offer free education so that anyone could stay in school without tuition until they got their PHd.   They can tax their rich into oblivion with 95% tax rates if they like and impose all they new taxes they want to redistribute the wealth.  They can obliterate capitalism.   They wouldn’t have to worry about obstructionists or Tea Parties.   They would be happy as pigs in a mud hole on a hot day.

The other America could tighten its borders, allow as much regulation as they thought necessary on industries and promote economic growth and a low taxes.  It would have the same bill of rights as exist now but would restrict the commerce clause to actions, events, or endeavors that have a “direct and material” effect on interstate commerce.   It’s new capital could be anywhere in the mid section of the country.  The military would be divided equally so that each could protect the security of its citizens and we would have a very strong joint military treaty to aid one another.   There could be a provision to allow a long period of adjustment, say ten years for citizens to make up their mind which country they preferred and then move if that is their choice to the other segment.  But once made that is it.  Trade and commerce would flow between the two countries freely for the clear reason it would benefit both, but political direction and governmental policies would stop at the border of each.

Let each go its on way without the conflict and discord we have now.   Those desired directions are very different and each side now views the other with extreme hostility, in many cases as the “enemy” and with good reason.  Each side’s views and efforts do thwart the ambitions and desires of the other.  Let’s be honest about matters–we do have two visions of America and they don’t jibe; they are in direct opposition to each other.  We would probably be pretty good allies down the road and even if that is not true it would be better than being enemies within the same borders and having  brother against brother.  Each would have a much more stable society and happier people. 

Those 16,500 new IRS agents could all go to the Coastal America.  They would need them to enforce their tax collections and it would provide government jobs which they all love anyway.   http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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