The Accounting

There is an old hymn called “Blessed Assurance”.  It has a part of a verse that reads “This is my story…”.   All of us will face those four words some day.  The only question is when.  For many of you those words have no impact today because you are so consumed with the problems or worries of today that you think you can and will merely defer thinking about that subject for a while.   You just aren’t in the mood to contemplate such matters.  But those four words some day, maybe when you least expect it they will slam into your conciousness like a freight train.   We all have to make an accounting for our life to someone or something or at least to ourselves.  We will have to justify the journey we have taken  and the roads we selected and the companions we brought along with us or followed.

Whether you like it or not you will face that task someday to fill in the huge blank after that phrase.  What is your story?  It is not a bad idea to start with the paradigm of what you would like to write.  What would you want your story to be?  The story writing is a contest but there is only one contestant–you.  Depending on your beliefs there will be one or two judges.  You will be one and for some of us there will be a Higher Power that will measure the value and worth of our story.  You can’t tell the story by leaving out all those blemishes.  That wouldn’t be the whole story would it?  You know the truth of your life and if you believe in a Higher Power then He will know all the events of your life as well.  Telling our whole story will be intimidating for most of us.  We have had our good days and our bad ones; there have been successes and failures to recount; gladly we report our acts of charity or kindness and with great reluctance we pen the words of our shortcomings and mean spirited acts.

As the expression goes life is not a “do over” and it only happens once.  Fortunately we do have the opportunities to atone and make right most of the things we did wrong or correct the wrongs we caused with our actions or more often yet with our words.  No matter how much we all wish we could blame our shortcomings on others, it is our story.  We may not have wealth in gold but we can have a golden heart and attitude towards the ones we love and those who have a right to expect the bounty of at least our kindness and caring.  That requires no special degree or education and does not demand a large bank account.  When you give the rendering of your story will there be whole episodes or even years that you will wish to  omit?  The answer will be yes except for those few and even those will have those secret thoughts buried within their hearts not acted upon. 

None know when they will have to tell their tale.  Oh, we think in the abstract that it will always be down the road.  That is true even for those with a walker and on social security but wouldn’t it be better for yourself to attempt daily to  be aware of that accounting.  Knowing you will tell your story might just help with the decisions we make now.  It might eliminate a few of those dark chapters in our life.  Your personal diary at the end of the day will have tear drops upon those parchment pages and that is not a bad thing.  We should regret some of our actions and rejoice in others.  That story is being brought to life each day your breathe.  You do have control over the important matters that have to be told.  The final chapter doesn’t make the story a success if the estate is large.  It is what you left behind for those that you loved in spirit that will make telling the story easier. 

Some of us have that “Blessed Assurance” of forgiveness.  It doesn’t erase those dark chapters of our story but it does allow us another chapter and redemption.  Attitude and actions matter more than material or worldly achievements.  We all are equal in the ability to manifest those.  Here’s hoping you will have a worthy story to tell and that the goodness you gave and demonstrated to others will take more words than the actions you regret.

The law has required for generations that immigrants to the US must be proficient in English to attain citizenship.  Some one explain to me why it is that our ballots have to be in Spanish as well as English to cast our votes.  The most important act of any citizen and all citizens are presumed or required to speak English.


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