2 Cts. Worth on Politics, Climate, Economy

I wonder how well the folks at the EPA who are working on all the hazards of climate change are managing to get to work through the snow. Since they are so worried about CO2 as a climate changer and we are assured it is warming the atmosphere precipitously I am sure they are struggling in the heat of this winter to do the best thing for all of us whether we agree with them or not. I wonder if the climate professors and experts at Penn State are able to get to work this week and clean up more of their emails. If this climate warming doesn’t stop soon we’ll have ice sheets again moving down from Upstate New York. I wonder if the people in the Mid Atlantic are wearing their Bermuda shorts and sun tan lotion today with this record warming?

The climate has changed, many times over the eons of earth’s history. It has changed dramatically long before old homo sapiens began to walk upright. It will change again. That is a certainty. As long as we have the Sun, its radiation, its solar flares and sunspots, it will change. It will be influenced by the Moon and the tides. It will be affected by the tilt of the earth and our electro-magnetic field. Those are the mega influences and dwarf anything we do or think we can do to alter the climate.

How happy are the people who have already bought one of those Volts up East today? You might have missed the news items carried on the back pages but they merely confirmed the obvious to any thinking person. The touted 40 miles per charge (which is a puny amount of mileage) is further reduced by cold weather and traffic conditions. Sometimes the mileage may be only a bit more than half the advertised 40 miles. Could you make it from Trenton to Philly and back on a day like today?

Do you think that old KSM will end up being tried in Bismarck North Dakota? Talk about leaping before looking. That gang that can’t shoot straight is hell bent on “theatre” politics and international applause so much they don’t really understand basic American instincts and values. When the Viet Cong committed acts of terrorism against American troops they weren’t brought to the States for a trial. German saboteurs were summarily tried in military courts during the War and executed. Forget all the expense for a moment and just imagine being one of the ten of thousands of New Yorkers living within a couple of miles of the Manhattan courthouse. Would you want to have to drive through check points and be searched going in and out of your own apartment or have snipers on the roof? Trying our enemies during a war is why we have military bases. Try the characters there, if a trial is what they deserve.

Again from the back pages of the news and during the Holidays so little notice was given to the Treasury announcement of additional money for Fannie and Freddie. There was a limit of 200 billion, yes, you read that right for backing up their purchases of mortgages. That limit was removed by the Treasury. Now there is no limit at all as to how much money they can commit to buying and packaging mortgages. All with tax dollars and not from private industry. Those two now control 90% of all US mortgages. Seems to me that is asking the bank robber back because he forgot to get all the hundreds in the vault.

All the flap over the Toyota gas pedal problems and now braking problems remind me again that we need a mechanical backup at least for these systems. Before there was an actual cable that moved when you pressed the gas pedal or hit the brake. You really did control the process. Now those things are done by computer. You don’t contol the process but are merely giving signals to a computer about what you want it to do. Same is true now with airplanes. Have you ever had your electric windows not operate on a hot day? What would you have given to have had an old fashioned handle you could rotate to lower or raise the window and let in some fresh air? We’ve all had problems with our computers. They sometimes just do crazy things. I would rather trust my own physical abilities and instincts when it comes to driving than a computer. Yes, we malfunction too. But I would still rather know that when I step on the pedal I am making the car respond to my wishes, not depending on an intermediary to interpret my instructions. Interesting also that the US not only regulates the auto industry but is a competitor with Toyota. In the private world someone could be sued and rightly so for breach of fiduciary duty and conflicts of interest.

Want a bigger government role in your economy? Take a look at Argentina, Venezuela and Greece. The electricity is fading in one, in another the government is your banker and in another the world creditors are turning their back on requests for more money. Will the proposed policies of the current Government, Inc. group lead us to the same end?

On the typical cattle drive in the old west the fellow driving the chuck wagon was a true jack of all trades. The cowboys usually respected and relied on him. He was the cook and that meant a lot but he also was the doctor and the nurse. He often was the blacksmith for all the horses and veternarian for the herd. http://www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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