The Proverbial Ton of Bricks

A couple of days ago I was hit with the proverbial ton of bricks both literally and rhetorically.  As I have written before if you live long enough you will see just about everything so0ner or later.  Never thought I would see anyone but a dyed -in- the -wool Democrat win a Senate seat in Massachusetts for example.  I have seen a solar eclipse and the end of the Soviet Union which seemed only an impossible dream at the beginning of the 1980’s. 

Well, I came home from a business errand last week and was informed by my hysterical neighbor that we had a big problem as she knocked on the front door.  We walked to the side of my house and my chimney had collapsed and the top half had fallen over onto their roof.  The darn thing had crashed through their roof and then through the ceiling into their living room area.  We went inside and there were bricks and debris all over her nice hard wood floor and her furnishings.  She was understandably on the verge of a collapse herself.  Can’t say that I can blame her one bit.  I was rather stunned myself.  My house was built in 1932 and in the area where we live the ground moves between the seasons and the amount 0f rain we get or the lack of rain.  The soil is a black loam and very gooey and clay-like in consistency and expands and contracts a lot.  That is just a fact everyone in this area has to live with.  Sometimes the windows and doors won’t shut because of the slight movement in the house.

In spite of that fact I never expected that part of my home would collapse and I have never heard of that happening to anyone else.  Now the insurance company is being a bit of a bother.  I have both homeowners insurance and a personal liability umbrella policy but the company is taking the position at the moment that it was an Act of God and therefore they have no responsibility under the liability policy.   So now I am faced with a hassle and in the meantime paying for the repairs to my neighbor’s house.  Forge the law, they were just minding their own business with the roof fell in on them because my chimney fell on them.   Hard to find a silver lining out of all this but I am looking, believe me I am looking.

I do have a good suspect though who might have caused the problem.  My 7 year old grandson were the first ones to figure out the mystery.  I am very proud of their detective work.   Sherlock Holmes couldn’t have done a better job.  The day after the incident I went with the little lady of the house to baby sit them.  They informed me that it was Santa Claus.  They thought he did something when he came down the chimney or his sleigh or reindeer might have hit it.  Now that seems like the most likely explanation to me.  At least now I know who we  can sue to recover our damages.  Not worried about finding a lawyer for the case.  The publicity alone would be worth a bundle to them.  You can just imagine their ads on the TV after they are successful when they want to talk about how tough they are in the courtroom and will fight for you.  They can brag that they even sued Santa.  Of course they will have a hard time figuring out how to serve the papers on him.   I bet those elves do a pretty good job of protecting his privacy. 

Now the administration is talking about getting tough on the Federal budget and asking for a freeze.  Wow, they are freezing 17% of the budget.  Of course the freeze is after an increase of 28% in the last two years in the budget.  Why can’t they cut out that increase?  The average Federal worker now makes $73,000.00 a year.  At those wages we could dump at leat 5% of them and offer the same position to people who would be willing to take it at $43,000.00 which is the average wage in the private sector.  I have no doubt the lines would be long with will applicants with the unemployment rate at 10%



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3 responses to “The Proverbial Ton of Bricks

  1. HSMIV

    Very smart that grandson of yours is!!!!!

    • Where do you find the stats on what gov workers make? I want to look the wages up myself. If it is true that a mailman can make more money than my wife, who is a registered nurse, then something is VERY WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!!! No offense to all the mailmen out there.

      • olcranky

        can’t remember right but I think it was the Commerce dept believe it or not,,,there were a few blips on the news about it,,,not CNN but Fox and the Wall Street Journal….it is a fact…..Hell, postmen start at about 40k,,,,look it up…

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