Tea Party Brown Takes Crown

Well, if you live long enough you will see just ab0ut everything so0ner or later.  The pounding last night by good people of Massachusetts of the establishment left was nothing less than astounding.  They didn’t so much vote for a Republican as they voted for a man on the Republican ticket who was touting his support for the basic ideas that burst on the scene with the Tea Party movement.  That movement grew like a mushroom late in the winter of ’09 when the full range of the Obama agenda was becoming abundantly clear even to the near-sighted.

I wrote about my experience at our local Tea Party held last April.  Out of a crowd of ten thousand or so, there was only a handful of kooks.  You will always have a few of those at any public event i.e., an NFL game.   I was very impressed with the “ordinariness” of the crowd, its diversity and the overwhelming sentiment that the Federal government was too big, overreaching, wanting more of our money and more control over every aspect of our lives.  It was not merely distrust of big government in Washington it was an expression of a fear of the loss of our individual freedoms the more we cede power to Washington.  Using the word cede is not by accident.  The liberal left wouldn’t like that use.   They believe that all power devolves from Washington and that the States should be no more than handmaidens to do the bidding of the central planners and power brokers in Washington.  

Those who believe in the Federal system of partnership between the Federal government and the States would think it quite appropriate because of the tendency and fact of the Feds encroachment on areas reserved to the States under the Constitution.  It is a generational matter to some extent.  Some can recall when the Federal government did more or less try to adhere to the limits on its power under the Constitution.  When the States allow their money and authority over education for example to be dominated by Washington that is ceding power to the swampland.  The people want more power exercised at the local level.  Not by Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.  The same would be true for any Republican seeking to expand Federal authority into areas best left to the States and by law granted to the States.

The Tea Party movement is all about limiting the Feds to their powers under Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution.  Brown was able to tap into that clarion call.  He didn’t win because he talked about going to Washington to expand the power of the Feds or propose giant new Federal programs for everything under the Sun.  He won because he represented a dam or brake on the constant expansion and encroachment of the Government Inc. into our economy, our freedoms and our free market enterprise system.   Paul Begala last night in a rant against Republicans said that what would they do to help stem the Federal Budget eliminate the department of education?  You darn tooting that is what a lot of us would want.  Education is not a power of the Federal government.  At least so far there are no Federal elementary schools.  Although the Feds love  controlling as much as they can with no child left behind and Obama’s race to the top type programs.  Let the department cease to exist and let all those scores of billions of dollars annually remain with the States and I believe everyone would be better off.  That is only one example.   We don’t want the Feds running our schools, interfering with our churches, or telling us what our health MUST be and what we MUST spend on it.   And we darn sure don’t want the Feds owning major slices of the American business world.   The people are smart enough to figure out the truth of most things most of the time.  Ranting that big banks or AIG took all that TARP money and now have to adhere to strict pay and other regulatory guidelines is sophistry at best.   Heck, it was the government that decided they were too big to fail and it was the government that gave them the money.  The government had choices.  They could have said you made bad business decisions and now must suffer the consequences and let them go.  If that had been done from the beginning we would all be much better off now.   TARP was a government scheme, it wasn’t a program demanded and even wanted by the people.  But like Emmanuel said they didn’t want to let a good crisis go to waste.  One of the few honest statements by anyone from the Obama white house.

Those that love the big federal government had best understand that they are in the minority and that if they will look behind themselves they will see that the vast majority of the country is not following where they want to tread.   www.olcranky.wordpress.com

Most of think of Indian wars as happening out West–probably the influence of all those Hollywood westerns.   In 1655 over 600 Indians of various tribes were upset about the possible loss of the fur trade business operated out of New Amsterdam.  They made their way down the Hudson River and attacked what would become New York city and killed dozens and burned many buildings in that fledgling city.  They were driven off ultimately and went back to their domains up river and into the Mohawk river valley.  This was only one of many such encounters between the whites and Indians in the early days of our history.  It wasn’t west of the Mississippi and wasn’t even west of the Hudson.


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