Murder–Up Close and Personal–Part Two

This is a real life story of a murder and the trial.  Not TV.  The faint of heart should not proceed.  When last we were talking the body of Teeney had been found in a vacant field across the street from her apartment complex.  This was so odd since the same area had been searched thoroughly only two days before and this final run through was only pro forma.  The body was not intact.  The head was almost severed and the arms and legs were badly cut and slashed.  There was a stick protruding from her private parts.  Her breasts had been cut off and were lying on the ground next to her body.  The breasts had visible teeth marks on them from a bite.   Teeney had been stabbed and slashed repeatedly.  There were dozens of stab and slash wounds.  Some of the onlookers got more than they were bargaining for with the ogling and rubber -necking and threw up on the spot.  The man who found her body it turned out had discovered a body a couple of years before.  This was the second time he had found a murder victim.  What are the odds of that?  How many people out of a thousand have discovered one body in their lifetime?  I would wager less than one percent.   Hmm.

Old Bob was all over it and talking to the local cops about his theories of the case and doing the same with the Sheriff’s office.  Finally, one of the cops thought he was showing just a little too much interest in this murder case.   He brought him back to his office to question him about his whereabouts doing the weekend.  Bob told him about his drug snooping and informer “job” with  the FBI for the weekend and that he had been staying at a motel with the rented car to stay “undercover” and keep a low profile.  His wife couldn’t offer any information as she had not seen him for days.  The motel was in the mid part of town and almost a run down one but still acceptable.  The police went and searched his room at the motel.   They believed that if he was the killer there would be proof of it there in some small bit of evidence.  They also got his permission to search the rent car.  This was  in the days before DNA but they could still found the smallest traces of blood or hair or human skin.   But searches came up completely negative.   By now however the cops were more convinced that Bob had something to do with the killing.  He was there and was there more than once. 

As the first search in the field didn’t find a body it was obvious that whoever the killer was that the killing had happened somewhere else and that Teeney’s body was brought back to the field probably on Sunday night.   The condition of the body made it very evident that wherever the killing occurred there would be blood and gore everywhere.  Moving the body would have been difficult at best and again a very messy affair.  But there was no physical evidence at the apartment, the motel room or in the rented car.  There was no knife found anywhere and Bob was denying any involvement.  The investigation of the fellow who found the body turned up nothing according to the police.  It was only an odd and random coincidence that he had found two murder victims in his lifetime.  No one who was with Teeney that Friday night or any of her other friends could identify Bob; they had never seen him before.   The local cops decided they had their man though with Bob because he had more opportunity than anyone else and he was such a kook anyway.   They took him to the Sheriff’s office for more questioning.  This was done but the questioning although very extensive and lasting more or less none stop for 24 hours didn’t produce anything of value.  Bob continued to deny the killing.  Although the case was purely circumstantial the authorities had convinced themselves by now that they had the right man.  His story just didn’t add up.  His life didn’t add up if truth be told.   They decided on a more drastic course of action because they recognized his love of law enforcement and that fondness he had for Texas Rangers so they bundled him into a car and drove him to Austin.  There he was questioned again.  Often there were as many as 9 cops or Rangers in the room with him at a time.  He was not given any break but was fed a hamburger at one point.  Bob later said that he was beaten over the head with a telephone book placed on top of his head and a nightstick used to pound on his head. This was done to prevent any sign of bruising according to him.  That abuse was denied by all officers present.  There was one particular Ranger who made a connection with Bob.  After a day and half of questioning Bob confessed to the crime.

His confession was full but still had holes.  He said he had met Teeney that night and that she went with him for a rendezvous at her place. That he then took her to the motel where they stayed for over 24 hours having fun.  He killed her at the motel with a knife he had in the car for personal protection.  He wrapped up her body in sheets and clothe he found and put her in the trunk of the car.  He drove to a lake about 20 miles away and throw away the knife.  Then he drove back and and dumped her body the next night in the vacant field.  There were many more details but that is enough for now.  He did acknowledge biting her breasts and then cutting them off.  As is so often the case when the police find someone good for a crime they push for any other details to clean up other unsolved crimes.  As part of his confession Bob also admitted to eight other murders going back over several years.  Later it was shown that at least two of them were committed when it was not possible for him to be the perp.  One of them occurred when he was in prison and another when he was living in another State.  But his confession cleared the record officially on all those other murders. 

The case was circumstantial except for the teeth marks on the body and his confession.  As gruesome and gory as the crime was even the police were amazed that there wasn’t some physical evidence of the crime–blood, hair, nails, skin, the murder weapon found in the locations.  Simply moving that body after the death would have been very, very messy to say the least.   But not a trace of anything was found, but they had the confession and soon a dental expert was willing to testify that the teeth marks matched the dental impression  that they had taken from Bob.  The stage was set for the trial and an appointed lawyer for destitute Bob.

The banks get a tax but not GM, Chrysler or GMAC.  This despite the finding that GMAC was a “financial institution” to justify the bailout money for it.  Fannie and Freddie are not being taxed even though they were the front line troops in the battle to give away houses with phoney mortgages at the urging and instruction of Congress and the Regulators.  The UAW wins again and we lose again.


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