Murder–Up Close and Personal

Hide the women and the children.   This is a true tale that you don’t want to hear on a dark night with a wind howling outside against a backdrop of  flashes of lightning.   During the late ’60’s a lady in her mid forties went out for a Friday evening of dancing, drinking and fun with a couple of her lady friends.  They went to a few lounges with blues music and some dancing.  She danced and talked and flirted with several men during the evening.  None of them stood out or were particularly noted by her friends.  After the evening of fun they went their separate ways late that night.  This lady we’ll call Teeney was not heard from the next day as expected by her daughter and the alarm went out.  Naturally it was her family that missed her first.   Her daughter went to her apartment and could tell from a look around that her mom had been there recently but there was no sign of her.  Her shoes from the night before were left on the stairs going up to her bedroom neatly sitting side by side in the middle of one of the steps.   At first there was nothing to indicate foul play from a criminal investigation standpoint, just oddities and that insistence of her family that something was amiss.  Her car was in the parking area.

By the next afternoon, Saturday,  there was a search raised with mostly with volunteers and a few police.  The police believed  that this was a missing person event and that likely she had just gone somewhere with someone without telling her family about it.  They suspected a man.  There was a large field across the street from her apartment and it was divided by a very small rill with a few trees along it.  Mostly the field was grass and open spaces.  That area was thoroughly searched by the volunteers and even  the police.  There was nothing found.   A more intense search of the apartment found more curiosities, no blood or anything dramatic just things that appeared out of place especially to her daughter.  No one at the apartment had noticed anything out of the ordinary and could offer no assistance.  Her family was frantic by this point and insisting that something was seriously wrong.  The local media picked up the story and it was getting a bit of press coverage, it was not headline stuff but reported and even mentioned on the TV and radio news that day. 

Late Saturday night a fellow we’ll Bob went to the sheriff’s’ office and hung around with the officers and talked about this and that.  Bob was well-known to the sheriff’s department.  He had a record for minor violations in the past and was a small time informer.  He had twice been arrested for impersonating a police officer and once for wearing a military uniform, but that charge was dropped.  He had also been charged and even served a short sentence for fraud involving hot checks and fraudulent car titles.  He liked pretending he was a big pal with law enforcement.  There are people like that.  They are law enforcement “groupies”.   He had provided a few tips on occasion regarding drug deals and was known by the sheriff’s department to be an informer for the FBI.  The Sheriff’s people found that amusing and curious because he was such an oddball that they  couldn’t believe the FBI put much stock in his tales and information; the Sheriff took his info but always with a big grain of salt.  He had no known means of support or a job and was driving a rented car.  His dad had been in law enforcement and he had a specific admiration for the Texas Rangers.

Bob was married but didn’t spend much time with his wife.  She rarely knew where he was.  It was not unusual for him to drop by like that late at night and chat everyone up.  He mentioned the missing lady and said he might have some ideas about how to find her if he was on the case.  Unknown to the Sheriff at this time, Bob had made a visit to the local suburban police department that had immediate jurisdiction over the case and had talked with the officer in charge of Teeney’s investigation.  Bob had told him too that he had ideas about how to find her or what had happened to her.  At both places he was essentially blown off.  “Like, yeah, sure Bob. give us the details”  then they would dismiss it and go on about their business.  Bob desperately wanted to be one of the boys but was such a kook that he was only occasionally taken seriously. 

Sunday the search continued.   The police found some female pubic hairs in a vacant apartment at the complex where Teeney lived but that didn’t prove much.  Just another oddity.  Bob goes back to the Sheriff’s office and informs them that he had been near her apartment the night she was missed because he was on a stake out for a drug deal that he could report to the FBI.  He talked about being across the street diagonally from her place watching a parking lot for the alleged deal.

Still nothing on Sunday and the search widens now.  The police have done forensics on the apartment and not found anything of note.   They still believed she would call her family soon.  They suspected she had hooked up with some man she had met at a bar and was on a little fling of her own.  The urban police department and the Sheriff’s office are not aware of Bob having chats with the other about  the case.

Monday morning there is one more half-hearted search of the field across the street.  It had already been searched so this was mostly pro forma and to make the family feel better that someone was looking.   One man while walking close to the rill saw something out of the ordinary.  It was the remains of a body.  The body had been mutilated badly.  The call went out immediately.  The police came and cordoned off the area but for those who had the stomach to look the grotesque torso and other parts were visible.   Bob was in the crowd of on lookers.  He was part of the search group. 

More later on another true tale from the courtroom…

Please never forget the phrase from our preamble to the Constitution–“and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”.  Indeed liberty is a blessing that must be earned and defended and if our liberties are diminished so are our freedoms and the subservience of government to the people.


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