New Year’s Resolutions

I work out about 3 times a week at the local Y.  Today it was so crowded that I had to park about a block away.  Every machine and spot was taken inside and there were lots of bodies moving hither and yon.  Of course this happens every year at this time.  All those New Year resolutions are being fulfilled.   But it is predictable that within only a few weeks the crowd will be back to normal size.  You can tell right away those that are fulfilling their self promise to do something about their body and health.  They are the ones that spend more time tinkering with the electronic control and measuring systems than they do pumping iron.  When they do pump some iron the weights are less than impressive.  Especially noticeable for a quick exit from the workout routine are the ladies who show up with perfect make up on for the session.   It makes for a very interesting lesson in human commitments and the ability to persevere.   Hopefully you will make a more lasting effort with your resolutions than these folks who wilt at the realization that results only come from genuine work and  the steady -eddie approach.  Our impatience for results couldn’t have a more telling stage than these early January workouts at the Y.  Maybe the US government will make a few resolutions itself.  It could sure use some new directions.

The hardest resolutions to keep are the ones dealing with our behavior, habits and relationships.  The ones dealing with our bodies are easier.  But to pledge to be nicer and more available for your family is a tougher nut to crack.  How about that determination to quit smoking?  You don’t have to sweat or lift a finger to do that but, boy, can that be a tough one.   Just being more attentive to your fellow workers or family is so easy to commit to at the end of December but come February can you really say you have fulfilled that pledge?   We are social creatures and how we get along with family and friends is so important to our mental and emotional health but it is the area that we ignore the most often.  That is a true paradox.  The harmony and feelings we crave the most, we ignore the most.   It probably is that old bugaboo about familiarity breeding contempt or some such.  With family and friends we figure we can always work on it tomorrow or the next time we have a disagreement.   Just this one more time we will, by golly, let them know how we really feel and make no effort to stem the tide of that running mouth of ours.   How many times does unloading or your spouse or family really get you the result you were seeking?  How often  does it leave a heavy pall in the room?

Whatever you decide is the best area for you to improve I wish you well.  You will have more success if you ask for help from that Higher Power.  It cost no money, it is calorie- free and if the Big Boy is there watching and caring then you have an ally beyond all others.   Simply have good intentions and sincerity are not enough.  You have to have a moral compass that is attuned correctly.  Hey, Hitler was sincere and Stalin was filled with good intentions and look what they gave us. 

For me it is a no brainer, I want to express my love for those near and dear to me and show some patience.  They, no doubt, will sing hosannas that it is about time.  Don’t you wait until your 7th decade to begin working on that.  

As the major cities in Europe all had walls until well into the late 17th century, and some beyond even that, New Amsterdam on Manhattan had a wall built for protection along its northern boundary in the 1640’s and early 1650’s.  It pretty much went across the entire southern tip of the island.  Most of the Indian attacks were done by then but the danger still persisted and there was also the danger of an encroachment by the English or even the Swedes at this time.  It had watchtowers and gates just like you would see in the movies.  There are a few illustrations from the time that lay out the city at that time and the wall.  One of the main routes out of the city and through the wall was Broadway.  It was built along an existing Indian trail when the Dutch first arrived.  It went all the way up to the northern end of Manhattan.  It is now roughly the Broadway Avenue you follow during your trips to New York.  That wall is located at a famous location and gave the location is modern name–Wall Street.


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  1. My resolution this year is to give back more than I take from life. This means many things: helping more people that need help, giving my oh-so-precious-time to someone who needs my time – and not worrying about what it is taking me away from, smiling more – it is amazing what a smile can do, tithing more to my Church and all in all just donating more to the needy. When I bitch and moan about life, I need to remember how lucky I have it in reality. I have a beautiful healthy wife, two healthy babies, I have my health, a roof over my head, food on my table, 2 cars, a big supportive and loving family, money in the bank, a wonderful Church and so much more. Basically, I need to work on not being selfish with my time/resources/money/appreciation, when I catch myself being selfish, I need to look in the mirror and remember that I will be remembered someday when I am long gone – what do I want people to say about me at that point. I want people to say “He was honest, brave, kind and he was always there for anyone who needed him…he always put others before himself.”

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